Looking forward to the conference!

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Can you believe we are in the final countdown to N2Y3? It's hard to believe there is just one day left. I'd like to extend a huge thank you to the NetSquared team for all their hard work and organization, and especially for their intro to Vinnie, our project lead. It has been energizing, to say the very least, to learn more about all the amazing projects in this year's lineup and to talk to so many motivated people.

It is exactly this kind of energy that we are injecting into the Greener One community: passionate people sharing their knowledge with others to help make the world a better place. Greener One is all about helping people find the greenest products in a given category, lessening the impact to the planet and educating the mainstream about how their choices affect not just them but the ecosystem at large.

To date we've built out our product database with a variety of categories, identified key environmental questions to answer in each, created content to explain why each environmental attribute is important, and developed algorithms to show a simple Green Index score for each product evaluated by the Greener One community. We're excited about showcasing Greener One at the conference kicking our community building efforts up a notch! See you tomorrow!