NetSquared Toronto: How to Use a CRM to Jump-Start Your Re-Opening

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Hosted by NetSquared Toronto on July 8, 2020.

Learn why you should use a CRM system to grow your non-profit organization. Miguel will guide you through the customer journey and show you how to capture new customers, nurture them with marketing automation and convert them into loyal donors, clients or volunteers.

Learn how you can use all the latest Internet marketing strategies, including landing pages, social, email, webinars and manage everything from one single CRM system that has 40 built-in fully integrated apps.

As we plan re-opening you should consider leveraging CRM to re-engage customers and identify more opportunities. For example:

  1. Email campaigns communicating your safety plans and any special incentives/promotions you're offering.
  2. Landing pages to promote educational webinars or offerings.
  3. Online advertising to draw more visitors to your landing pages, eCommerce platform or website and then converting those visitors into leads by automatically downloading their information into CRM.
  4. Integrating payment processing into CRM with platforms like Square and PayPal.
  5. Print and postcard campaigns generated through CRM to grab the attention of prospects and re-connect with customers.
  6. ...and more.

Presented by:
About Miguel Ribeiro
VBS IT Services

Miguel has been a CRM guru since 2000 with a passion for implementing systems that help organizations sell faster, smarter and run at peak performance with automation.

Hosted by:
Sandra Eamor

Sandra Eamor is passionate about helping others use technology to Work Smarter, Not Harder. She helps small to medium-sized businesses and Not For Profits implement solutions and processes to help them operate more efficiently.

Sandra is also the President of the Toronto Area Chapter of the One Parent Families Association ( The OPFA supports single-parent families in Canada by providing opportunities to help reduce isolation and provide a supportive community for its members.

Chat Log

00:32:12    stefan:    ROI includes labor setting it up, running it?
00:43:14    stefan:    Does Campaigns segment like Constant Contact (good, but really pricey)?
00:45:36    stefan:    (sorry, I meant Constant Contact is great, but really pricey, so looking for alternative, but need segmentation. You can wait till end to ask to not interrupt)
00:45:52    Jeff Mole:    Can new customers set up a profile from landing site?
00:46:31    Jeff Mole:    and edit profile /login info
00:49:30    Jeff Mole:    I can articulate if you unmute
00:59:52    Jeff Mole:    Question for later: I am interested in Zoho however I'd like to find a bookkeeper familiar with the books/finance. Do you have any suggestions where to look? 
01:01:46    ElderActive:    Many not-for-profits have models now where they have yearly memberships. Any way to track this with Zoho?
01:04:49    stefan:    Does Zoho Books export to/integrate with QuickBooks, for those who don't want to change bookkeepers who won't learn new software?
01:06:22    ElderActive:    Thanks for your time, gotta run!
01:20:55    stefan:    thanks! bye
01:21:20    Karen Straus:    Thanks so much.  Helpful overview of Zoho!


00:22:47.490 --> 00:22:53.760
Sandra Eamor: All right. Well, welcome everybody. And we're starting right on time. Great to see you guys all here.

00:22:54.930 --> 00:23:00.270
Sandra Eamor: And a little bit about me. I am the organizer for the Toronto Net Squared group.

00:23:00.810 --> 00:23:09.090
Sandra Eamor: And I've been the organizer, just for a few months, I kind of started when cove. It happened so I unfortunately have not been able to meet anybody in person yet.

00:23:09.900 --> 00:23:14.760
Sandra Eamor: But hopefully once things settle down, we'll be able to start to get back to in person events.

00:23:15.720 --> 00:23:30.690
Sandra Eamor: In the meantime, here we are. So I have. I'm the president for a not for profit chapter in Toronto. I run the Toronto one area parents, sorry, Toronto area one parents, family association.

00:23:31.320 --> 00:23:40.860
Sandra Eamor: A little bit of a mouthful. And I learned about tax and that squared and text soup. When I was looking for resources for my charity.

00:23:42.000 --> 00:23:49.890
Sandra Eamor: So I came across this and decided step up and become an organizer. And luckily, I have a great network of some amazing

00:23:50.580 --> 00:24:10.470
Sandra Eamor: People in the tech space, who love to help out, not for profits as well and I'm excited to have Miguel here from BBS IT services to help us learn a little bit more about CRM and how we can hopefully jumpstart our reopening as things start to open up now.

00:24:11.550 --> 00:24:28.290
Sandra Eamor: So I guess a little bit more about me. I also run all of those systems and basically I run a few workshops and I do work full time. So it's kind of a on the side thing where I try to help, not for profits and small businesses and entrepreneurs run better systems.

00:24:29.370 --> 00:24:36.750
Sandra Eamor: And I guess it's all about me and I'm going to turn it over to Miguel, so we can get to learning some really

00:24:39.000 --> 00:24:52.650
Miguel Ribeiro: Terrific. Thank you very much, Center for the introduction and thank you for having me on, on this event. And thank you, Eli as well for making sure that it goes smoothly.

