#NPTechClubATX: Prospecting: Reviewing Your Own Databases for Hidden Gems

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Hosted by #NPTechClubATX's Carolyn Appleton.

One of the most requested program topics for 2020 is prospect research. Join us for a recording of a focused discussion about how a seasoned nonprofit fundraiser conducts in-depth yet cost effective fundraising research, with an emphasis on your own nonprofit's databases.

Carolyn suggests you sign up for a free Candid/GuideStar account. Some of Carolyn's suggestions involve using information shared on the Candid website, so that means you can start researching on your own, right after the presentation!

Carolyn Appleton

Carolyn M. Appleton got her start in nonprofit fundraising in Austin in the 1980s. Since then, she has worked across Texas, often in remote locations with little or no staff support. New technologies and the Internet have helped Carolyn achieve her fundraising goals, and then some! In 2011, she launched Carolyn's Nonprofit Blog, which today has more than 100 nations visiting annually.

Carolyn has been an NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network volunteer for ten years. She received a national NTENy award for her volunteer efforts. Carolyn has spoken during the annual NTC: Nonprofit Technology Conference (and others), she has authored a variety of articles on nonprofit fundraising and communications, and in 2019, she was pleased to help TechSoup develop an online nonprofit disaster preparation and recovery course funded by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. In 2019, Carolyn also became a Qgiv affiliate. Join us for this hands-on insider program!

Chat Log

00:26:10    Eli van der Giessen:    Hi, I’m Eli the NetSquared Community Manager. I’m in Vancouver Canada
00:26:51    Amber Yourman:    Hello! I'm the Mentor Program Manager at the DEC Network in Dallas, Texas.
00:27:45    Ed:    I'm an administrator at an International school in NYC. I'm developing a non-profit.
00:29:11    Susannah:    Welcome everyone to Nonprofit Tech Club Austin!
00:36:16    Susannah:    Yes! Join us on Facebook if you have not already: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nptechclubatx
01:19:06    Susannah:    Are 360MatchPro and HEPData subscription service or are they free? 
01:20:05    Amber Yourman:    Thanks so much for your time and expertise. Have a great night!
01:20:15    Susannah:    Thanks for coming Amber!
01:20:40    Susannah:    Thank you for coming everyone!
01:21:22    Susannah:    Here is our web link where you can RSVP https://local.nten.org/austin/


00:28:57.000 --> 00:28:58.230
Eli van der Giessen: Well hi there friends.

00:28:59.760 --> 00:29:05.340
Eli van der Giessen: Welcome to another nonprofit tech club Austin extravaganza.

00:29:06.300 --> 00:29:08.160
Eli van der Giessen: My name is Eli and I'm the

00:29:08.190 --> 00:29:09.570
Eli van der Giessen: Next great organizer.

00:29:10.740 --> 00:29:19.950
Eli van der Giessen: You're like, What is this Net Squared thing. It is one of the affiliated organizations that this Austin based meetup is hard.

00:29:21.030 --> 00:29:36.960
Eli van der Giessen: And so let's go to the problem of tech soup and there's about 120 of these Nonprofit Technology Group scattered around the world and I get to act as a cheerleader for these community groups with people like Dale and Carolyn really leading the charge in their communities.

00:29:38.460 --> 00:29:44.010
Eli van der Giessen: See, I didn't lie to you. There is actually a group in all of these countries, you can see it on the map. So it must be true.

00:29:47.070 --> 00:30:00.810
Eli van der Giessen: And we've got within that squared. Some, some basic you know ground rules and values for us. So I'd say, first of all, we welcome everyone. And our second is we put community. First, which means

00:30:01.260 --> 00:30:02.760
Eli van der Giessen: We're here to support each other.

00:30:04.140 --> 00:30:17.880
Eli van der Giessen: And I would say, why are we here. We're here to build stronger nonprofits technology is the tool. The lens, we look through, but it's not ultimately what this group is about, we're really here to make sure that we build a strong civil society.

00:30:20.100 --> 00:30:26.160
Eli van der Giessen: The chat window is open because we invite participation. Everyone here has something to learn and contribute

00:30:26.880 --> 00:30:32.610
Eli van der Giessen: And when we talk about putting community. First, it means we also treat each other with kindness and respect.

00:30:33.150 --> 00:30:47.070
Eli van der Giessen: Which means before you put something into that chat window before you ask a question, just ask yourself, have a phrase this in my the way that has been contributing the best to this community that brings my best self to the room.

00:30:51.420 --> 00:30:58.740
Eli van der Giessen: And we totally need your help. Carolyn and Dale and Susanna have really been leading the charge for number of years.

00:30:59.190 --> 00:31:14.940
Eli van der Giessen: But the team is always looking for event producers for someone who wants to, like, maybe write up a newsletter, someone who wants to take notes of these events. If you want to get involved. Reach out to Carolyn, and she'd be delighted to talk with you about a way to bring you into the team.

00:31:17.430 --> 00:31:21.030
Eli van der Giessen: And I'm going to do a quick still but it's the shell for something. I totally believe in

00:31:21.420 --> 00:31:24.150
Eli van der Giessen: And so if you are a nonprofit charity.

00:31:24.420 --> 00:31:40.560
Eli van der Giessen: Or library and you are spending money on technology in any way and you are not yet a taxi member, you're probably throwing your money away because Texas exists there to basically help nonprofits everywhere get access to free and discounted services.

00:31:42.360 --> 00:31:53.250
Eli van der Giessen: Here's just a couple of our partners. Today we're actually on one of our partners zoom and as a nonprofit, you get access to a 50% discount to this now pretty key piece of technology.

00:31:53.760 --> 00:32:10.800
Eli van der Giessen: Or maybe you need access to Microsoft software again to get access to that for totally free for your first 10 licenses through tech Sue, or maybe you need to get people to sign documents remotely now DocuSign is a great solution there. And again, there's discounts. We use a text to

00:32:12.570 --> 00:32:27.450
Eli van der Giessen: Here's me just modeling out what this could mean to a typical organization with 10 licenses and what I'm showing here. It basically is what tech soup charges to your discount because you're an awesome nonprofit and then the retail price. And as you can see

00:32:27.630 --> 00:32:34.650
Eli van der Giessen: It, you're going to save a ridiculous amount of money for what is it pretty typical layout or a lot of organizations.

00:32:38.280 --> 00:32:48.090
Eli van der Giessen: And if you need help, you of course can ask your friends here in Austin, but sometimes they're busy and so know they can also go to forums tech co.org

00:32:48.510 --> 00:32:59.550
Eli van der Giessen: And there's places you can ask questions about database and software around email marketing around web design. And it's also a great place for you to find consultants and people who might be able to help you.

00:33:01.980 --> 00:33:07.710
Eli van der Giessen: And then that is the end of my slides because Carolyn's gonna tell you all about her local partners and upcoming events.

00:33:08.430 --> 00:33:15.000
Eli van der Giessen: But this is where I just get to say I'm super grateful to the organizing team who has brought this event to you on a monthly basis.

00:33:15.390 --> 00:33:26.910
Eli van der Giessen: They're all volunteers, but they're doing some really tremendous good for the community. Because there's nonprofit. We got to support ourselves. So thank you so much to the local team and enjoy and have a really great day.

00:33:28.200 --> 00:33:28.860
Carolyn M. Appleton: Thanks a lot.

00:33:30.780 --> 00:33:31.920
Carolyn M. Appleton: appreciate this.

