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Meetup Pro Feature Request: Multi-Select in Country Filter

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I'm a Meetup Pro user and it's amazing! I love the ability to message members directly across all my groups. But I often want to send messages to more than one country at a time.

Here are two common use cases for me that are very difficult using the current single-country filter:

  • Send message to all members in a region. ie. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, etc.
  • Send message to all members EXCEPT those in USA

I would love the ability to select several countries at a time, using a multi-select.

#Net2AKL: Kia ora, Hello & Welcome to NetSquared Auckland

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Kia ora, Hello & Welcome to NetSquared Auckland,

Thank you very much for connecting with us.

NetSquared Auckland runs free monthly events for people in and around the Auckland area interested in using web, social and mobile technology for social good.

We are currently finalising the details for an August MeetUp.

We would really appreciate it, if you could please help us with ideas for your best @net2akl experience by filling out our 5-10 minute survey - NetSquared Auckland 2016 Survey


#Net2Welly: Delivering Value online takeaways

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Our NetSquared Wellington meet-up on 14 June 2015 came in two parts: a framework for refining your organisation’s web presence from Bill Dashfield and a real-life example from Helen Brasting, from Film for Change Aotearoa.

Delivering value online: The What? Why? And So what? of your web presence

Purpose →  Audience →  Task →  Outcome →  Measures


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