How will your non-profit organization avoid the "Meatball Sundae"?

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Are your community's articles, blogs, and discussions left shivering in a dark and quiet echo chamber? Do relevant reach, attraction, engagement, interactivity, and participation elude your organization's site?

Today, January 23rd, 2008, Seth Godin (Search Engine Strategies, Search Engine Watch, Clickz Network, & BuzzLogic) webcast the core message from his new book, "Meatball Sundae". This haunting & timely theme speaks to a challenge which many of us in non-profit organizations and non-governmental entities struggle with: how (& where) do we better communicate with those whom we serve as well as those on whom we depend, and through doing so, provide a better service?

Seth reminds us that marketplaces and communities demand specialized services for an ever more narrowly-focused set of distinct sub-groups which proliferate much faster than we realize. What is it that must be done to develop relevant rapport and action in all the right places to grow an aware, healthy and sustainable online community consisting of an ever-larger number of permanent one-to-one relationships? Armed with this higher level of mutual understanding, succeeding in our goal of providing better service becomes a more realistic expectation. Let's discuss how this is done.