00:33:32.700 --> 00:33:35.820
Eli van der Giessen: Such a pleasure. Time for you to take over. Lovely.

00:33:36.750 --> 00:33:38.220

00:33:40.020 --> 00:33:42.900
Carolyn M. Appleton: Let me get to my first lie in

00:33:44.250 --> 00:33:47.280
Carolyn M. Appleton: There we go. Yay.

00:33:48.810 --> 00:33:56.880
Carolyn M. Appleton: Thanks very much. This is a logo for our club that you've probably seen several times on our posts on social media.

00:33:57.270 --> 00:34:18.630
Carolyn M. Appleton: And actually I made this after learning Adobe spark during a tech club program. So it really had real life application for me, for sure. I use it all the time now. But anyway, we are co sponsored by MTN and next quarter, and we really appreciate their leadership and support and as Eli said

00:34:20.280 --> 00:34:33.300
Carolyn M. Appleton: We're part of a network of clubs, thanks to Net Squared and tech suit globally and intend nationally and our programs are free. We do post information on our Facebook group page.

00:34:33.540 --> 00:34:46.350
Carolyn M. Appleton: Of other events, just so you kind of see what's going on in our area and other opportunities that might be helpful. So that is a great resource. You should definitely Join our Facebook group. If you want to tell ready to hear

00:34:46.920 --> 00:34:56.340
Carolyn M. Appleton: And this year we're especially grateful to our sponsors capital factory. We usually meet at capital factory. They provide free brew. They also

00:34:57.240 --> 00:35:06.960
Carolyn M. Appleton: Live stream and record our program. So we can share them later HGTV actually is providing a financial gift this year to help underwrite our expenses.

00:35:07.380 --> 00:35:14.520
Carolyn M. Appleton: And tree and on coffee has been a sponsor for several years. Stacey dire part of the family that owns tree and on

00:35:14.730 --> 00:35:23.730
Carolyn M. Appleton: Has been a volunteer since long before I came back to Austin and she and Dale both have been really the leaders there. So we really want to thank them.

00:35:24.660 --> 00:35:45.660
Carolyn M. Appleton: For that. And also, here are a few links will share this slide deck to SlideShare and you'll be able to access this. I also posted this basic group of intro slides to our Facebook. Facebook group page so you can find them there. But anyway, that's kind of where we are present at the current

00:35:47.910 --> 00:36:03.090
Carolyn M. Appleton: And now to our prospecting program I had been a volunteer within 10 for 10 years and I just returned to also in 2013 but got more active with the club.

00:36:03.420 --> 00:36:14.940
Carolyn M. Appleton: In 2015 and Dale had actually Thompson had been a longtime volunteer. So she really kept the drum beating and I just helped with program, starting about 2015 I've really enjoyed it.

00:36:16.140 --> 00:36:25.920
Carolyn M. Appleton: My background is I have quite a bit of academic experience a lot of research, writing publications and

00:36:26.730 --> 00:36:38.850
Carolyn M. Appleton: I through my work early on became involved with major gift fundraising what eventually happened is I got sort of thrown in the deep end, I would say into campaigns that

00:36:39.330 --> 00:36:45.810
Carolyn M. Appleton: At first I didn't know that they were really a challenge in many ways, but I learned how to be kind of a troubleshooter

00:36:46.380 --> 00:36:57.180
Carolyn M. Appleton: And to take projects that were deemed impossible. And I figured out how to kind of turn around. It does take a lot of work. But as I say on there. Never say never.

00:36:57.660 --> 00:37:04.170
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I do of course communications like Adobe spark imagery and social media because today.

00:37:04.650 --> 00:37:22.200
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's all wrapped up together and it's helpful to have all the messages coordinate. So that is a brief background about me. But do you really need all that doesn't really matter. You know, for you and for anyone really if you are methodical thoughtful.

00:37:23.610 --> 00:37:36.300
Carolyn M. Appleton: You study and research and you're willing to sit there and kind of really hash through a lot of information and kind of build up your prospect lists and your case for sport know that you're

00:37:37.830 --> 00:37:47.280
Carolyn M. Appleton: You're going to be good to go. You don't need all those degrees, in my opinion, but it is a mental frame work that you need to have when you go into this. It's not a

00:37:48.570 --> 00:37:50.460
Carolyn M. Appleton: You can have a lot of distractions. That's

00:37:51.480 --> 00:37:54.810
Carolyn M. Appleton: I would say you need to really be a good leader and

00:37:55.590 --> 00:38:07.440
Carolyn M. Appleton: Be able to kind of put a lot of information together in a meaningful way. And one of the things that I do. First things first, I've been doing this for years. And again, with some really challenged difficult campaigns.

00:38:07.860 --> 00:38:22.590
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I've kind of learned how to build prospect list even and I'll talk about that later. Even when is it just there earning you know prospects in the database. But, you know, a lot of times I'll find them in there.

00:38:23.640 --> 00:38:34.260
Carolyn M. Appleton: But I find also with volunteers. Quite often, board members, they'll say, oh, you know, Michael Dell will fund this he's in the newspaper. I was reading about that and

00:38:35.220 --> 00:38:47.790
Carolyn M. Appleton: He'd be a great one. But then you know that's not your nonprofits, probably not his interest, you need to go a little bit deeper. A lot of times that going deeper just getting right into your database, but

00:38:48.900 --> 00:38:58.350
Carolyn M. Appleton: What I do is I use Google News app and I have set alerts to various topics, depending on what I'm working on at any given time.

00:38:59.070 --> 00:39:07.260
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I get a daily email, you can set up daily or weekly and they're just many, many topics.

00:39:07.860 --> 00:39:17.640
Carolyn M. Appleton: That you can say, I want to alert when this company or this foundation is in. So it's really super helpful and I think there are other

00:39:18.420 --> 00:39:29.640
Carolyn M. Appleton: Platforms that will do that for you. Of course, if you just get on there and search. I think there's no such thing as being bored for a researcher today. There's just so much in there.

00:39:30.060 --> 00:39:43.800
Carolyn M. Appleton: That interesting and helpful if you just take the time again. It takes a little bit of quiet time to get in there and kind of dig in Canada, you know, the Foundation Center and guide star merged into one organization called candid

00:39:45.060 --> 00:39:55.800
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I read God's star profiles and you will find that private not only you and me and our nonprofits are all in God's store.

00:39:56.910 --> 00:40:18.330
Carolyn M. Appleton: But also private foundations are in the end their tax returns are good stuff. So I'll talk more about that soon. But you can sign up for free guide star basic account at any time. So I just wanted to point that out business media. I tend to read

00:40:19.440 --> 00:40:27.450
Carolyn M. Appleton: As many of these sources as I can. I just added Yahoo Finance to this list because I find it really interesting and on

00:40:27.930 --> 00:40:41.370
Carolyn M. Appleton: You certainly, you know, there's the Austin Business Journal and local press, certainly there is that, but I find great insights can be found in mainstream business press it's

00:40:41.910 --> 00:40:49.410
Carolyn M. Appleton: Really, they're really excellent and because capitalism today is changing and kind of morphing I find this really interesting. It's really

00:40:50.250 --> 00:41:02.550
Carolyn M. Appleton: Younger employees today coming in to these companies to work, do not want to work for companies that are not socially conscious and supporting social good. So therefore,

00:41:03.120 --> 00:41:11.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: Your business press they're covering that kind of stuff and Forbes even has like a regular kind of group of articles that it is

00:41:12.600 --> 00:41:27.570
Carolyn M. Appleton: Offering to readers about, you know, nonprofits, and what to do. So I find it really, really super helpful and where. What's the big picture where the company is going for instance if on after a corporate sponsorship.

