#NPTechClubATX: Your Data – How to Find It, Use it, and Decode It in Google Analytics

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Video from #NPTechClubATX's October 25, 2018 event on Google Analytics.

Patrick Wicker, Digital Marketing Manager for Mighty Citizen, will help you learn how to find, use and "decode" your nonprofit's data using Google Analytics. Most nonprofit organizations still aren’t seizing the power of analytics and metrics, and Patrick aims to change that!

About Patrick

Patrick was in the business before most people had even heard of “search engine optimization.” He was digging around Google Analytics when Google Analytics was still a toddler. His computer screen is continually filled with tables and charts and presentation slides explaining those tables and charts.

Before joining Mighty Citizen as a Digital Marketing Manager in 2013, Patrick earned his Internet bona fides working in the high-tech marketing industry. He's installed marketing automation platforms; he's planned and executed multi-channel campaigns; and he's overseen lead management and email marketing initiatives.

And he loves it all. He loves turning data into actionable tactics. He loves showing his clients, step by step, how they can easily attract new visitors. He loves combining all sorts of online marketing tactics—analytics, SEO, social media, display ads, etc.—into a long-term strategy that, quite simply, works.