NetSquared Toronto: Use Online Platforms like UpWork, TopTal and Fiverr to Modernize Your Nonprofit

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Hosted by NetSquared Toronto on February 10, 2021.

COVID-19 has accelerated the trend of decentralized workforces. No longer will it be mandatory to have all employees, board members or volunteers housed under one office. As a result, nonprofits must start to think differently about how they hire and manage their workforce. Platforms like UpIn particular, they must ask questions such as:
Why must our employees work locally?
How can we leverage international talent to lower our overhead while maintaining quality of work?
How do we even go about hiring, managing, and paying international talent?

With over 6+ years of experience both working as a freelance consultant and in personally leveraging freelancers in his past businesses, Chris Cundari will take you through:

  • How to discover what parts of your organization would be best served by leveraging freelancers
  • Understanding what types of work can be outsourced (for a fraction of the cost) and what should remain in-house
  • How to find the perfect freelancer/contractors online and the process to hire and onboard them
  • How to manage freelancers even if they live in a different time-zone

About Chris Cundari:
Chris Cundari is a 3x founder, United Nations delegate, and has freelance consultant. Leveraging his experience starting and building these past businesses, over the past 6 years, Chris has consulted small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on topics such as business strategy, marketing strategy, cost cutting, and improving operation efficiencies. Currently, he is a director and partner at Daydream, a sparkling water company leading the way in the functional beverage space. To learn more about Chris, visit his website:

Chris Cundari
+1 (647) 202-3982

Hosted by:
Sandra Eamor

Sandra Eamor is passionate about helping small to medium-sized Nonprofits and businesses implement efficient operational systems. Reach out to Sandra to learn more about setting up Google for Nonprofits, automating and integrating cloud based systems, or learning other ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder by finding the right blend of your People + Processes + Technology to Get Things Done.

Sandra is also the President of the One Parent Families Association of Canada. The OPFA supports single-parent families in Canada by providing opportunities to help reduce isolation and provide a supportive community for its members.
Learn more about the OPFA: