Meeting number one, coming up

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After a couple of weeks meeting with various actors from the NGO and information technology communities, we are planning to organise the first meeting of the Community Driven Innovation initiative. This meeting aims to bring together a small group of people who are enthusiastic about the usage of technology and who want to further expand both their knowledge as well as ties to other communities of users.

The meeting will take place at the offices of the Forum for Civic Initiatives (FCI-FIQ) on Tuesday, December 14th starting at 13:00.

The idea is to start with a number of short presentations about the projects, its aims and the setup and then continue with a discussion among the participant trying to brainstorm on a number of issues related to the project as well as the follow-up activities.

I would like to specifically hear ideas about:


  • -What kind of tools (strategies/tactics) would people be most interested in hearing about?
  • -What kind of tools would people be willing to speak about?


-Event format. Some ideas include:

-Participation. Who should be invited? Or should there be an open invitation for whoever is interested to come? What is the ideal size of the group? Should we try to keep a balance between NGOs operating on the national level vs. those that operate locally?

-Expected outcomes. What outcomes can we except from the meetings? What would NGOs expect to gain from participating? How can we measure them?

-Frequency of meetings. How often should the meetings take place?

It is some of the above questions that I would like to hear experiences from other places as well. What worked and what didn’t?

I am personally looking forward to the meeting next Tuesday. Stay tuned for the updates.

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