#NPtechclubATX Video: The Well-Integrated Salesforce Platform for Nonprofits and the Path to Software Peace with @commonteri

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A great video report from the August 23rd meeting of the Austin NTEN nonprofit tech club. 


Teri Walker introduces our Nonprofit Tech Club Austin members to Salesforce and other low-cost/free options for nonprofit organizations that integrate to Salesforce. She will allso discuss why - regardless of the software you use - compatibility for integration is critical to a nonprofit's success and sense of peace and well-being!

Teri enjoys setting up software, integrating systems to talk well to one another, and cleaning-up data. In 2014, she took her passions on the road and created CommonTeri Services to help nonprofits and small business experience how much easier it is to achieve their goals with good software infrastructure.

CommonTeri Services specializes in delivering cloud-based technology solutions and support to nonprofits and small businesses. It is certified and experienced in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Community Cloud, Salesforce.org NPSP and QuickBooks Online and many products that integrate with those tools.