TakingITGlobal and Nabuur Launch New Action Guide on Online Volunteering

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TakingITGlobal and Nabuur Launch New Action Guide on Online Volunteering

*A free digital guide for youth interested in becoming online volunteers and learning more about the rich world of online volunteering.*

TakingITGlobal (TIG), an organization that operates the world’s most popular online community for young leaders, and Nabuur, an online volunteering platform that links Neighbours (online volunteers) with Villages (local communities) in Africa, Asia and Latin America, announced today the release of a new Action Guide on Online Volunteering available for download on the TIG website.

Connect, Contribute, Collaborate, Change: Online Volunteering in Action is an impressive collection of tools, tips, and stories based on the organizations’ leadership in managing and working with large teams of international online volunteers. The guide is divided into four main chapters (Connect, Contribute, Collaborate, Change) and offers important resources to debunk myths about online volunteering while highlighting its many social benefits.

“Our hope is that this guide will help raise awareness on the potential of online volunteering as a tool for collaboration and change” says Chiara Camponeschi, TakingITGlobal’s Multilingual Program Manager. “Online volunteering can be a very powerful experience, especially given its potential to overcome many kinds of barriers.”

The Creative Commons-licensed guide is the culmination of the organizations’ three-month Awareness Campaign on Online Volunteering, a project which ended on December 5th, International Volunteer Day. The Campaign included the launch of a special issue of the multilingual online magazine Panorama by the tile “Meet the Volunteers”, and continued with a Live Chat that brought together international experts and global youth for a lively discussion on the role online volunteers can play as “agents of change”.

The publication of Connect, Contribute, Collaborate, Change: Online Volunteering in Action also coincides with the launch of TIG’s mini-portal for its Online Volunteering program and the world-wide release of its Pathway to Participation Model after which this Guide is inspired.

To download a free PDF copy of the guide, please visit: http://www.tigweb.org/resources/toolkits/view.html?ToolkitID=2655

TIG’s newly-launched Online Volunteering mini-portal can be found at: http://volunteers.tigweb.org

*About TakingITGlobal*

Established in 2000, TakingITGlobal serves youth worldwide through a multilingual online learning community and innovative education programs. TIG aims to help young people develop their potential as creative, technology-enabled and globally-aware citizens by strengthening their capacity as leaders and stakeholders, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, and increasing awareness and involvement in global issues.

*About Nabuur *

NABUUR leverages the Internet to enable people around the world to connect and collaborate. Online volunteers are matched to and linked with Local Communities in developing countries through www.nabuur.com. The people living in the Villages formulate projects to address local issues. Together, the community and volunteers find solutions. For volunteers, the focus is not on donating money, but on sharing knowledge, ideas and contacts. This novel approach leaves the initiative in the hands of the Villages. NABUUR combines the best of the old (neighborly help) with the best of now (the internet).

*For More Information, please contact:*

Chiara Camponeschi
Multilingual Programs Manager

Romina Oliverio
Volunteer & Online Communities Manager