#NPTechClubATX 2018

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Nonprofit Tech Club Austin wishes to thank Eli and Birgit for being so wonderful to work with. We love being part of a global network of tech clubs!

Since we began using the Meetup platform about this time in 2015, our membership has grown steadily. Shown are our member "stats," and we wish to thank Meetup for hosting us so well these past three years. We also thank NetSquared for funding our participation on Meetup last year.

But for reasons of stronger security, better onsite program management and follow-up, we are moving to the new NTEN platform (Bevy Labs). Here is a link to our club page. Please sign up and follow #NPTechClubATX there! We also have a Facebook group page and you are welcome to join us there, too.

I enjoyed presenting a webinar for NetSquared tech club organizers last year on how #NPTechClubATX has used Meetup so successfully. You can find a recording on my YouTube channel. Although the format of Meetup is evolving, there are several helpful hints mentioned.

As you may recall last fall during Storymakers, Adobe Spark was the creative focus of our TechSoup programming. #NPTechClubATX has adopted Adobe Spark Video to thank our speakers and promote our programs. Here is a link to the latest video for 2018. One nice thing about Adobe Spark is that videos reside on their platform and the link to the videos remains the same. Hence, one can update the video with new materials and information, and simply refresh the link via the "sharing" function. Very nice!

If anyone has questions about what we are doing, or if you would like to connect with one of our prior guest speakers for your own tech club, email anytime.

Best wishes,

Carolyn M. Appleton (carolynmappleton@gmail.com)

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