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Hello Net2,

Many of you will probably be interested in a "how-to" article I've written for my website.

It's about using the internet for group fundraising. As I started to research the subject, I realized that people (including myself) can get rather lost in their attempt to select an appropriate group fundraising website.

So I wrote this article for First-of-its-kind.

The article is called How to use the internet for group fundraising. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Here's a quick excerpt:

In the last four years, the number of websites that help individuals design and implement their own group fundraising campaigns has exploded. Networks of friends, family, and activists can now raise money effecitvely and collectively for any number of causes. But with all the options available, sometimes it is difficult to know which platform to choose and how best to put it to use. This guide features:

A New Model for Fundraising

The phenomenon goes by several names: viral fundraising, team fundraising, grassroots fundraising, group fundraising, and even network-centric fundraising.
In each case, the concept is the same. An individual or group creates a page on a website and sets a fundraising goal on behalf of a non-profit organization or project.

The initiator then emails friends and family requesting financial support for the cause. On occasion, friends and family are so enthusiastic that they forward the announcement to their individual networks. Sometimes news of the project reaches the "blogosphere" or catches the attention of a journalist. Suddenly thousands of people are responding and the fundraising goal is met in record time.

Well, that’s the best case scenario. More often than not, close friends, family, and a few anonymous philanthropists come through with the cash needed to meet the fundraising goal.

Group fundraising success stories can be found on most websites that provide the service. Here are links to a few collections: FirstGiving Storybook, GiveMeaning Successes (click on the “Successes” tab), Fundable: Recently Completed Group Actions.

Reflecting the diverse interests of donors, viral fundraising delivers cash to initiatives as distinct as one-person independent projects and full blown BINGOs (slang for Big International Non-Governmental Organizations).

If you have friends, family, and a passion for a specific issue, then you’re ready to start a group fundraising campaign.

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