#NPTechClubATX – Survive2Thrive: Its Mission, Services and the SANCTUARY App

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The Survive2Thrive Foundation’s SANCTUARY Program provides short-term housing grants to victims of domestic violence who have been turned away from their local shelter due to shelter overcrowding. 

Survive2Thrive in partnership with SeeSaw Labs has developed an app and web application to serve victims of domestic violence and abuse to provide them resources and support, whether they see the inside of a shelter or not. It’s a Shelter without walls! SANCTUARY App/WebApp app/web app was developed to serve first responders nationally, and soon globally, to serve 100% of those coming to their doors. "They will never have to turn anyone away … again."

Did you know? Survive2Thrive received the nonprofit award during the Recognize the Good 16th annual Ethics in Business & Community Awards, "recognizing outstanding ethical business practices and celebrating the idea that doing good is good business in Central Texas."

This  #NPTechClubATX presentation discussed the issues Survive2Thrive is addressing across Central Texas, its programs and solutions.