Prevention Talk

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Prevention Talk is an initiative of I-Vission International to demonstrate the power of Web2.0 in the prevention of socio cultural and political crisis.

From the summit of Kilimanjaro in Kenya, the heart of Yamoussoukro in Côte d'Ivoire, the pyramids of Egypt, the mines of Soweto and the depth of the Niger Delta basin, it is evident that; where there is no open, transparent and participative conversation between citizens, civil society organizations and governments, the risk of an explosion is very high.

 Prevention Talk steps in at the very initial stage to freeze the unknown before it’s too late. We do this by engaging citizens in a multi stakeholder and democratic conversation on burning social issues of common interest. This process creates awareness on national issues and stimulates citizens’ participation in nation building.

Our inspiration is drawn from the concepts of social mediation and citizens’ journalism as tools for a peaceful open and democratic construction process.