#SeattleTech4Good: Drupal Mentor Opportunity for a local nonprofit startup

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Hi all - GALV, a local nonprofit startup, has started a mentoring program to complete a beta version of their site for soft launch this fall.  Details are below. Please respond to this email if you are interested or better yet the contact listed below:

GALV is seeking: Knowledgeable Drupal developers interested in mentoring & New developers who’d like to be mentored to learn Drupal or improve their skills!


We’re advocating for greater diversity in the tech field!  Everyone is encouraged to join our team, and we strive to reach people in low income positions and of underrepresented gender and racial identities in tech.


GALV (Global Alliance for Local Voice) is a nonprofit devoted to launching and sustaining a website for people globally to meet via secure video chat or IM to have dialogue/interviews about sociopolitical issues in their communities and build transformative relationships.  Our mission and more info are here: https://galv.world

For GALV's website development, we've created a mentoring program that pairs recent website development/CS grads and soon to be grads with mentors who can guide their mentees from start to completion of their dev assignment.

Mentors gain rewarding teaching experience, while new developers gain more hands on experience and autonomy than they would as junior devs at a large company.  Plus, listing the experience and reference is a great resume booster!

Mentors meet with mentees for two hours a week.  Some examples of guidance include:

• Advising mentees on how to begin their work

• Suggesting trouble shooting ideas and methods for dealing with unexpected bugs or challenges in the development process

• Reviewing your mentee’s code

Current assignments include building or altering Drupal modules to create a customized:

1.) Conversation scheduling calendar connected to WebRTC

2.) System for users to rate/vet the respectfulness of other users after interacting

These will both involve back end work in PHP and front end work in CSS and HTML.  The first item listed will also involve Javascript, because WebRTC is in Javascript.

Depending on the developer’s skill level, these projects are estimated to be complete in about three months, with mentees working about ten hours per week.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or being mentored for the back end and/or front end of either of the above projects, or for more information, please email Michelle at michelle@galv.world

Thank you!