Questions on Angela Glover Blackwell's talk

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Angela Glover Blackwell spoke about new and vital participation that is happening in civic processes.

On participation:

  1. what are the terms and boundaries of participation (how is participation managed, how is it open?)
  2. Can participants define the extent of their participation? What defines the extent of opportunities for participation?
  3. Who participates, who doesn't
  4. what is the difference between meaningful and meaningless participation?
  5. what policies are in place or proposed for inclusivity and full and representative participation?


some point she made:

digital divide -- 50% addresss=half empty

current need is for information dessemination and low cost broadband for npos

"solve a problem for the most needy, it solves it for everyone." She agave a good example of how when pushing a stroller or riding a bike, we benefit from the curb ramps that were built for people with disabilities.