#NPTechClubATX Video – Overcoming Your Echo Chamber: Algorithms and Messaging Across Partisan Lines

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Video from Nonprofit Tech Club Austin's August 23 meetup.

Ivy Le, Principal of 9 Terrains in Austin, shares her insights into how nonprofits can better understand algorithms, and develop ways to listen to and monitor the opinions and actions of those who disagree with positions nonprofits are advocating. With this in mind, Ivy shares her thoughts about ways in which nonprofits can learn to "message" across partisan lines

"From dating websites and City trading floors, through to online retailing and internet searches (Google's search algorithm is now a more closely guarded commercial secret than the recipe for Coca-Cola), algorithms are increasingly determining our collective futures. 'Bank approvals, store cards, job matches and more all run on similar principles,' says Ball. 'The algorithm is the god from the machine powering them all, for good or ill.'" -The Guardian