Meeting "my project" and the N2Y3 community IRL

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NetSquared already has started. Sitting next to again an impressive cake, the room is buzzing while I write my intro. Rolf Kleef, from Amsterdam, here to enjoy San Francisco for some three weeks, and doing the last little bits with Roshani and Mike of Oneworld US to be ready for two rollercoaster days!

We're about ready to get the massive content of Oneworld to social networks and different devices, launching the new Drupal-based site any moment now as the platform for it. I've already written about the first work we did to get ready for the Mashup Challenge, and we've just finalised our project overview leaflet and the details of what we hope to accomplish, and decided on a format to work with through the conference.

So come find us, help us develop those details further, get them in a shape fit for developers, or just come and do it! Roshani, Mike, and I love to talk to you!