September 11th Houston Netsquared Sharing How to Turn Your Online Data into Funding Opportunities and Community Growth!

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In 2010, I had the privilege of hearing Scott Heiferman, co-founder and CEO of, speak at the Startup Organizers Summit.  The Startup Organizers Summit brought StartupWeekend Organizers and Startup Digest Curators from around the world together and Heiferman came to tell his story of starting to our group of entrepreneurs and technology strategists. 

Heiferman’s story begins right after 9/11.  Heiferman lived in New York at the time, and when the tragic event shut down New York streets and public transportation - Heiferman found himself surrounded by neighbors that he had never met.  This led to the idea to develop an online social platform where people could find out what was going on around them and go “meet-up” with neighbors.  Fast forward several years, and is now connecting people in their local communities and helps over 9,000 groups manage their meet-ups. was one of dozens social platforms that sprang up shortly after 9/11, and organizations are constantly struggling to keep up and manage their online communications - for-profits and nonprofits alike.  

September 11th Houston Netsquared Meet-up

Which is why I’m really thrilled to hear from the Houston Netsquared’s September 11th guest speakers: Rosalind ‘Roz’ Wyatt and Ahshia Berry.  Roz and Ahshia are bringing their knowledge of online data analytics, marketing metrics, public relations, including social media, and nonprofit sustainability.  

I'll also be introducing two organizations to the group that are working to make Houston a better community to live and work in: 

  1. Sustainable Houston was founded about two years ago, with a mission to work with locally owned and independently owned businesses in the Greater Houston area to strengthen them, encourage people to shop locally, and grow the overall local Houston economy.  
  2. CleanWeb Houston's mission is to bring together developers, designers and business professionals dedicated to optimizing resource use and accelerating cleantech development. They have a hackathon coming up Sept 21st and will be talking with Houston Netsquared participants about how to get involved. 

Tuesday's Topic: What to Do with Your Online Community Data?

Your website, email marketing, and social media profiles all provide a more than just a way to communicate to your supporters and members - these online technologies also collect enormous amounts of data about your visitors, donors, members, and community of supporters.

Roz and Ahshia will show you how to dig through your online data, analyze it, and convert it into a rich content marketing strategy to energize your online fundraising and Public Relations.

Join us to learn how to implement a data-driven marketing campaign, including:

  • Ways to quantify the data from your member surveys that you've never thought of
  • How to create case studies and whitepapers with your data and increase your organization's credibility
  • How the right data-driven content needs to be visually represented to boost your public relations efforts across the web and social media
  • Converting your data into the right reports for Grant applications and attracting more donors and sponsors!

About Your Speakers

Rosalind A. Wyatt (aka 'Roz') is the Founder of Sustainable Houston and a diehard advocate for locally-owned and independent business in the Greater Houston Area. Her determination to see local business thrive stems from her firmly planted Houston roots. Roz has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Marketing. However, she believes that learning continues for a lifetime, long after the last exam is graded.

She recently retired from teaching Principles of Marketing, Retailing Management, and Marketing Strategy at the University of Houston to co-found CoInside, Houston's newest co-working space.  CoInside serves as a point of alignment of a number of projects that Rosalind has been involved with that revolve around entrepreneurship and business development, local living economies, and sustainability. She resides in Third Ward, Texas with her husband, Bryant, and her two enterprising kids, Bryce and Brooke.

Ahshia Berry is the CEO of Events & Lagniappe Public Relations, and specializes in strategic public relations and marketing to promote small business luxury brands, nonprofits, and event management branding.  Ms. Berry has over 14 years marketing and sales management experience, including 10 years of proven public relations work experience for corporate Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as with federal government.

Ms. Berry is quickly becoming recognized throughout the Houston community for her unique and proven ability to help small business and non-profits establish that all-important presence in the market place, critical to establishing a customer/client base, as well as sustained growth in the marketplace. In addition, Ahshia is a blogger and the founder of the personal brand blog “From A_to_B: The Branded Lifestyle of Ahshia B.” and member of the Houston Fashion Bloggers.

Follow Ahshia on twitter: @froma_to_b

Find Me at Netsquared Melbourne Next Week

Next week, I'll be speaking at the Melbourne Netsquared in Australia and I'm bouncing higher than a kangaroo! (go ahead, groan out loud if you want) :) 

Really though, I'm so excited to have this opportunity to hang out with another Netsquared community for knowledge sharing and do-gooder geekery!  Stay tuned and I'll share all the details of the event with you next week. 

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