00:41:28.080 --> 00:41:40.800
Carolyn M. Appleton: Or somebody may have a private foundation, but there that money for that foundation came from their company. So, you know, sometimes those are doing. So anyway, you'll make all those connections, but I do read all of those

00:41:41.460 --> 00:41:48.780
Carolyn M. Appleton: And also, you'd be surprised. I, I have people that go yeah can't believe you read people. It's not like I'm reading a different scale.

00:41:49.440 --> 00:42:00.810
Carolyn M. Appleton: But I find good information and good so many celebrities in civic leaders are supporting charitable causes today, they really want to be in that

00:42:01.350 --> 00:42:11.700
Carolyn M. Appleton: Sector and we're grateful for that help and you can find out a lot about who's doing what, how they're pitching their cause, how they're supporting a style of clothing.

00:42:12.150 --> 00:42:21.720
Carolyn M. Appleton: Whatever blah blah conservation. Whoa, you do have no idea that they were like recently Kenny Chesney debuted an album last Friday.

00:42:22.380 --> 00:42:34.110
Carolyn M. Appleton: And so I was watching a YouTube video online, but I had learned just that day because somebody had group a non profit share to Texas coastal Conservation Association.

00:42:34.920 --> 00:42:42.360
Carolyn M. Appleton: Shared a link to that video, I thought, well, now I know he's probably involved as a supporter of their efforts to conserve the goal.

00:42:43.680 --> 00:42:53.580
Carolyn M. Appleton: And so, you know, it's all that just it's not fluff. It's actually really helpful. And so I do look at those sources and I enjoy so

00:42:54.180 --> 00:43:02.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: Charity publications. There's a lot of great ones you I'm sure you've signed up to all the alerts all the news releases. I like them all.

00:43:03.480 --> 00:43:13.770
Carolyn M. Appleton: The only thing is, a lot of times, by the time the news hits the charity publications and that that projects are it's funded, it's done, you're kind of not in there like they're they've moved on.

00:43:14.040 --> 00:43:17.970
Carolyn M. Appleton: And they're working on it and they have their partners already set up so

00:43:18.480 --> 00:43:28.170
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's helpful to see what people are doing there for sure and to get in the ballpark, but sometimes it's hard to work your nonprofit into the mix of what's already been funded, like, but you might

00:43:28.530 --> 00:43:41.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: You're working on coated and a vaccine in Mayo Clinic on 100 million Saturday from Gates Foundation to pursue their code strategy, you might be able to get a suffering.

00:43:42.330 --> 00:43:56.130
Carolyn M. Appleton: I don't know, but basically I i'm looking at what's happening right now in the business with the business are doing good stern coded What business is doing great. You'd be surprised. A lot of them are doing wonderful lady Zoom is one of those

00:43:56.850 --> 00:44:08.700
Carolyn M. Appleton: Others are doing horribly and you're certainly hear a lot of it that I sign up for candid has absorbed, as I mentioned, the Foundation Center guide star and PD and alerts.

00:44:09.360 --> 00:44:16.740
Carolyn M. Appleton: Freelance read news digest alerts are great. They have a lot of RFP people like, hey, we're good. We want to fund this

00:44:17.160 --> 00:44:26.490
Carolyn M. Appleton: Topic and we want proposals in on these on the arts or on medicine or on wildlife or veterinary services and so

00:44:26.760 --> 00:44:37.560
Carolyn M. Appleton: You're going to get those maybe say once a week. That's what I have and I I'm constantly sharing this with nonprofits that I know that I've worked with over time and it's it's very helpful.

00:44:39.870 --> 00:44:50.010
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I did just do a search the other day on this biggest search engines on the planet. Here they are. I mean, I'm a real Google or I will say this is really important.

00:44:50.460 --> 00:45:03.060
Carolyn M. Appleton: Sometimes I'll get on there, searching for information about a corporate CEO or something like that. And I can't really find what I'm looking for. And I'll then go to Bing or Yahoo or something. I'll get on there and

00:45:04.080 --> 00:45:19.800
Carolyn M. Appleton: It comes right up. So the search terms and how all that searches managed within those platforms, sometimes is different. It is different. So I think competitive searching is great, but I think Google is number one, to my mind, so

00:45:21.210 --> 00:45:22.620
Carolyn M. Appleton: Now spreadsheets.

00:45:24.060 --> 00:45:27.750
Carolyn M. Appleton: What I'm suggesting, and I'll show you here in a second is

00:45:28.500 --> 00:45:39.090
Carolyn M. Appleton: Export in your data, wherever it is, and looking at your spreadsheets. Here's. Like I said, I have lots of volunteers. I've worked with over the years and nonprofits have now say

00:45:39.390 --> 00:45:48.030
Carolyn M. Appleton: Well, we need a lot of we need millions. We're going to Michael do we're going to go to the Bill Gates of course they're going to fund our project. And it's like,

00:45:49.230 --> 00:46:00.750
Carolyn M. Appleton: might not really be focusing on the best absolute best prospects, so you have though. This is the issue with a lot of nonprofits. I've worked with as well that

00:46:01.290 --> 00:46:09.750
Carolyn M. Appleton: They have their data in different databases. Some are super well coordinated and integrated and it's all in one place.

00:46:10.290 --> 00:46:27.600
Carolyn M. Appleton: But I would say the majority of them or in multiple times. So it could be online gift processing in your CRM that you have the to Blackboard boomerang or it could be. I have one group that they just have everything in MailChimp.

00:46:30.060 --> 00:46:50.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's, you know, whatever they're getting by. And they're managing. So what I suggest is exporting the data using like Microsoft Excel. I mean, obviously, Google Sheets. Another great that you might want to put your data into but I then reformat on my Excel sheet and I

00:46:51.780 --> 00:46:59.820
Carolyn M. Appleton: Like the type bigger and I also cut out extraneous information. I really want their full name.

00:47:00.420 --> 00:47:14.370
Carolyn M. Appleton: I want their address their mailing address by habit and their email it maybe you just have their email that's very common today. And if there's anything as you, you might want to merge all these separate

00:47:15.540 --> 00:47:29.040
Carolyn M. Appleton: Sources of donor data or people who are at least on your email list or birds that together. But if you merge them all into one spreadsheet, which I think is probably a good idea. Do try and code.

00:47:29.640 --> 00:47:39.030
Carolyn M. Appleton: Each entry. So if you go back and you think you found a really great prospect and they're really just on the email list that's going to tell you something. I'm not a donor yet so

00:47:39.960 --> 00:47:51.660
Carolyn M. Appleton: But you need to know where to go back to find them later. So I just say that might be a column you put their this came from MailChimp. It's came from to give this came from what Bob

00:47:52.620 --> 00:48:08.880
Carolyn M. Appleton: V2 whatever you kind of see what I'm saying. So anyway, I try and get them all together. I make the Titanic. Sometimes I actually print them out because I'm a little old fashioned, but you can just, you know, if you're used to really working off the computer screen.

00:48:09.960 --> 00:48:17.070
Carolyn M. Appleton: Go for it. So I opened Google search for instance, and I started looking for the URL.

