Say Hello to NetSquared 3.0

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I am over-the-moon excited to announce the launch of the newest version of The sexiest feature is the ability to easily find your closest nonprofit technology educational events simply by entering your location in the search box. Try it out

This is a watershed moment for NetSquared, because for the first time the homepage features the training events and workshops planned by the NetSquared community. I’ve always felt that these grassroots organizers, who have been holding events since early 2006, are the heart and soul of the program and for the first time you can actually see the huge impact of our volunteers in real time.

NetSquared North America

NetSquared History
NetSquared has gone through several evolutions actually since its 2005 creation. Net2 was created to promote web 2.0 best practices for nonprofits so the initial homepage featured the community blog. 2012’s relaunch of NetSquared emphasized developer-centric challenges and projects. But through it all the NetSquared organizers continued to hold events in their community with the goal of increasing the tech capacity of civil society. In fact over 2,750 events has been held since 2006!

Other Features also has a community blog where local organizers can publish event reports and roundups. These videos, slide decks, storifys and write-ups give a good sense of the technology needs of grassroots nonprofits globally. In just the last month organizers have posted about content marketing (Toronto), the Net2 regional gathering in East Africa (Uganda), a project management panel (Dakar), and a website bootcamp (Chicago).

A Team Effort
Something this awesome doesn’t happen by accident. A huge team of people came together from across TechSoup. I’d like to single out:

  • Kevin Lo, for acting as the project leader
  • Lewis Haidt, for his ongoing support of NetSquared
  • Carl Ritchie and the Community & Platform team who did all the heavy lifting
  • Tyler Benari for his design guidance
  • And the entire NetSquared organizer community for their feedback and insights over the years