00:24:54.060 --> 00:25:05.250
Miguel Ribeiro: So my name is Miguel Ribeiro, and I'm from VB si P services. We're an IT company based in Toronto, we service nonprofit, as well as

00:25:05.730 --> 00:25:15.240
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, pretty much any organization that needs cloud technology. I am a CRM guru. I fell in love with CRM.

00:25:15.840 --> 00:25:29.910
Miguel Ribeiro: Back in 2000 when I implemented my first CRM system at that time it was sage CRM and we started leveraging the workflow automation automating certain tasks, making it

00:25:30.900 --> 00:25:41.430
Miguel Ribeiro: More efficient and that year. Our business grew three x. So it was quite impressive. Now obviously CRM can't take all the credit for that.

00:25:41.850 --> 00:26:01.050
Miguel Ribeiro: And that's because you need more than CRM to to for it to be effective. Right. You need people you need processes and the CRM system will drive those processes to help your people to accomplish what they need to do. So that's what we're going to be talking about here today.

00:26:02.940 --> 00:26:17.670
Miguel Ribeiro: So the agenda is what is CRM and why do you need it. I'm going to also show you a customer journey so that you can actually visualize how you can use the functionality within the system to

00:26:18.210 --> 00:26:35.700
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, build your business and obviously every organization is different. So this is a very general presentation. And at the end, I'm going to talk about what you can do. Next for should you want to find out more about how

00:26:35.730 --> 00:26:37.860
Miguel Ribeiro: This particular product conserve you

00:26:38.430 --> 00:26:50.640
Miguel Ribeiro: We're also going to talk about how we can manage everything in one system. And if you do have questions, please do ask questions using the chat and we will answer them at the end.

00:26:52.290 --> 00:27:02.160
Miguel Ribeiro: So a little bit more about my company we help organizations succeed by operating at peak performance and that is by leveraging CRM automation.

00:27:03.300 --> 00:27:27.750
Miguel Ribeiro: The product. We're going to talk about today is Zoho CRM and before I elaborate on Zoho let me tell you that since 2000 I have implemented Salesforce HubSpot infusion soft CRM dynamics or Microsoft Dynamics act and a few others. And what I have found over the years is that

00:27:29.160 --> 00:27:42.030
Miguel Ribeiro: People are looking for a solution that is simple and easy to use and that is the key to a successful CRM implementation. If it's not easy to use people simply don't use it.

00:27:42.420 --> 00:27:54.000
Miguel Ribeiro: So that's what we love about the Zoho CRM product. It's really easy to use. It is very powerful. It has integration into phone systems email.

00:27:54.870 --> 00:28:03.720
Miguel Ribeiro: document management and all kinds of other stuff. And I'll elaborate on that. In addition, we are an IT service provider, which means that we become

00:28:04.500 --> 00:28:14.730
Miguel Ribeiro: your organization's outsourced IT department, we take care of everything related to all your computers and your network. Make sure that it's reliable secure

00:28:15.540 --> 00:28:29.730
Miguel Ribeiro: And as part of that security we offer cyber security protection, where we monitor and train people so that they know what to avoid when they're on the internet. That's a little bit about us.

00:28:31.140 --> 00:28:47.730
Miguel Ribeiro: So what is CRM CRM stands for customer relationship management and it's software that is essentially a centralized database of customers prospects and suppliers accessible by all employees of the organization.

00:28:48.300 --> 00:29:03.510
Miguel Ribeiro: You can access historical information about a contact, such as notes tasks appointments emails quotes pricing invoices, anything that you manage for your contacts is going to be within that system.

00:29:04.140 --> 00:29:18.390
Miguel Ribeiro: And so you can see customer history documents and procedures and marketing campaigns, all within one centralized CRM system. So you can imagine that how effective it is when someone

00:29:18.930 --> 00:29:27.330
Miguel Ribeiro: Is not available. Let's say someone is on vacation that typically deals with a particular person and that person calls in for help.

00:29:27.870 --> 00:29:44.910
Miguel Ribeiro: Then you have a CRM system where you can go into that contact and see what has transpired with that particular contact and you'll see all of that history and be able to pick up where the previous person left off. So that's very, very powerful.

00:29:46.920 --> 00:29:59.280
Miguel Ribeiro: Why do you need a CRM system. Well, you need marketing automation to generate new business, that would be a reason for CRM, you have opportunities that are lost and you're not sure why.

00:30:00.210 --> 00:30:10.470
Miguel Ribeiro: You need to track those opportunities within a system you have no automated systems to track people's activities or effective effectiveness or accountability.

