#Seattle: All Thing Digital (Digital Communications) Workshop with @Seatech4good

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PING! That time again to remind folks about the upcoming workshop this Friday 11-2pm (light lunch provided) at City University.

Do you have answers to these questions?

  • What is a unified digital communications strategy and plan? Are you familiar with the current best practices?
  • Are your communications in-line with your mission?
  • How do I effectively driving traffic to my focus areas and how do I check?
  • What are the best channels for your intended audiences?
  • Does information on your website reflect your priorities?
  • Does your website content management system (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, etc) help or hinder your communications and what improvements should you make?
  • Do you know how search engine optimization can reinforce or detract from your messaging?

If "NO" to one or more then this workshop is for you!

Please register today on Eventbrite and SHARE WITH YOUR PEEPS!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


PS: If you are interested but cannot get away, we are live streaming the event.

Can't be in Seattle for the workshop? We are streaming it! 

To join the event:  https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/701c71794cd24e7a9d4d87eb86ae2738

Technology Needs: For the best quality, use a computer headset with microphone (USB for best quality) and Chrome or Firefox browser, however other browsers will work. You also need a good internet connection. If you’re in the US you can call-in.

Troubleshoot Issues: If you have issues, refresh the browser. If that doesn’t help, clear your browser cache and join the session again. Email the moderator if you have further issues.
Tools: (across the bottom after you join)