NetSquared Toronto: Software for Nonprofits - Managing Donations and Bookkeeping on a Budget

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Recorded January 13, 2020 by NetSquared Toronto. sells two programs, DONATION and ACCOUNTS. They are inexpensive installed Windows software for small to mid-sized charities, nonprofits, and churches. Thousands of users, mostly from Canada and the USA, use this software to track donors and donations, to issue charitable receipts, and to manage their bookkeeping with completely automated fund accounting built in. Join us to learn more about Dan Cooperstock and how he created this software to meet the needs of nonprofits, and see brief demos of each program.

Dan Cooperstock

Dan Cooperstock is the Toronto-based owner and lead programmer of the small business Cooperstock Software / Dan is a Quaker, a film lover, and a square dancer.
Phone: (416) 423-7722