00:48:18.240 --> 00:48:28.290
Carolyn M. Appleton: Of the address of the email address. So if it's like, oh, it's Joe Smith at NetSuite com or community foundation of Texas doc work.

00:48:29.010 --> 00:48:41.310
Carolyn M. Appleton: I have found them that somebody from a company or a foundation is on my list. And that's a dedicated coming right from them.

00:48:42.270 --> 00:48:55.860
Carolyn M. Appleton: So that's somebody. I'm going to want to go back to, for sure. I'm going to highlight that for sure. And then, you know, I would say with Gmail, you know, what's this way outlook even, you know, you

00:48:56.910 --> 00:48:59.400
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's disguised. You know, if you see

00:49:00.900 --> 00:49:08.730
Carolyn M. Appleton: Be gates@gmail.com you might go well maybe that's somebody I need to pay attention to. But it's kind of hard because it's, you know,

00:49:09.630 --> 00:49:19.830
Carolyn M. Appleton: Coded numbers and they've hidden themselves in that address. So your email may not be your best source for information, but look for these dedicated corporate

00:49:20.580 --> 00:49:34.350
Carolyn M. Appleton: based email addresses that is really, really helpful. And I have found some really great prospects, but I literally just going through one Excel spreadsheet from an email list and I found like dozens of potential prospects who went that way.

00:49:36.210 --> 00:49:47.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: Then I go to Google or other search engines and I just start looking at combinations of things like I just put the email address in the whole thing. It's like, well, maybe it shows up. So, you know, it might show up in their LinkedIn profile.

00:49:48.210 --> 00:49:59.190
Carolyn M. Appleton: And LinkedIn, of course, is a great resource for information and it's a great way to maybe find somebody to obviously contact the company and see if you can start getting the relationship going

00:49:59.610 --> 00:50:09.510
Carolyn M. Appleton: But also if you saw that netsuite.com. It's like, well, let's go to the network NetSuite website and kind of see what they're doing what they're interested in. And what are going to fit in there.

00:50:10.710 --> 00:50:19.020
Carolyn M. Appleton: For the foundation. If that's the case, whatever it is. I just start playing with it and looking and looking at multiple search engines, you know, here in there.

00:50:19.410 --> 00:50:23.610
Carolyn M. Appleton: And then I would just highlight this is important. This is going to be important. So

00:50:24.060 --> 00:50:32.550
Carolyn M. Appleton: And then jumping ahead like if all you've got is email. In particular, I would definitely reach out like I've just done an example. Hey,

00:50:32.910 --> 00:50:42.060
Carolyn M. Appleton: I see you work for Walmart. I mean, or whatever company, I wonder, could you help me find the right person that is handling charitable giving and partnerships and

00:50:42.840 --> 00:50:53.910
Carolyn M. Appleton: Just, I think it's okay to go ahead and just ask, you know, for guidance. But here's the other thing. It used to be the case with major gifts that you always wanted to be to see in the C suite.

00:50:54.240 --> 00:50:59.310
Carolyn M. Appleton: You want to always want to talk to the guy in charge or gal and children, and I'm

00:51:00.060 --> 00:51:08.580
Carolyn M. Appleton: Really today. It's a different world. You know, many of these companies today want to net want to support causes

00:51:09.000 --> 00:51:19.950
Carolyn M. Appleton: That their employees support and it's it's always important to be courteous, but you really today especially you need to understand it could be that person, that person could be doing a lowly job.

00:51:20.190 --> 00:51:30.930
Carolyn M. Appleton: But when it comes to the company saying, okay, everybody okay team. What are we going to support this year and they say, well, that person that group is not very nice. They didn't respond to my request for information.

00:51:31.710 --> 00:51:34.800
Carolyn M. Appleton: They were didn't hear. They just jumped over my back to get to the

00:51:35.370 --> 00:51:49.290
Carolyn M. Appleton: CEO or whatever it is you don't want that to happen. So, but I would definitely start doing little inquiries and sometimes she don't get through. But a lot of times you do and they can help you and that's developing an important influence or relationship.

00:51:50.730 --> 00:51:59.370
Carolyn M. Appleton: You can also get on search engines and and literally type this in wealthiest zip codes in Austin and they'll come up

00:52:00.270 --> 00:52:07.500
Carolyn M. Appleton: And so then you might go into your spreadsheet and just look for those zip codes. That's, that's always helpful.

00:52:08.370 --> 00:52:18.540
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know what you're trying to do is narrow it down. You're not doing all the work. You're going to need to do to actually establish a relationship here, but it might help you hone down to people who you really need to

00:52:19.290 --> 00:52:24.810
Carolyn M. Appleton: And then after that, I would say, checking for their names in the news their affiliation.

00:52:25.560 --> 00:52:35.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: gala, they have interesting animals, whatever it is, you know, you're just kind of building up a little profile there. I would say for many years of

00:52:36.330 --> 00:52:44.610
Carolyn M. Appleton: Prospect research that some very wealthy people live have lived in the same house for 30 years

00:52:45.150 --> 00:52:50.940
Carolyn M. Appleton: Say, and if it's not in a welcome to come, they just never move, they just weren't inclined to do that and you

00:52:51.420 --> 00:53:03.900
Carolyn M. Appleton: Time and again, you will see news come out. We have no idea. This person was so well done is created a huge endowment Krakowski foundation in San Antonio is a perfect example of that their

00:53:04.560 --> 00:53:16.050
Carolyn M. Appleton: Religious thought full suite couple quiet not social and out of the blue comes this environment that is now being I think a partner ship with the Senate.

00:53:17.700 --> 00:53:24.390
Carolyn M. Appleton: But anyway. And then the other thing is, some people are have invested in a in a fancy house.

00:53:24.960 --> 00:53:39.690
Carolyn M. Appleton: And they put all their money and then there's nothing left. So you know not, it's not a guarantee. But they may have great neighbors. They might again be an influencer Dino people in your neighborhood. What could we develop a relationship that's where you're kind of Hitting, hitting

00:53:41.550 --> 00:53:52.560
Carolyn M. Appleton: So what I'm saying is, as you as you keep going through this, you're going to naturally start coming down on prospects that you want to pursue, you know, develop a cultivation strategy for

00:53:54.180 --> 00:54:05.610
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know, initially, as I say, some may not necessarily end up being donors, but they might lead to do so donors and influence are both really important

00:54:06.360 --> 00:54:15.660
Carolyn M. Appleton: And as you conduct this research you're filling up the database for your nonprofit and that's really important, but also filling up your database in your head.

00:54:16.170 --> 00:54:25.320
Carolyn M. Appleton: And that's really important. I mean, after years later, I know that sounds familiar. I will go back and look inch. Sure enough, this is a

00:54:26.490 --> 00:54:32.430
Carolyn M. Appleton: Good prospect from years ago that may be is resurfacing for a new project. So you have to just have a patient

00:54:33.480 --> 00:54:35.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: Patience and to focus

00:54:37.260 --> 00:54:41.040
Carolyn M. Appleton: Here I'm going to show share with you three case studies.

00:54:42.570 --> 00:54:50.250
Carolyn M. Appleton: Where I did go through the tedious task of just a Excel spreadsheet. This was several hundred members.

00:54:50.820 --> 00:55:00.270
Carolyn M. Appleton: Of a conservation nonprofit and I found somebody whose name ring a bell. So I started searching and I found out. First of all, they were just giving $25 a year annually.