00:30:10.980 --> 00:30:21.420
Miguel Ribeiro: That's where a CRM system comes in. You're not leveraging automation or business intelligence to grow your organization Zoho CRM has built in.

00:30:22.500 --> 00:30:29.010
Miguel Ribeiro: Artificial intelligence that helps you to automate and to use intelligence within the system.

00:30:30.330 --> 00:30:48.210
Miguel Ribeiro: You also would need a CRM system. If you need to create a culture with a sense of community to better communicate and collaborate with your teams and this is so much more true today with the pandemic, where people are working in distributed environments, you know, working from home or

00:30:49.320 --> 00:31:03.090
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, different locations and they're not together, you need to have a sense of togetherness and this is where CRM comes in and allows you to have that capability and I'll elaborate on this.

00:31:04.710 --> 00:31:13.710
Miguel Ribeiro: Some of the CRM benefits. Let's talk about where we're at and from an industry growth, it's staggering at the rate that CRM has grown

00:31:14.910 --> 00:31:26.760
Miguel Ribeiro: 91% of businesses with over 11 employees already have a CRM system. So if you don't have when you're being left behind, because those organizations are taking advantage

00:31:27.150 --> 00:31:34.350
Miguel Ribeiro: Of the capabilities and making their organizations, more efficient and serving their customers better

00:31:34.800 --> 00:31:46.050
Miguel Ribeiro: So the average ROI for a CRM is $8 and 71 cents for every dollar spent. Imagine that. So it definitely has amazing ROI.

00:31:46.710 --> 00:32:00.960
Miguel Ribeiro: CRM increases sales by 29% improves productivity by 34% and boosts forecast accuracy by 40%. Those are huge numbers that match and what kind of effect and would have

00:32:01.350 --> 00:32:26.310
Miguel Ribeiro: On your organization want to implement a system CRM is also known to improve customer retention by as much as 27% so you know these are known facts in the industry by various different organizations that have done studies and obviously proven that CRM is very beneficial for an organization.

00:32:28.080 --> 00:32:33.960
Miguel Ribeiro: So how are you running your day today, you know, chaos is the word that comes to a lot of people

00:32:34.350 --> 00:32:44.700
Miguel Ribeiro: And that's because the average person's using about 12 different applications that they're logging in every single day to to to do their work.

00:32:45.120 --> 00:33:07.440
Miguel Ribeiro: And none of those applications are well integrated together. And so it's confusing and you kind of lose track of the customer experience as a result. And what we really want to do is we want to have an fully integrated system that gives you the power to manage your, your

00:33:08.550 --> 00:33:18.960
Miguel Ribeiro: Organization more efficiently, more effectively and so that the customer experience is always consistently the same. And I'll talk a little bit about that as well.

00:33:19.620 --> 00:33:32.880
Miguel Ribeiro: And by the way, Zoho has many of the applications that you would typically use in other providers. They're built right into the system. And I'll talk about that as well.

00:33:34.500 --> 00:33:47.100
Miguel Ribeiro: What is the host CRM so Zoho CRM is suite of 40 applications to help you sell faster sell smarter serve better and automate your organization.

00:33:48.360 --> 00:34:02.520
Miguel Ribeiro: As I said, there are 40 applications 40 plus applications that relate to sales, marketing support collaboration, communication, even accounting. It has its own accounting suite built right in.

00:34:03.330 --> 00:34:11.760
Miguel Ribeiro: Similar to QuickBooks, as it is built right in its integrated into all of the different applications. So if you're doing e commerce, for example.

00:34:12.150 --> 00:34:20.130
Miguel Ribeiro: And you're managing inventory you're using all of the applications within the system to do that and

00:34:20.670 --> 00:34:38.460
Miguel Ribeiro: To have, you know, to prevent double data entry, for example, it also has its own email management. So if you're using Office 365, for example, or G sweet and you implement Zoho. You don't need those other

00:34:39.600 --> 00:34:41.340
Miguel Ribeiro: Services, it's all built in.

00:34:43.920 --> 00:34:51.390
Miguel Ribeiro: Let's talk about workflow automation. So Zoho is very powerful from a contact database, obviously.

00:34:51.570 --> 00:34:52.350
Sandra Eamor: Time ago

00:34:52.650 --> 00:35:07.620
Sandra Eamor: We had a question about the ROI. So before we move on I sorry I was on mute, and the so the ROI figure you you stated, does that include like the implementation costs and the labor set it up and get it running

00:35:08.760 --> 00:35:11.520
Sandra Eamor: Or is that like an ongoing ROI.

00:35:14.700 --> 00:35:15.720
Miguel Ribeiro: I would have to

00:35:17.220 --> 00:35:24.540
Miguel Ribeiro: Check my resources to confirm that I'm not really sure what they included as part of our ROI.

