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hey again,

This is the concluding day of a very good and fructuous meeting/conference/kind of vacation.
Let's elaborate a bit, for me at least, it was a great opportunity to meet up with people that want to and are willing to make an improvement with their knowledge of the NGO sector.

In facts?i was talking with them, and saw, that high end solutions, that you normally see costing at least 5000-10000E is available free, for NGO's, they just need an it person(dungeon people) to tell what they are and how can you implement it, and help you implement it.

I found at least 3 applications that are web-based and i want to try-out, and at least 3-4 ideas on how to implement them.
In stead of telling you what they are, i think i'll keep the mistery, until i will be able to write down a workable tutorial to this.
I found the CiviCRM, a great contact relationship management tool, i found Open Atrium, a great project management tool, i found a tone of freeware programs, opensource, etc.
And all of these wouldn't have been if these guys wouldn't have wanted to make a good thing for the community of NGO's in Romania.You know them, they are called Techsoup .

Trough them i got to meet some good, great, surprizing persons here, with whom i would really like to keep working with.

I write these words down, but they dont explain what i feel about these last few days, amazement, wonder, friendship,curiosity,kindess,attachement,bonding,

And they still are just words, you want to experience this?just come into our newly formed community and pitch in, you will get it.

Marius , signing off