Open Data on Nonprofits, Cloud/Mobile/Big Data and more... #DataDigest

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In this week's data round up there is some great insight on how mobile, cloud and big data strategies must connect. Find out what could be one of big data's blind spots as well as gain insight on how nonprofits can provide open data to increase impact and promote transparency. Also featured is some useful information on the latest data visualisation trends from a recent meetup!

Big Data, Mobile and Cloud
The secret to tackling mobile, cloud and big data? Treat them as one
Sanjay Poonen, president of SAP’s mobile division, highlights the need to have a unified strategy for mobile, cloud and big data. He explains why each is at the centre of current and future business as they grow simultaneously, interrelate and overlap. For example, the increase in mobile devices, increases big data, which in turn increases the demand for cloud. He says they are all part of a single, converged and symbiotic trend.

Big Data
Big Data's Big Blind Spot
As high hopes for big data predictions grow with algorithmic innovation and automation, Rick Segal explains in this Forbes post that while big data can help us predict the future, because of our human nature, sometimes it is actually developments that catch us by surprise that becomes most relevant.

Nonprofits: Open Data, Impact and Transparency
Information for Impact: Liberating Nonprofit Sector Data
In this report commissioned by the Aspen Institute, the case for opening up Form 990 data from US nonprofits is made. Doing so can potentially create better data, ease data processing and encourage reuse by multiple stakeholder groups. In addition, it discusses why opening up this data will increase nonprofit transparency, enable fraud detection, innovation as well as increased effectiveness of the sector. The need for practical strategies that can overcome political, technical and cultural constraints is also highlighted.

Data, Transparency and Impact: A curated conversation with Beth Kanter, Jane Meseck, Paul Shoemaker and Eric Stowe
In this discussion the link between, data, transparency and individual and collective impact is highlighted by this panel of experts. Citing experience they discuss how organizations can increase their impact by collecting and using data as well as incorporating various techniques.

Data Visualisations Predicts 2013’s Hot Data Visualization Trends
This post lists some of the data visualisation trends that may take hold in 2013 following a Data Visualisation Meetup in San Francisco by The importance of storytelling and sharing as well as illustrative examples of the impact that visualisations can have on individuals and the world is also featured.

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