00:35:27.570 --> 00:35:28.650
Miguel Ribeiro: Sorry, I can't really

00:35:29.280 --> 00:35:30.240
Sandra Eamor: Okay, okay.

00:35:31.260 --> 00:35:31.620
Sandra Eamor: So,

00:35:32.580 --> 00:35:45.150
Miguel Ribeiro: Workflow rules to automate processes. So if you do repetitive tasks you can automate those processes so that the experience is always saying

00:35:45.540 --> 00:35:56.370
Miguel Ribeiro: Excuse me. And furthermore, especially with volunteer people that aren't don't spend a lot of time doing training. You want to make it easy for them and

00:35:56.760 --> 00:36:08.370
Miguel Ribeiro: This is one way of doing that to use workflow automation now. Further to that, you can use what is called Blue printing and blue printing is essentially taking a process and

00:36:09.030 --> 00:36:22.890
Miguel Ribeiro: automating that process documenting that process within Zoho CRM so that if you have for example a stage where you're asking questions and you need information from

00:36:23.520 --> 00:36:42.060
Miguel Ribeiro: Someone you can capture that information and make sure that it follows a flow that is consistent. Every time and document all those details within the system. So you don't need to pull up another form from maybe, you know, a cloud.

00:36:43.230 --> 00:37:01.770
Miguel Ribeiro: Application and you have to look for it. Nothing like that you can build it right into Zoho itself and follow that whole flow, which makes it so much easier for especially von volunteers that don't need a lot of training to go through that process.

00:37:04.170 --> 00:37:18.180
Miguel Ribeiro: I really liked this quote, it's productivity is not just about doing more. It's about creating more impact with less work. You want to be able to do more with less. And that's what you know automation helps you with

00:37:19.740 --> 00:37:31.680
Miguel Ribeiro: So now I'm going to take you through the process of what it's like when you have a lead. I'm going to call it a lead but it could be, you know, different term for your organization.

00:37:32.520 --> 00:37:39.810
Miguel Ribeiro: Going through the process as to when they become a customer. And again, your terminology may be different so

00:37:41.130 --> 00:37:50.430
Miguel Ribeiro: At the top where I'm illustrating that you would normally run some kind of a campaign either, you know, an online.

00:37:51.570 --> 00:38:02.280
Miguel Ribeiro: Campaign using Google ads or Facebook, or maybe it's an event. Maybe you're doing an event such as what we're doing here today to capture opportunities to meet new people.

00:38:02.610 --> 00:38:14.160
Miguel Ribeiro: And you need to market those events so marketing can be managed within the system. And, you know, I'm just illustrating the process here from start to finish.

00:38:14.580 --> 00:38:23.790
Miguel Ribeiro: So, let's say, then you market your event and you need to drive traffic to the landing page for so that people can register for an event.

00:38:24.150 --> 00:38:34.380
Miguel Ribeiro: Or whatever the case may be, that landing page is also managed within the system. And I'm going to show you all this, then once you have collected

00:38:35.280 --> 00:38:52.410
Miguel Ribeiro: new prospects. It's called them, you need to leverage marketing automation and nurture those prospects, because not everyone is ready to make a decision right away and you don't want to lose all that effort that you put into

00:38:53.460 --> 00:39:01.200
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, gaining those new contract or those new contacts rather so you build marketing automation to nurture.

00:39:01.920 --> 00:39:15.900
Miguel Ribeiro: Those, those people and convert them into customers and I'm going to show you that as well. So at the end you want them to be paying customers or maybe they are volunteers or maybe they are.

00:39:16.770 --> 00:39:26.550
Miguel Ribeiro: Donors WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE YOU WANT to convert them into somebody that is part of your organization. So I'm going to show you that as well.

00:39:28.470 --> 00:39:41.490
Miguel Ribeiro: So let's talk about the first step, which is creating ads to generate new traffic and new opportunities if you're using Facebook or Google ads.

00:39:41.940 --> 00:39:56.760
Miguel Ribeiro: You can actually manage them directly through Zoho itself. You do not need to go to Facebook, or our Google ads to manage those accounts. It's much easier to use one single glass of pain.

00:39:57.180 --> 00:40:04.620
Miguel Ribeiro: sort of speak, where you have access to all the information that you need. And when you receive leads, they

00:40:05.040 --> 00:40:13.530
Miguel Ribeiro: go directly into CRM. There's no re entering of data. So, you know, once again, you can see how much more efficient. That is

00:40:13.800 --> 00:40:32.490
Miguel Ribeiro: And that way, nothing gets lost in the cracks. Right. It's all seamless into the system and then you can use workflow automation to create an appointment to reach out to that person, or to let someone on your team know hey we have a new opportunity here.

00:40:34.020 --> 00:40:47.940
Miguel Ribeiro: And of course you can measure performance so that you know which ads are doing well. Which ones are not, and make proper decisions to make adjustments within your ad campaigns.