00:55:01.020 --> 00:55:06.870
Carolyn M. Appleton: But they weren't part actually the really influential Texas foundation

00:55:07.560 --> 00:55:19.950
Carolyn M. Appleton: And after they were cultivated and engaged and involved. It took a few years but 5 billion was eventually received from that family. So you do it right, you can really

00:55:20.550 --> 00:55:31.110
Carolyn M. Appleton: Struck it big for your nonprofit that is so it means it bad one story right there. And it's worth it for you know worth all the effort.

00:55:32.310 --> 00:55:41.730
Carolyn M. Appleton: This is a case where years ago I came to nonprofit to work for two years and they didn't have a donor list. They actually had donors.

00:55:42.210 --> 00:55:50.220
Carolyn M. Appleton: But the records had been lost a story. And there's an angry employee or something. We didn't know what happened but there wasn't anything

00:55:50.820 --> 00:56:00.030
Carolyn M. Appleton: And they also had attracted about 100 people on their board like how do you even manage 400 people. I just, I don't know. It was really weedy

00:56:00.960 --> 00:56:08.190
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I didn't know, I tried to figure out who all those board members were on my own, like what associations, they had an I really couldn't figure it out.

00:56:08.760 --> 00:56:24.210
Carolyn M. Appleton: So what I did was I compiled a list area foundations and companies their board members and the executive staff major staff positions within those companies and I printed out and a copy shop a

00:56:25.440 --> 00:56:31.350
Carolyn M. Appleton: List with a cover on it to keep it secure and everything and I mailed it to each one of them.

00:56:32.400 --> 00:56:39.990
Carolyn M. Appleton: With a pencil and a stamp return on below. I just said while you're at home watching TV. If you wouldn't mind.

00:56:41.130 --> 00:56:52.710
Carolyn M. Appleton: Checking the names of the new people, you know, making notes and I promised them and kept that promise that that information they're providing would be kept confidential. But I also

00:56:54.390 --> 00:57:00.000
Carolyn M. Appleton: Told them, they didn't have to be involved in asking for attending the meetings because so many of them were

00:57:00.540 --> 00:57:07.320
Carolyn M. Appleton: really uncomfortable with asking for money and you'll find that a lot with board members. So rather than scare them off.

00:57:07.890 --> 00:57:17.340
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know, I just said, This doesn't mean you have to make that call. What this means is I just, you can help me in the right direction. Can I use your name to open that door.

00:57:18.180 --> 00:57:27.060
Carolyn M. Appleton: That's it. And so I got a lot of great information on that in that group. I've worked for them for two years and I had to call them back.

00:57:28.170 --> 00:57:35.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: About five years later, and they were still working on that data that I had compiled from that. And it took a couple months for me to get this done, but

00:57:36.060 --> 00:57:43.230
Carolyn M. Appleton: So what I discovered our board members who are not major gift donors themselves, but they knew a lot of people who had gone to high school with

00:57:43.710 --> 00:57:54.120
Carolyn M. Appleton: With gone on to be CEOs of major companies in America to be a CEO to run charitable giving for XYZ company so

00:57:54.900 --> 00:58:04.890
Carolyn M. Appleton: There they were influencers and that was worth it. That information is worth its weight in gold and they were worth their weight in gold to us so

00:58:05.400 --> 00:58:15.510
Carolyn M. Appleton: I would just say, put your board members to work each to their own some will like to make a call with you. And a lot of them probably will month that's just my experience of it.

00:58:16.440 --> 00:58:22.020
Carolyn M. Appleton: So you can create your own prospect list this work we raised $8 million in two years.

00:58:22.710 --> 00:58:36.270
Carolyn M. Appleton: We work hard, you know, on it. But again, cultivation was required. We did meet with some people on that list that were pretty angry at the nonprofit because they hadn't even heard from home so

00:58:36.990 --> 00:58:47.490
Carolyn M. Appleton: It took some repair TLC and repair, but we turned it so it's definitely possible to start from zero or less than zero.

00:58:48.660 --> 00:58:56.160
Carolyn M. Appleton: And this is a really was a nice group to work with all volunteer new staff, it's time. They have staff.

00:58:57.150 --> 00:59:04.320
Carolyn M. Appleton: And they had one Excel spreadsheet. They just been throwing names on there. Yeah, they gave this here's their interest. That's what they gave me the date. Again, that's it.

00:59:05.130 --> 00:59:13.470
Carolyn M. Appleton: So I went through it by hand and really just one afternoon I just come through there. Nobody dead time, none of the volunteers want to bother with it.

00:59:14.400 --> 00:59:26.520
Carolyn M. Appleton: But I did find a family foundation board member had made a personal here of $200 and also found a billionaire. Now, I really know their see that he had made a modest but very

00:59:27.450 --> 00:59:36.330
Carolyn M. Appleton: Welcome hundred dollar donation. So I was just, I was blown away. I was telling my son didn't even know they were like, We don't look at the list, we just add to it. That's it, we're all

00:59:36.780 --> 00:59:45.180
Carolyn M. Appleton: That also had an emergency where they immediately got on GoFundMe and created a fundraiser. And they got generated at donations

00:59:46.140 --> 00:59:59.280
Carolyn M. Appleton: And the way. Go Fund Me worked then I have used it recently, but basically you have no access to those emails I could pull those emails out and use them to email them except I could email them through GoFundMe

01:00:00.210 --> 01:00:08.160
Carolyn M. Appleton: So that's what I did, I first of all, I thank everybody on the Excel spreadsheet appear

01:00:09.270 --> 01:00:19.980
Carolyn M. Appleton: Everybody on GoFundMe individual messages thanking them. It took oh two weeks, at least to do all that and

01:00:22.020 --> 01:00:31.350
Carolyn M. Appleton: But that worked. It was really helpful. But that's why I said you do need to before you're going to go to the next step. The next exciting step of

01:00:31.770 --> 01:00:43.470
Carolyn M. Appleton: actually talking to them and seeing if you can make a match and get some funding, you need to do things like make sure all the thank you letters are up to date and make sure the contact information is precious.

01:00:45.600 --> 01:01:00.360
Carolyn M. Appleton: So a chair and vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase in Dallas told me this one time. I mean, it's so exciting. If you find prospects, you just even immediately want to talk to them. I mean, that's my feeling. It's like

01:01:01.200 --> 01:01:08.040
Carolyn M. Appleton: If they're on my list. I'm so excited, or they're just getting email. I'm sure they're going to give me money. First, they're not going to yet.

01:01:09.030 --> 01:01:29.370
Carolyn M. Appleton: They will eventually. That's how I think of it, but I'll just be careful not to jump the gun and scare them off it regardless of what you're after terms of size, it's a slow dance and when she found them. You don't want to ask them to marry you always like that.

01:01:30.750 --> 01:01:38.280
Carolyn M. Appleton: But eventually, you do want to ask them, but you might need a little time. So just like horses, a little bit. They get through.

