#OrlandoGives is Stepping Up

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Over the last few days, we have witnessed the power and strength of our community. We couldn't be more proud of how Orlando is giving back to support one of the most horrific attacks.

In response, the #OrlandoGives team has created a central place for anyone and everyone to find how they can give back and support the victims and their families as well as other supporters. These organizations need your help now and everyday throughout the year.

Visit www.orlandogives.org to contact an organization about volunteer opportunities, find out where you can donate food and water, or make a gift to support the financial needs too many families will face in the near future.

Many of the victims are still in the hospital and will be released facing new challenges. We must continue our support to Orlando's nonprofits to remain strong! #OrlandoStrong

Thank you and please share to as many as possible! We are...because we must!