00:40:50.040 --> 00:41:07.650
Miguel Ribeiro: You so you would also use social media to drive traffic to create excitement, similar to what we've done for this event, it can all be managed within Zoho Zoho is integrated into social media, Facebook, LinkedIn,

00:41:08.820 --> 00:41:23.340
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, I guess Google My Business Instagram. They're all integrated and you can do your posting using Zoho social and you can also track.

00:41:24.030 --> 00:41:34.740
Miguel Ribeiro: All of the activity that is occurring through Zoho social again. You can schedule posts monitor engagement interact with the followers

00:41:35.250 --> 00:41:48.060
Miguel Ribeiro: Promote people that you are interacting with into leads. So, then they'll show up in your CRM as a lead and you know that they are you know advocates of your brand.

00:41:50.760 --> 00:42:02.070
Miguel Ribeiro: Email marketing is another great way to communicate with with people, as well as drive traffic to your campaigns and Zoho has a built in.

00:42:03.240 --> 00:42:10.050
Miguel Ribeiro: campaign management, which is called Zoho campaigns. Think of it like other applications, you might have used

00:42:13.710 --> 00:42:23.160
Miguel Ribeiro: Constant Contact, I think, is the one that comes to MailChimp is another one so similar to those applications. However, the nice thing about this is that

00:42:23.460 --> 00:42:37.560
Miguel Ribeiro: It is built into the system. So, you do not need to upload contacts into a separate database as soon as contacts are entered within the CRM system itself, they synchronize with

00:42:38.130 --> 00:42:47.940
Miguel Ribeiro: The campaigns marketing email marketing application so that you don't again have to do any of that kind of work, it's seamless.

00:42:48.420 --> 00:42:54.900
Miguel Ribeiro: And you can create campaigns deliver them just like any other application. There are all kinds of

00:42:55.650 --> 00:43:08.970
Miguel Ribeiro: Templates built in. You can schedule the emails and you can watch live what is happening in terms of clicks or in terms of conversions and new leads that are being generated. And by the way,

00:43:10.080 --> 00:43:18.810
Miguel Ribeiro: All of the applications obviously can be access to a browser, but they can also be access through a smartphone.

00:43:21.930 --> 00:43:25.320
Miguel Ribeiro: So now you've done the campaign, you've done your ads.

00:43:25.350 --> 00:43:26.730
Miguel Ribeiro: You've done so. Hey Miguel, there's a

00:43:26.730 --> 00:43:40.440
Sandra Eamor: Question about campaigns and does the campaign segments like Constant Contact. Is it good that really pricey. I think that's the, I think the question is, is it pricier than constant contact

00:43:42.000 --> 00:43:47.280
Miguel Ribeiro: Well, there is a suite includes all of the applications. So

00:43:47.520 --> 00:43:49.350
Miguel Ribeiro: And I'll get to that at the end it.

00:43:49.440 --> 00:43:52.860
Miguel Ribeiro: It's all part and parcel of the Zoho one

00:43:53.310 --> 00:43:54.090

00:43:55.230 --> 00:44:09.360
Miguel Ribeiro: Which is actually $35 us per user per month and nonprofit gets a discount on not and depending on the number of users, the discount is higher.

00:44:09.900 --> 00:44:26.700
Miguel Ribeiro: And so that's how it works. If you want to buy campaigns on its own tell you the truth, I don't know what the price is on its own, but they're generally more competitively priced then then the typical, you know, constant contact or MailChimp.

00:44:27.870 --> 00:44:28.710
Miguel Ribeiro: I hope that anything's

00:44:30.150 --> 00:44:31.560
Miguel Ribeiro: Think so. Okay.

00:44:33.420 --> 00:44:36.840
Miguel Ribeiro: So again, you know, you've done your campaigns, you've

00:44:38.310 --> 00:44:47.760
Miguel Ribeiro: Generated traffic and now you need a landing page to convert that traffic into whatever it is that you're offering

00:44:48.720 --> 00:45:02.430
Miguel Ribeiro: I have an example here that I'm showing on the screen. I did a webinar on cyber security and this is the landing pages that I used. I built it within Zoho site. It's called

00:45:02.940 --> 00:45:22.860
Miguel Ribeiro: So this is all built within Zoho and, you know, drove traffic to it using social media and all of the different mediums that I mentioned earlier. And then of course it converted into new leads. So the Zoho sites itself has a huge

00:45:24.060 --> 00:45:44.310
Miguel Ribeiro: Gallery of templates that you can leverage to build beautiful sites. It's super easy to use. Anybody can can build a site. You don't need to know anything about coding. You don't need to know anything about building websites. It's super easy. Of course, you can add video and pictures.

