Creating a Group on Facebook is Fast & Easy

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Yesterday I created a Facebook group for my organization, the Wixárika Research Center, in under an hour with Facebook's simple-as-pie group creation wizard. You can do the same for yours, and probably quicker, too. My mother could have done this, and she's not at all technically inclined. All it takes is:

  • Name
  • Type Organizations Non-Profit
    Contact Info, like your website URL

It's easy to:

  • Post recent news, wall entries, photos, discussion topics/threads, and videos
  • Invite members and friends

When more of us take this first baby step, it will be easier for us to collaborate on shared applications. Have I taken your excuses away yet?

For the moment, the Huichol Cultural Survival group is not open for general membership, as we have to check out clearance rights on the video that we want most to use, though it's really just a technicality for our Chief Legal Officer to put blessings upon. That will be behind us in a few days. Here's how the group profile looks:

Huichol Cultural Survival group on Facebook