Relationship Science, Open Data Fund, Knowledge Security, Data Visualisation & WebScaleSQL #DataDigest

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This week learn about relationship science, the upcoming open data fund and views on how knowledge security could help the big data revolution. There is also news about collaboration for the modernisation on MySQL and insight on how data visualisation could better articulate performance.


Big Data Applied

How big data can help nonprofits raise more money

In this Network for Good interview Josh Mait, CMO at Relationship Science (RelSci), talks about how his organization’s “relationship capital platform” for commercial and nonprofit organizations leverages ‘relationship capital’ to high-impact donors by tapping into the big data universe. He says that such data can help 1) optimize boards, 2) Identify high-impact donors and 3) Reduce the length of fundraising cycles.

Open Data

The time is right for an open data fund

This World Bank blog post announces a soon to be established open data fund (Partnership for Open Data (POD) fund), which will invest in companies from emerging economies with market potential and a focus on social outcomes. As governments and the private sector open new data it is hoped that helping to address the financial constraints will encourage the creation of sustainable businesses based on open data.

Big Data Reviewed

The Big Data revolution should be about knowledge security

Emmanuel Letouzé proposes a “knowledge security-centred” approach to Big Data for human development and gives reasons why. He says that the ‘insights’ approach says nothing about how data will actually be turned into policy and instead assumes that bad policies are made because of lack of data and/or information and that actually what qualifies as ‘insight’, is unclear. He also says that referring to big data as the “new oil” overlooks or downplays the harmful impacts of the ‘old oil’ on human development (citing ‘resource-curse’ theory — rooted in elite capture).

Data Visualization

Money Where Your Mouth Is: “Why Data Visualization Needs To Articulate Performance”

Lara Mossler of BureauBlank explains how she uses visualizations to quantify the benefits/targets of the Pay for Success initiative with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which aims to reduce recidivism and improve employment outcomes for at-risk youth. Pay for Success asks private investors to finance social service programs upfront with the potential for financial and social returns if measurable results are achieved. She likens it to the government programme LouieStat and emphasises the importance of choosing the right metrics for the best results.

Open Data ... Open Source

Technology Giants Team Up To Modernise Old-School Databases

Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have joined forces to revolutionise MySQL an open source coding that enables the building of a relational database management system (like a shopping list) which social media companies and business utilize. This next generation of SQL, is called WebScaleSQL and will allow any individual or group to build much larger, more powerful databases.