00:45:45.510 --> 00:45:49.590
Miguel Ribeiro: All kinds of stuff forums as well and and these

00:45:50.670 --> 00:45:55.230
Miguel Ribeiro: Landing pages are again great for promoting workshops training.

00:45:56.370 --> 00:46:03.240
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, any kind of event that you want to hold or maybe products that you want to sell so

00:46:05.010 --> 00:46:13.290
Miguel Ribeiro: Let's move on to online meeting. So now you know you're you're working as a group, building this campaign.

00:46:14.490 --> 00:46:20.100
Miguel Ribeiro: To generate new opportunities, you need a way to communicate with each other.

00:46:21.600 --> 00:46:27.270
Miguel Ribeiro: And you can use the built in online meeting, which is similar to zoom

00:46:28.320 --> 00:46:34.680
Miguel Ribeiro: But it's built into Zoho. You don't need to purchase a separate application. It's part of the suite.

00:46:35.250 --> 00:46:44.490
Miguel Ribeiro: You can use it for not only collaborating with your coworkers, but you can use it obviously for having online events, similar to what you're doing here.

00:46:45.090 --> 00:46:55.860
Miguel Ribeiro: To educate prospects or customers to build and strengthen relationships or to demonstrate a product, you know, so many different options that

00:46:56.940 --> 00:47:06.720
Miguel Ribeiro: You can consider. And the beautiful thing about it is that it because it's integrated into the whole platform. When you're doing invitations.

00:47:07.470 --> 00:47:20.220
Miguel Ribeiro: You know that whole process is so easy. There's no list to be uploaded there is, you know, there is also a registration page that's built in the whole process is so much easier.

00:47:22.590 --> 00:47:25.740
Miguel Ribeiro: Sandra. Are there any questions. I see somebody raised, yes.

00:47:26.850 --> 00:47:39.540
Sandra Eamor: Yeah, we had. Well, I guess we can go back to the constant contact question what he was looking for an alternative, but he was wondering if it had segmentation capabilities.

00:47:40.680 --> 00:47:45.810
Miguel Ribeiro: Oh, absolutely. So segmentation occurs actually in the CRM.

00:47:46.350 --> 00:47:55.620
Miguel Ribeiro: Portion you segment all your contacts using various different segmentation tools, you could use tags. You could use contact type

00:47:56.610 --> 00:48:07.860
Miguel Ribeiro: There's so many different options and then that segmentation transfers over to the Zoho campaigns and at that point you when you're

00:48:08.430 --> 00:48:19.230
Miguel Ribeiro: launching the the campaign and you want to choose who you want to send it to you just select whatever segmentation, you want to send that particular email to so yes

00:48:19.380 --> 00:48:21.150
Miguel Ribeiro: definitely has that capability.

00:48:22.110 --> 00:48:30.360
Miguel Ribeiro: Highly recommend you use segmentation for various reasons. One is that, you know, you make your campaigns, much more direct

00:48:30.690 --> 00:48:43.530
Miguel Ribeiro: To that audience so that you're sending them information that's relevant to them as opposed to, you know, just anything that is not going to resonate and that they could potentially unsubscribe.

00:48:44.490 --> 00:48:45.990
So I hope that answers the question.

00:48:47.310 --> 00:48:48.870
Sandra Eamor: I think so. Okay.

00:48:48.960 --> 00:48:50.970
Sandra Eamor: And there was one other question.

00:48:51.990 --> 00:49:02.940
Sandra Eamor: Regarding the landing sites and landing pages. Can you customers set up a profile from lane and the landing site and edit their profile login info.

00:49:04.620 --> 00:49:04.860
Sandra Eamor: So,

00:49:05.880 --> 00:49:09.720
Sandra Eamor: It sounds like a kind of a customer self serve sort of thing.

00:49:12.780 --> 00:49:15.420
Miguel Ribeiro: Okay. I'd have to understand the context of that.

00:49:16.680 --> 00:49:32.130
Miguel Ribeiro: You can put forms so that they can request information. You can put login using those those forms as well. But it really depends on what kind of login there look at logging into

00:49:33.390 --> 00:49:35.490
Miguel Ribeiro: I would need to understand a bit more about

00:49:37.710 --> 00:49:42.480
Sandra Eamor: Let me, let me see if I can unmute Jeff and maybe you can explain a bit more

00:49:44.790 --> 00:49:47.190
Sandra Eamor: Senior many there. There we go. Yep.

00:49:48.240 --> 00:49:50.400
Jeff Mole: Great. So I'd like to have my

00:49:50.970 --> 00:49:55.560
Jeff Mole: Customers, or people that might hear about us through other advertising.

00:49:55.740 --> 00:49:57.660
Jeff Mole: Be able to come to our landing page.