01:01:39.270 --> 01:01:54.300
Carolyn M. Appleton: Here are some library and other sources, as I mentioned candid is now the Foundation Center God start find into one. The Foundation Center is magnificent. It's the best of the best, and

01:01:55.650 --> 01:01:59.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: You can find it at the Austin Public Library and pre coated

01:02:00.960 --> 01:02:17.130
Carolyn M. Appleton: I was at the library conducting research there because you you Foundation Center will require if you're going to do this at home, you're going to need to have a subscription for it. So I go the library. So I can use it on a workstation there for free but

01:02:18.870 --> 01:02:28.110
Carolyn M. Appleton: I asked Roosevelt weeks, who heads the Austin Public Library for the City of Austin, if he could make sure that post coven

01:02:29.280 --> 01:02:40.530
Carolyn M. Appleton: Expenses are cut at the foundation center line item in the database library is retained because it's such a great resource and

01:02:41.040 --> 01:02:51.030
Carolyn M. Appleton: You, they were on the verge. And I don't know how that's going to pan out eventually. But they were on the verge of making it accessible to any branch within the Austin public library system.

01:02:51.630 --> 01:03:03.870
Carolyn M. Appleton: And you could then also use it with your own portable laptop and log into the system like what I do and I'll show you in just a second. I will get in there and Alaska library.

01:03:04.320 --> 01:03:13.290
Carolyn M. Appleton: Log into a workstation, but just calling advance. We don't know what Kevin's going to do to city budgets, but we hope this line item will stay

01:03:14.070 --> 01:03:22.860
Carolyn M. Appleton: And these are photos of me conducting research in the Foundation Center database here, my little code is on the sitting on the table there on a sheet of paper.

01:03:23.640 --> 01:03:37.470
Carolyn M. Appleton: You can search. Once you get into the Foundation Center, which I believe is under business databases and you can search on people a location topic, whatever you want. And it'll come up, you know, city, state.

01:03:37.980 --> 01:03:51.600
Carolyn M. Appleton: You want a bigger couple of states and the other good thing if you see on the right side in this photograph. You can email yourself you can conduct a search like what are all the brands they gave in 2017

01:03:52.800 --> 01:03:55.500
Carolyn M. Appleton: That is K through 12. Okay, so I've done that search

01:03:55.980 --> 01:04:07.770
Carolyn M. Appleton: You can email yourself a PDF of the results of the searches that you're thinking to your home. So I don't spend like you know days and days at the library. I will email myself my searches.

01:04:08.100 --> 01:04:18.570
Carolyn M. Appleton: Then I can go home to my home office and go through all of that myself on my own time and I save those searches for my research file, so I can return to them later and

01:04:19.560 --> 01:04:29.490
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's such a great resource to have that they are at the library and for free. So, but on your own. You're going to have to pay for it. I'm afraid if you do it for them.

01:04:30.510 --> 01:04:35.310
Carolyn M. Appleton: Again, I mentioned, get a free guide star account and this is what people don't

01:04:35.790 --> 01:04:43.650
Carolyn M. Appleton: Realize guys her because you're you're busy doing your own profile for your own nonprofit worried about how you look on there and making sure you're credible, etc.

01:04:44.070 --> 01:04:55.140
Carolyn M. Appleton: But the fact is there also a private foundations anyone that is a nonprofit that is good and have a tax return. And it's going to be uploaded for my arrest to guide star.

01:04:56.280 --> 01:05:01.740
Carolyn M. Appleton: So what I do is I read the most recent form 990s and that's their tax return.

01:05:02.820 --> 01:05:14.430
Carolyn M. Appleton: It, you probably have run up against this wall you found a great potential funder, and you can't find a mailing address and it just seems like such a great man. So sometimes you can find

01:05:14.850 --> 01:05:25.830
Carolyn M. Appleton: A mailing address in the tax return. You can find prior grants, it might suggest, hey, I might need to ask for less than one thinking because they're not really giving grants that are as big as I'm

01:05:26.400 --> 01:05:44.880
Carolyn M. Appleton: Wanting you can find out who's on the board, who's in a leadership position. You can also find like I think, oh, this is a Texas foundation so obviously everybody's going to be in Texas and by golly, they're not. They are in Palm Beach in Florida.

01:05:46.050 --> 01:06:01.260
Carolyn M. Appleton: And it's like, Okay, I kind of need advice from this person because it seems like they're a key player. So I might want to see about a polite letter of inquiry, even that way. So if it's got its got store and

01:06:02.520 --> 01:06:11.040
Carolyn M. Appleton: foundations that are the whole team over there will tell you, not many foundations actually have their own freestanding website so

01:06:11.460 --> 01:06:20.160
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's not like you can get on for all of them wanted that the Foundation Center God store and I just literally on reading their tax returns. It's my favorite thing to do.

01:06:22.110 --> 01:06:35.700
Carolyn M. Appleton: I recommend that. So there you go, some resources candid if there are cheap monthly plans available relate something bad. Depending on the size your profit. I say that's the best of the best.

01:06:36.480 --> 01:06:45.330
Carolyn M. Appleton: Donor search is another one that is often integrated in with your constituent management platform. So where

01:06:46.470 --> 01:07:01.440
Carolyn M. Appleton: I have not used it a lot of people swear by three blocks is what I learned through tech soup. Just last week. They are a new partner and they are giving you a discount flux is a actual brand seeker grant management platform.

01:07:02.040 --> 01:07:08.250
Carolyn M. Appleton: Totally new to me sounds wonderful. And it does have a search option for finding additional

01:07:09.360 --> 01:07:26.790
Carolyn M. Appleton: The grants mentorship Center in Los Angeles is where I received my first train. When I began my development career in Austin during graduate school years and years ago now and I just put the URL address there because they have a picture of the United States that you can

01:07:27.840 --> 01:07:37.620
Carolyn M. Appleton: Click on Texas and will say here. Some sources. So that is well worth a look. Some of their links, I think, are a little refreshing. But basically, there's some great stuff and

01:07:38.250 --> 01:07:44.730
Carolyn M. Appleton: We're at station if you join tech soup and always soup is free to join you just have to be in profit to join.

01:07:45.690 --> 01:07:53.280
Carolyn M. Appleton: You'll get a discount on that. And I know people who swear by that grants.gov you probably know already online grant

01:07:54.210 --> 01:08:01.680
Carolyn M. Appleton: Where it's coming from the federal government. They also have a really handy app, they are really sharp and on the ball. I would only say if you're going to

01:08:02.100 --> 01:08:06.720
Carolyn M. Appleton: Put you find a great grant that you want to apply for. I've been in this position before

01:08:07.110 --> 01:08:15.420
Carolyn M. Appleton: And know that you're going to need a federal ID. So you're going to have to apply first to get your ID and then you can apply for that grant so

01:08:15.840 --> 01:08:33.390
Carolyn M. Appleton: There's probably some wisdom in just going ahead and getting an ID and just having it there just in case you know you need it later. I learned recently that Moses search. I think this is a paid search platform but pet say to Texas. You can search on state grants.

01:08:34.440 --> 01:08:51.510
Carolyn M. Appleton: And then this is an often overlooked group of searches but matching gifts are a very big deal and they keep increasing again as companies want to support causes that their

01:08:51.900 --> 01:08:59.520
Carolyn M. Appleton: Employees support. And so if you can say, hey, I see you're an employee of this company.

01:08:59.970 --> 01:09:11.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: And they match, would you consider submitting your information to your company and because I've seen some huge gifts CO two and three times the original size of the original yep so

01:09:11.910 --> 01:09:19.860
Carolyn M. Appleton: There are different databases, just for corporate matching gifts and your to HTTP data. I learned about QQ recently.

