Case study: Applying Facebook Technology to Online Organizing

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I've written up a summary about how we are using Facebook combined with news to support online organizing to stop climate change. This is based on our work with Hot Dish, the climate change news publication with the action team contest I posted about earlier. There are a bunch of examples and screenshots to help describe and explain the various capabilities available with this type of approach. We also just added a live chat feature on our news story pages that is worth checking out.
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Here's an excerpt:

The kinds of challenges members can take on vary widely. Some challenges reward participation online in the Hot Dish community e.g. posting stories, sharing a comment, inviting their friends to the application. But many challenges require them to get involved in their communities e.g. installing a CFL light bulb, hanging their clothes out to dry, writing a letter to lawmakers or to the local newspaper, volunteering or taking part in an earth day activity. There is even a bonus challenge that allows for improvisation.

When young people submit their challenges, they are often required to share photo or video evidence of their accomplishments. After our Hot Dish moderator reviews these, points are awarded and the member's story is shared with the entire Hot Dish community in the action feed

Hot Dish helps us keep tabs on the demographic of our community, as well as the issues and stories that are driving participation and growing in importance. We can even link challenges to specific stories. For example, later this month, we'll be sharing stories with the Hot Dish community about the need for Earth to return to levels of 350 ppm CO2. With each story, we'll encourage members to take specific actions related to the 350 movement.

By leveraging Facebook, Hot Dish helps mission-driven organizations reach not just their members but also their members' friends. Hot Dish features have been designed to drive and reward interactions between readers and between readers and their friends. This makes Hot Dish an outstanding recruitment and retention solution.

Hot Dish provides support for many of the advanced Facebook application elements: minifeed stories, the profile box, the wall publisher, email attachments, the application tab, notifications and requests. With Facebook, we can quickly determine which of our members are the most highly networked and the Hot Dish leader board helps us identify our most active community members.

Not only does Hot Dish provide mechanisms for tracking member activity online and offline, but it gathers statistics about the activities of the community for our research, data which is also helpful to organizations wanting to learn more about their online membership. Facebook also provides statistics data with each application. And, integration with Google Analytics is also quite easy.