00:49:58.080 --> 00:50:05.640
Jeff Mole: And fill out their contact information so that they end up in our CRM, but maybe later on they

00:50:05.640 --> 00:50:06.450
Sandra Eamor: Want to

00:50:08.070 --> 00:50:10.890
Jeff Mole: Make some changes to their profile, maybe we want to

00:50:11.370 --> 00:50:13.320
Jeff Mole: Want to get more information from them.

00:50:13.320 --> 00:50:15.030
Jeff Mole: Or have them.

00:50:15.300 --> 00:50:17.940
Jeff Mole: Fill out more information or a form is that

00:50:18.030 --> 00:50:23.790
Jeff Mole: Possible to have them come in and you know self serve them their contact details.

00:50:24.420 --> 00:50:29.280
Miguel Ribeiro: Yeah, absolutely. And Jeff. Good to see you on the event. We've spoken before. It's nice to see you.

00:50:29.400 --> 00:50:29.670

00:50:30.900 --> 00:50:39.420
Miguel Ribeiro: Yes. So to answer your question, there is a way to provide access to the CRM system as

00:50:40.170 --> 00:50:57.210
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, I'm an end user sort of speak, and they can see things like for example you know their contact details and yes they can update their contact details and you can control what you want to give them access to update as well.

00:50:58.260 --> 00:50:58.950
Jeff Mole: Great, thank you.

00:50:59.490 --> 00:51:00.000
Miguel Ribeiro: You're welcome.

00:51:03.120 --> 00:51:05.730
Miguel Ribeiro: Alright, I'm going to move on. We were

00:51:05.790 --> 00:51:08.970
Miguel Ribeiro: Just about to get into marketing automation.

00:51:10.260 --> 00:51:10.920
Sandra Eamor: So,

00:51:12.390 --> 00:51:20.040
Miguel Ribeiro: This is where things fall apart for a lot of organizations, they don't have marketing automation. They put a lot of effort.

00:51:20.070 --> 00:51:23.250
Miguel Ribeiro: Into generating opportunities.

00:51:23.670 --> 00:51:24.930
Sandra Eamor: Doing events.

00:51:25.770 --> 00:51:33.750
Miguel Ribeiro: Whatever it is that you're that you typically do to generate those opportunities and then it just kind of falls apart. There's no real follow up.

00:51:34.020 --> 00:51:39.780
Miguel Ribeiro: Or if there is, there might be one email or one phone call and then people just forget about it.

00:51:40.170 --> 00:51:41.460
Miguel Ribeiro: So in

00:51:41.550 --> 00:51:54.840
Miguel Ribeiro: Planning your campaigns, you also plan the marketing automation, so that when the campaign is is done, the marketing automation takes over continues that

00:51:55.440 --> 00:52:11.790
Miguel Ribeiro: Communication and what you're seeing here on the screen is a layout of the marketing automation. It starts with perhaps an email and then two days later, it might send another email. And then, you know, another two or three days.

00:52:11.790 --> 00:52:13.800
Miguel Ribeiro: Later, if there's no response, you

00:52:13.800 --> 00:52:14.880
Miguel Ribeiro: Might call them.

00:52:16.050 --> 00:52:28.170
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, there's all kinds of capabilities of what you want to incorporate as part of your marketing automation and, you know, at some point, you might want to actually send them.

00:52:29.700 --> 00:52:45.240
Miguel Ribeiro: A mail of something, you know, a thank you card or whatever by mail so that they're seeing that you are truly interested in working with them and you're nurturing them.

00:52:45.450 --> 00:52:47.790
Miguel Ribeiro: So that they can get to know you better.

00:52:48.120 --> 00:52:58.560
Miguel Ribeiro: And feel more comfortable taking the next step. And that's where marketing automation comes in, you build that process within the system and it

00:52:59.130 --> 00:53:14.970
Miguel Ribeiro: does all the work for you. Once you complete that campaign, then it carries on by nurturing not that customer or prospect and you create that journey within

00:53:16.290 --> 00:53:32.520
Miguel Ribeiro: Zoho marketing hub. That's what it's called. And very, very powerful tool to, again, ensure that you are nurturing your prospects, they get to know you better so that they're comfortable moving on to the next stage.

00:53:33.570 --> 00:53:34.050
Miguel Ribeiro: Okay.

00:53:36.660 --> 00:53:43.050
Miguel Ribeiro: So you've put effort into putting all these campaigns together and you want to know whether or not

00:53:43.140 --> 00:53:46.410
Miguel Ribeiro: They are working for you. If there's a return on investment.

00:53:48.270 --> 00:54:10.320
Miguel Ribeiro: In the system allows you to track what the cost was for the campaign. It attracts obviously all the activity that you've put into the campaign. And at the end, or even during the process you can look at the report and see how is the campaign doing are we

00:54:11.520 --> 00:54:23.310
Miguel Ribeiro: generating new opportunities that are converting and that we're making money, or is this a, you know, not a very effective campaign. And when you have access to this kind of information.

