Nonprofit Tech Club Organizers Rule the 2015 NTENy Awards!

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So, I won an NTENy award from NTEN! I’m super proud to be recognized by my peers. I love being part of the #Nptech community! 

I wrote a bit about the experience on the NetSquared blog, but what was most gratifying to me was that almost half of the NTENy award winners this year were affiliated with a Nonprofit Tech Club (proving my secret theory that community organizers and event planners are the best people!).  So a huge congratulations to all our community members who won an NTENy this year, including:

  • Seth Horwitz, Philly Net Tuesday
  • Regina Walton, San Francisco Tech4Good
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack, Naples Tech4Good
  • Eli van der Giessen, NetSquared Vancouver
  • James Porter, 501 Tech Club New York

And that’s 2015. If we look at just the previous two years there’s also Ivan Boothe (PDX Tech4Good), Jereme Bivins (501 Tech Club New York),  Tal Frankfurt (formerly NetSquared Atlanta), Cindy Leonard (Bagels & Bytes Pittsburgh), and more… Either NetSquared is a giant incubator for #nptech leadership, or we attract only the most amazing people (or, I suspect, some combination of both factors!) :-)

And speaking of modesty former NTENy award-winner David Krumlauf neglected to mention that he was the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!