Refreshing the NetSquared Values Statement

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It’s time to review the NetSquared community values, which will help us navigate difficult choices, now and in the future.

I've updated the NetSquared values document based on feedback from the NetSquared Ambassadors and your ranking of value statements. But this is a document for all of us, so it needs input from every group leader.

Please add suggested edits and comments directly to the Google Doc:

The Issues We’re Confronting

We aren’t going through this process for kicks. We need to be very clear about our values because TechSoup and NetSquared’s global footprint means we need to determine how we will work in circumstances where we can’t trust the rule of law and civil society’s open space is under threat. Examples include

  • Police charges without due process
  • Laws that are hostile to LGBTQ and women
  • Criminalization of civil society organizations and activists
  • What does “Nonpartisan” mean in the context of the closing of civil society space?

Additionally, NetSquared organizers have been arrested for issues like theft and political activism.

Please add your edits and suggestions to the values document.

Process Flow

We will be asking for your feedback at several stages as we develop the Values and Code of Conduct. The NetSquared Ambassadors will do the first review at each stage and then we'll expand comments and contributions to the draft document to all organizers.

  1. Oct 17-30: Collect feedback from NetSquared organizers
  2. Nov 1-7: Incorporate feedback and bring back to community for final comments
  3. Nov 15-30: Circulate Code of Conduct for review by NetSquared Ambassadors
  4. Dec 1 -15: Collect Code of Conduct feedback from NetSquared organizers
  5. January 1-30: Ask all lead NetSquared organizers to sign reviewed Values and Code of Conduct.