01:09:21.330 --> 01:09:27.810
Carolyn M. Appleton: coordinated and integrated their gift processing so that you could find matches run away through

01:09:29.880 --> 01:09:48.510
Carolyn M. Appleton: Now research for higher just quickly, I try and do everything without paying anything. I just do it myself. But if you're in bolted a really big multi million dollar capital campaign or just you 300 thousands in size. I would say it might be worth it.

01:09:50.370 --> 01:10:00.630
Carolyn M. Appleton: It depends on the size of your list and what you want to do just one ton of searches, what I've done with wealth engine several times and it can, what it does is it takes

01:10:01.080 --> 01:10:07.260
Carolyn M. Appleton: The burden off like Oh Michael Dell is going to fund everything for me because he's in the news and I see this

01:10:07.770 --> 01:10:13.590
Carolyn M. Appleton: takes you away from that and it goes back to your spreadsheet and you'll upload the same basic spreadsheet.

01:10:14.280 --> 01:10:29.400
Carolyn M. Appleton: That you downloaded to do your own personal research from your databases and they'll take that and they'll run it through a many publicly available databases real estate car ownership. Your point ownership.

01:10:31.110 --> 01:10:40.020
Carolyn M. Appleton: You name it, it stop if they're on a board, it will run through guide star, it will put it will take all those results and give it to

01:10:40.650 --> 01:10:48.960
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know, so you can then already have your list and then it will take time for you to go through that. But basically what I found, time and again,

01:10:49.350 --> 01:10:56.610
Carolyn M. Appleton: Is there a lot of people out there. They're never called on forget because they're not in the news and everybody thinks it's going to be the person

01:10:57.690 --> 01:11:11.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: That's going to be the big downer for a group that they're not even help with. And so take your own list. And if you need to read through now wealth engine has been around for a long time and I've been three searches through that and I've gotten over 100 million

01:11:12.930 --> 01:11:21.270
Carolyn M. Appleton: Great I wave. I took a demo recently is brand new really user friendly. Now some of these platforms will also

01:11:21.870 --> 01:11:34.200
Carolyn M. Appleton: If you want to do a subscription monthly or an annual subscription, you can actually run your own individual searches through there and it just compiles everything I've said into one platform where you can just do it already.

01:11:35.220 --> 01:11:53.880
Carolyn M. Appleton: And so it's really good looking and user friendly. But really, all things are great, but the one thing you have to realize is that some people have privately owned companies and they're going to be under the radar and they won't come up in any public will publicly

01:11:55.050 --> 01:12:07.110
Carolyn M. Appleton: Known database you know they're they're hidden so I knew one fellow, I was working with great person and friends of friends and said he was worth at least $300 million so

01:12:08.550 --> 01:12:19.080
Carolyn M. Appleton: They'd known him his whole life. So I searched, I was looking for everybody, but he came up and he came up with a car that was valued at $25,000 that

01:12:20.280 --> 01:12:20.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: So,

01:12:21.900 --> 01:12:31.950
Carolyn M. Appleton: It doesn't do everything, but it'll, it'll do a lot and help you refocus so obviously by paying a few thousand dollars to five depending on the size of your list.

01:12:32.370 --> 01:12:42.420
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's so totally worth it because then I got prospects that I could then real prospects, I could cultivate and put into a plan to move forward with the

01:12:42.990 --> 01:12:51.240
Carolyn M. Appleton: Campaign. So depending on how much you need. You may not need all that fancy stuff. But I think it's really great.

01:12:51.780 --> 01:13:11.190
Carolyn M. Appleton: Great service. And actually, those are banking services that banks have used for years like wealth engine. It's just that they developed nonprofit capabilities. So, so I would say in recapping just you'd be surprised at the hidden gems that you'll that you'll find in your own database.

01:13:12.690 --> 01:13:22.590
Carolyn M. Appleton: Even a small list can yield dramatic results. You just need to be a detective and use the internet publicly available ethically sourced information to add

01:13:23.100 --> 01:13:32.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: To your list so that you're focused on the right people and you don't waste time with prospects that aren't going to be very helpful to you.

01:13:33.120 --> 01:13:47.910
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I would say also you're building your brand's database that's good for your future jobs, it's, it's obvious that you're going to be supporting your nonprofits work. But as we all know, turnover is a real issue in our sector and so

01:13:49.980 --> 01:14:00.720
Carolyn M. Appleton: Keep it up here to you keep it secure. Obviously for your nonprofit that you're working with. But basically, your brains going to go to work for you if you do it right.

01:14:01.350 --> 01:14:12.480
Carolyn M. Appleton: And the other message I have is that you don't need to have enough people some consultants have, I think, really kind of trick nonprofits into believing they can't do their own prospect research, but they're not smart enough

01:14:13.050 --> 01:14:18.300
Carolyn M. Appleton: To do it that they'll never get that they don't you know and that's that is via so

01:14:19.110 --> 01:14:26.130
Carolyn M. Appleton: You can do it, you know, if you're inclined to do it, you can do it. Take the time it's worth the time and I know there are a lot of competing

01:14:26.550 --> 01:14:37.740
Carolyn M. Appleton: activities going on and people wanting your time at work. But if you'll take the time you're going to get some really good results. You need to convince your executive director to let you focus up.

01:14:39.000 --> 01:14:48.930
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I say, just keep reading. Keep reading news. You never know what happens you companies come up well known ones go down, especially in this day and age, so

01:14:49.950 --> 01:14:51.450
Carolyn M. Appleton: Need to stay sharp

01:14:52.770 --> 01:15:05.640
Carolyn M. Appleton: Also, I wanted to, in closing, just mentioned, you know, donors are online, more than ever, and so you and their professional advisors are online, more than ever, so really you need to look sharp online.

01:15:06.030 --> 01:15:15.330
Carolyn M. Appleton: Because there are so many professional advisors and fidelity is certainly a great place where huge group of donor advised funds there.

01:15:15.900 --> 01:15:24.810
Carolyn M. Appleton: That you should. This is right clipped from their website, you know, make sure your name is correct your

01:15:25.530 --> 01:15:38.370
Carolyn M. Appleton: That you have a guide star gold or platinum seal, you know, just make sure you're you're transparent and clear and you have a beautiful profile, I would say, word of mouth testimonials.

01:15:38.820 --> 01:15:47.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: How it worked from from board members and volunteers to clients or whatever it is. Everybody everybody's opinion helps

01:15:48.480 --> 01:15:56.850
Carolyn M. Appleton: And you can use those are great, great nonprofits. Is it really nice platform that's tied to your guides to our profile, if you fill out and

01:15:57.300 --> 01:16:08.430
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's real shareable and good looking. And it's a great way like when you're kind of running out of content. So I can look at great nonprofits with a great review. I'm going to share that that's news, you know, and

01:16:08.880 --> 01:16:22.560
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's influential. It's very influential and then I would just say, social media clean them all up, verify your Facebook page. I actually did that with a group, I had to kind of clean out about eight years. That's a the

01:16:23.760 --> 01:16:33.870
Carolyn M. Appleton: Information that was just not current and keep the good stuff. Of course, we were going to it, but also uploaded our formation documents to Facebook and had them formally get that little check

01:16:34.080 --> 01:16:39.720
Carolyn M. Appleton: On there because people are on those Facebook page, not only the donors, but their professional advisors.

