#NPTechClubATX: Chive Charities - Changing the Giving Paradigm and Finding Growth in 2020

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Hosted by NetSquared's Austin chapter on December 7, 2020.

Chive Charities has changed the giving paradigm. As opposed to using a cause to raise awareness and funds, Chive Charities uses the stories of individual grant recipients to raise awareness for the causes they support: veterans and first responders with medically-related needs and rare medical diagnoses. 

2020 has turned the world upside down, leaving almost no business unscathed. Putting an emphasis on four key priorities, Chive Charities has found remarkable success - growing their community of support in a year that felt impossible to do so. Erika Carley, Chive Charities' Senior Director of Operations, will speak to our tech club about their work, their impact, and she will share insights regarding how to find growth in 2020 and beyond.