Save the Date: #Storymakers2016 Events

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Dear Friends,

I wanted to share news with you about TechSoup next storytelling campaign, Storymakers 2016, which launches in April 2016 and continues through May 31, 2016.


The Ask: as you build your 2016 schedule please hold your April or May Net2 event slot for a digital storytelling-themed meetup. You can even add the event to meetup now and fill in the details later!


We’re excited to continue our momentum from last year and provide even more points of entry for you to participate. TechSoup is committed to increasing storytelling capacity for the nonprofit sector. We know that many NetSquared members, and nonprofit folks, are intimidated by the challenge of storytelling. With Storymakers, and support from the NetSquared network, we’re excited to increase this critical nonprofit skill: the ability to tell one’s story and create fundraising and advocacy tools from storytelling.

The campaign is managed by Lewis Haidt and Ale Bezdikian, with assistance from the whole TechSoup community engagement team and Natasha Blacklader in particular.

Educational resources: TechSoup will be re-launching its educational resources page on the Storymakers site to provide clear, step-by-step guides on how to get started with digital storytelling.

○We will be asking that you share these resources when we launch the campaign and help us get the word out.

Storymakers 2016 Twitter chat: TechSoup will continue the success of its 24-hour, around-the-world Storytelling Twitter chat, which will occur in early April. Any organizer has the opportunity to choose a topic for an hour and host that hour’s conversation as we go around the world.

○Check out last year’s topics and incredible collection of knowledge.

○We’ll be sending a sign-up for the Twitter chat in February.

NetSquared April meet-up event participation: TechSoup wants to work with you and support you in finding expert storytellers and hosting April events. Our ideal scenario is the regular early April meet-up hosted by a storytelling expert with a follow-up event so our community can return, ask questions, workshop through any obstacles, and build capacity.

  • Our overall goal here is to get our community so excited that they create digital stories for the first time and want to come back and screen them at a later date!!!
  • The team has already reached out to many of you and will be following up shortly so start solidifying plans.
  • Please reach out to Ale and Lewis for event support in any area - finding experts, locations, brainstorming ideas. You name it, TechSoup’s team is here to support you!

Contest Marketing support: When the contest opens on April 1, 2016, we’d love your support in getting the word out to the nonprofit sector.

Do you have idea on how we can generate more submissions? Send Ale and Lewis an email.


This is just a taste of the exciting plans coming in Storymakers 2016. More fun is in store. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Lewis or Ale with any questions or ideas. We’re excited to take storytelling around the world with NetSquared!