01:16:40.110 --> 01:16:47.880
Carolyn M. Appleton: And professional advisors are really important today they're looking at tax return. These are the guys who have no emotion. They are logical

01:16:48.180 --> 01:16:56.670
Carolyn M. Appleton: And they're going to want to look at the brass tacks and make a decision and advise their clients about what safe like their client may be real emotional that some calls

01:16:57.660 --> 01:17:08.250
Carolyn M. Appleton: But they're not going to be, and they're going to pull pull the reins in a little bit and say, well, I think you need to be careful. I was looking at their guts, our profile and it budget that doesn't look quite right. So,

01:17:08.790 --> 01:17:12.630
Carolyn M. Appleton: Just unify your messaging and all that and you're going to be really good to go.

01:17:13.950 --> 01:17:21.360
Carolyn M. Appleton: Also shred keep your research results, secure and confidential and as you kind of would guess from code right now.

01:17:21.930 --> 01:17:34.770
Carolyn M. Appleton: What was true. Two months ago about people and their value and their holdings and what they're worth and what they're capable of giving that may have all changed in two months. So this data and you have to keep doing it over.

01:17:35.670 --> 01:17:49.170
Carolyn M. Appleton: And course you want to save some of that. But a lot of it. Just get rid of it I clear your computer browsers history. I do it every single day. And if you're going to do it a lot. Professionally, get a

01:17:50.520 --> 01:17:58.320
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know, virtual privacy network get one of those great there's several really good ones like word VPN, you've probably seen ads on TV about that.

01:17:58.800 --> 01:18:13.500
Carolyn M. Appleton: But make sure you're really super secure. This is from clip from Google. One day just popped up. And I was like, hey, this is how private or you can search and browse privately, because you might want to do that, but also I want to say you're protecting

01:18:14.850 --> 01:18:33.120
Carolyn M. Appleton: Your not only protecting yourself and your nonprofit because people get nervous better looking into their lives or what they're doing, or something like that. But you're also protecting the donors and you need to be sensitive to that, you know, I have noticed where some

01:18:35.100 --> 01:18:43.110
Carolyn M. Appleton: People who would be good donors have paid to have their names removed from internet. They don't want to be on there. They don't search. And I think we need to respect that.

01:18:43.500 --> 01:18:55.950
Carolyn M. Appleton: And it may be like with the private folks that you need to just start asking friends and friends because you may not be able to find information on the Internet. That's always a possibility.

01:18:57.480 --> 01:18:58.200
Carolyn M. Appleton: There you go.

01:18:59.760 --> 01:19:04.620
Carolyn M. Appleton: That's it. There I am. If you have questions, please let me know.

01:19:05.790 --> 01:19:10.890
Carolyn M. Appleton: Let me stop my sharing and see if there's any question out there.

01:19:15.780 --> 01:19:16.560
Carolyn M. Appleton: Okay.

01:19:17.640 --> 01:19:28.680
Susannah: Susanna hey I asked. I put in a question. I'll read it to you are 360 match pro and a GP data subscription service or are they free

01:19:29.790 --> 01:19:41.760
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know, I believe that they are subscriptions, if you're going to do it out if you already have queued up you can get a lot of those already some of your CRM are already going to have them as part of the package.

01:19:42.480 --> 01:19:51.570
Carolyn M. Appleton: But, um, I, I think that there are subscription fees involved for some of them. I'm just, I haven't used them in a while so

01:19:52.770 --> 01:20:01.020
Carolyn M. Appleton: But I just would say get on there, do a demo. Sometimes the subscription fees are so minimal. They're so small that

01:20:02.430 --> 01:20:08.400
Carolyn M. Appleton: It's worth it. You know, like I would tend to say the Foundation Center is probably a really good

01:20:10.500 --> 01:20:14.070
Carolyn M. Appleton: Source to just have, you know, going so

01:20:17.190 --> 01:20:20.430
Carolyn M. Appleton: Anyway, any other questions will have this

01:20:21.840 --> 01:20:25.350
Carolyn M. Appleton: Program, or it's being recorded. And so we will

01:20:26.550 --> 01:20:30.330
Carolyn M. Appleton: Have it kind of cut down just a little bit and tailored but

01:20:31.980 --> 01:20:40.650
Carolyn M. Appleton: Then you can watch it and share it later. But you can email me anytime. If you have questions whatsoever, or post questions on our

01:20:41.310 --> 01:20:48.840
Carolyn M. Appleton: Facebook group page. We're pretty active there. And thank you so much. Thanks to Dale and Susanna for

01:20:49.560 --> 01:21:08.040
Carolyn M. Appleton: Being there to back me up this time and we have next June 1 I think it is Carla Martin, who's also a volunteer for tech club will speak about trying it, and taking all your HR it putting it online and I personally am really excited about that. So please RSVP for that program.

01:21:09.270 --> 01:21:10.620
Carolyn M. Appleton: Anything else you guys

01:21:19.440 --> 01:21:19.950
Carolyn M. Appleton: Okay.

01:21:21.600 --> 01:21:22.470
Dale: anything either.

01:21:23.310 --> 01:21:24.450
Carolyn M. Appleton: Okay, great.

01:21:24.690 --> 01:21:26.670
Susannah: Yeah, no, I don't have anything. Thank you.

01:21:31.830 --> 01:21:33.000
Carolyn M. Appleton: Have a good week.

01:21:33.450 --> 01:21:34.800
Susannah: Thank you. Thanks for coming.

01:21:34.800 --> 01:21:36.690
Dale: Everyone. Bye.

01:21:45.180 --> 01:21:46.800
Dale: All right, I can't get out of here now.

01:21:49.860 --> 01:21:51.630
Carolyn M. Appleton: Here we go. I got out of my

01:21:52.680 --> 01:21:57.030
Carolyn M. Appleton: Thing. Yeah, thanks. Dale very much for being there and

01:21:58.350 --> 01:22:14.190
Carolyn M. Appleton: I'll upload the slides and do all that good stuff and connected Net Squared will post the recording on the net square d to page. So I'll put all that on our like I always do on the listing. So anybody can access it there, but also on Facebook.

01:22:15.450 --> 01:22:15.900
Dale: Such a

01:22:16.380 --> 01:22:22.170
Carolyn M. Appleton: Service yes Eli's really the best. He's so helpful but

01:22:23.610 --> 01:22:29.250
Carolyn M. Appleton: Anyway, so now you see a look into my unglamorous life of reality.

01:22:31.260 --> 01:22:34.410
Carolyn M. Appleton: I'm basically a closet librarian. Yes.

01:22:34.950 --> 01:22:36.060
Dale: You would have made a great one.

01:22:36.570 --> 01:22:45.990
Carolyn M. Appleton: And I will let you know what Roosevelt weeks is I'll share that with everybody, you know, because I'm really concerned that the Austin Public Library retain the

01:22:46.920 --> 01:22:48.510
Carolyn M. Appleton: Serious center.

01:22:48.630 --> 01:22:56.100
Carolyn M. Appleton: Because it is free and you can sit there for hours, you know, and it's totally degree to be able to do that.

01:22:58.920 --> 01:23:00.300
Carolyn M. Appleton: Yeah, you're able to

01:23:01.440 --> 01:23:08.880
Carolyn M. Appleton: You know, email yourself the results of your searches and really delve into them later. So, so there you go, well, okay, I'm gonna

01:23:10.200 --> 01:23:17.520
Carolyn M. Appleton: Get out of here, I believe, have a good good rest the weekend. We'll see you online. I'll be posting

01:23:17.730 --> 01:23:19.380
Dale: Okay, thank you.

01:23:20.070 --> 01:23:20.370