#NPTechClubATX: Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Digital Tools That Can Help

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Recorded by NetSquared's chapter in Austin on January 4, 2020.

Wondering how you might get your stakeholders together and brainstorm a strategic plan during these trying times? Nevin Kamath, JD is a strategic planning facilitator based in Austin who specializes in helping nonprofits develop strategic plans, in person and online. He will facilitate an interactive workshop during which we'll explore some of the main challenges in strategic planning, as well as tools to solve them, like Zoom and the online collaboration tool, Miro.

Together, we will explore Zoom breakout rooms and Miro's online collaborative platform. Participants will leave with a clear plan for their next strategic planning cycle and exposure to tools to get it done, COVID or not. Get ready for a fun and interactive session!

Nevin Kamath is a graduate of Harvard Law School and The University of Texas at Austin. He has his own consulting business, Kamath Coaching and Consulting. He is a strategy and strategic planning consultant based in Austin, Texas. He has spent the past 10 years consulting to Fortune 500 corporations on strategy and organizational design, nonprofits in strategic planning, and training business school students, workshop participants, and one-on-one clients. At McKinsey & Company, Kevin led workstreams on Corporate Strategy, Product Strategy, Operations, Organizational Design, and Due Diligence engagements, serving the TMT, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries.