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Open Data Applied

Open Data a Boon for Entrepreneurs

In this Wall Street Journal article some of the ways that entrepreneurs are utilising open data for successful businesses are revealed. For example, a Seattle based online business called plans to grow beyond its 80 employees following a $6.25 million investment. It uses work permits, professional licenses and other home-construction information gathered up by the city's Department of Planning and Development. The website is free but charges a monthly fee to those in the industry that want to increase their project visibility. In addition, Climate Corp., a San Francisco-based firm that collects weather and yield-forecasting data to help farmers decide when and where to plant crops was recently acquired for $930 million.

From open data to development impact – the crucial role of the private sector

This World Bank blog post points to a myriad of services being developed by the private sector through the utilisation of data to highlight the importance of the private sector in realising open data’s impact. The authors identifies some potential market gaps that may be limiting the use of data by the private sector for new business in developing countries. This includes limited availability of reusable/open data, a poor policy/regulation environment for open data, shortage of data related skills and limited access to finance for emerging smart data firms.

Open Innovation - Socrata Quarterly Magazine Winter 2014

The latest Socrata Open Innovation Quarterly Magazine focuses specifically on open data. Three government organizations that are pursuing data driven decision making are featured and a view of open data’s expansion in Europe is given. In addition, the need for more and better data standards and open data reuse is emphasised along with explanations of how such reuse is demanding bigger datasets, faster data movement, and more accessibility.


Open Data predictions

What to Expect from Open Data in 2014

In this NextGov post 2013 is described as the most vibrant year in the history of open data, and one that has paved the way for its continued growth from a social movement into a global market in 2014. It forecasts that governments will move beyond simply making data available to using better technology and methodologies as well as an improved understanding their audience. In addition, it is anticipated that more cities will become leaders in open data innovation as they realise its potential to solve problematic issues and also measure the effectiveness of their solutions.


Data and Philanthropy

Making Sense of Data and Information in the Social Sector

Markets for Good shares an ebook which reflects on the first 15 months of the campaign, and puts forward expectations for the future. It also presents 17 diverse, popular and thought provoking posts with authors’ updates. This ebook provides a very good range of perspectives on the most critical data-related challenges facing the social sector with suggestions on ways to address them. A post from TechSoup Global titled Data Points and Data Agents is included.