Organizer Update: New Event Templates and Community Call Schedule

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This is the February 2020 update for NetSquared's community leaders. If you're interested in joining the team apply here.

The secret to a successful group is to maintain momentum. Monthly events mean engaged members. Don't let them forget you! ;-)

Speaking of engagement, the newest event template is about email marketing best practices. Not sure where to find a presenter? Ask the leader of your local marketing meetup.

I also added another community webinar based on your feedback — you wanted tips on how to use Meetup effectively, and so I made it so!

Suggested Event Topics

Upcoming Webinars

Highlights from the TechSoup Catalog

Three program managers from TechSoup share highlights from TechSoup's global catalog of tech offerings.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Thursday, February 13. (find your local time)

Disaster Planning and Recovery for Nonprofits

We will offer tips on making this your next event topic. We have a guide and worksheets for attendees.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, March 11. (find your local time)

Use Meetup Like a PRO

New to the platform? Looking for tips to help your community grow faster? In this community call we'll show you how to become an expert meetup administrator.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, April 15. (find your local time)

I'm Here to Help

Needs some advice? You can email me, schedule me for a chat, or ask your fellow organizers for tips in our Facebook or Slack groups.