Thanks, Amy Sample Ward!

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Amy Sample WardWhen I heard Amy Sample Ward was moving on from NetSquared, where she has been a community builder — both virtually and, more importantly, in the real world (80 cities!) — I figured it was a good time to say thanks.

I got involved in NetSquared back in 2006 in Washington, D.C., but it wasn't until 2008 that I helped start Philly NetSquared, and ever since then, Amy has made herself available, assisting countless times with advice and help as we hosted our monthly events. She spearheaded the creation of the Community Organizers Handbook, as well as numerous local organizer conference calls and discussions.

I was lucky enough to lead a workshop with Amy and Debra Askanase at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference, "Bringing Community Organizing Into Online Campaigns," and it was thrilling to see her commitment to grassroots social change shining through. I've always been impressed at Amy's approach to the larger "nonprofit technology" universe, working with and supporting individuals across organizational boundaries in an effort to create stronger change agents regardless of affiliation.

Over the course of several conferences and workshops, I deeply appreciated the wide-ranging conversations Amy and I had on social change. I wish Amy the best of luck in the next phase of her work, and I am honored to call Amy a colleague, inspiration, and friend.

—Ivan Boothe,