Articulating a NetSquared Facebook-Group Strategy and set of objectives

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Quite a few non-profit organizations have set up a presence, primarily via groups, on Facebook. This is because the platform is very friendly to the development, deployment, and utilization of applications and integration that help an NPO to work more effectively on its'objectives.

Look at the early accomplishments on the Facebook platform by NTEN, "Non-Profits on Facebook", and TED to see a few good examples in their early going.

Last night, I had an impromptu meeting with Billie Bicket, Marnie Webb, Britt Bravo,and others about how NetSquared should pursue its' mission, and what sort of tools, applications, and widgets would be needed to facilitate that taking place. Marnie suggested that we could implement pols here on the N2 org site for the present time, at least to get a solid consensus by which to figure out how to move forward.

For good specific ideas to garner favor, we need to have proposals, discussions, rankings, ratings, and meetings or consultations that allow us to draw on the wisdom of the crowd.

I, for one, would like to see data mined from profiles and other groups that N2 members are registered in so that we can attract and recruit a larger, more participatory and actively engaged incremental membership, while stimulating the existing members to do more. I'd also like to see intra-group discussions and polls help NetSquared to A-B test the theme for N2Y3.

Please respond with suggestions so that we can poll for the most highly rated ideas.