00:54:23.520 --> 00:54:28.380
Miguel Ribeiro: You're able to make split decisions on whether or not you continue with the campaign.

00:54:28.560 --> 00:54:33.900
Miguel Ribeiro: Or stop it all together. Or maybe it's just a little tweaking that you need to do.

00:54:34.260 --> 00:54:45.600
Miguel Ribeiro: And and again when you're not seeing an ROI on a campaign that you can go back to the other applications you can go back to your site so whole sites and modify

00:54:45.870 --> 00:54:54.840
Miguel Ribeiro: Your landing page, make it a bit. And, you know, more interesting if you need to maybe put a video up on it or go back to your social media.

00:54:55.080 --> 00:55:07.800
Miguel Ribeiro: And realize that you know you're not getting as many clicks as you thought you would. Maybe you need to step it up. And again, maybe incorporate video into the campaign. So, it essentially gives you a lot of

00:55:08.250 --> 00:55:10.950
Miguel Ribeiro: Insight on to make decisions.

00:55:11.640 --> 00:55:17.610
Miguel Ribeiro: To modify or to stop a campaign because you know how you're doing with it.

00:55:20.250 --> 00:55:30.270
Miguel Ribeiro: So this part of it may be different for organizations, maybe you use deals, maybe you don't. But deals as a way to keep track of.

00:55:31.410 --> 00:55:33.510
Miguel Ribeiro: What opportunities you're working on.

00:55:33.780 --> 00:55:34.620
Miguel Ribeiro: So that

00:55:35.580 --> 00:55:41.310
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, again, they don't fall between the cracks and you can use deals for, you know, again,

00:55:42.360 --> 00:55:45.780
Miguel Ribeiro: Donors that are donating

00:55:46.860 --> 00:55:58.230
Miguel Ribeiro: So that you can keep track of how much donations. You can expect in the next month. The next three months, the next six months and and when you're using deals

00:55:58.440 --> 00:56:01.740
Miguel Ribeiro: It allows you to do forecasting as well.

00:56:01.980 --> 00:56:11.790
Miguel Ribeiro: So that you know if you see a big spike and you know the you realize that there's a lot of new revenue coming in.

00:56:12.090 --> 00:56:13.950
Miguel Ribeiro: While maybe you might need.

00:56:14.100 --> 00:56:17.880
Miguel Ribeiro: Some additional help. So you can use

00:56:18.510 --> 00:56:20.880
Miguel Ribeiro: Forecasting to help you. The side.

00:56:21.180 --> 00:56:33.480
Miguel Ribeiro: When you need to hire new people, or when you need More Volunteers, etc. So very valuable information, I think, you know, it's a worthwhile.

00:56:33.780 --> 00:56:35.340
Miguel Ribeiro: Module to use to keep

00:56:35.340 --> 00:56:37.140
Miguel Ribeiro: Track of revenue.

00:56:40.350 --> 00:56:54.150
Miguel Ribeiro: Now, if you're doing any online sales Zoho has an e commerce platform that's fully integrated within their accounting system as well as CRM.

00:56:54.570 --> 00:57:15.090
Miguel Ribeiro: And and you can start selling products online very easily. It's a matter of, you know, having a good description, a good picture uploading it setting up your, your ecommerce site and then giving people access to that e commerce site and of

00:57:15.090 --> 00:57:32.940
Miguel Ribeiro: Course using all the same channels. I mentioned earlier to market your e commerce to drive traffic to your e commerce site, and it doesn't matter what it is that you're selling it could be sure to. It could be, you know, cops. It could be events. It doesn't matter.

00:57:34.020 --> 00:57:42.990
Miguel Ribeiro: The system is flexible enough that you can create your e commerce site, however you like. And then of course payment processing.

00:57:43.830 --> 00:57:57.900
Miguel Ribeiro: It is integrated into the system as well. So has various partnerships with different payment processing applications. Now, if you have a specific one that you want to use.

00:57:58.050 --> 00:57:59.910
Miguel Ribeiro: And it isn't integrated

00:58:00.210 --> 00:58:14.190
Miguel Ribeiro: There might be an opportunity to integrate it, because the system has open API's and allows you to build that integration into almost anything that has

00:58:15.720 --> 00:58:17.010
Miguel Ribeiro: API capability.

00:58:19.860 --> 00:58:36.150
Miguel Ribeiro: So moving along collaboration. I mentioned to you earlier that you can use Zoho meetings to collaborate, but there is actually another solution within another app within the system that is more designed for

00:58:36.990 --> 00:58:53.130
Miguel Ribeiro: Quick collaboration instant messaging sharing of files and it's called Zoho click really cool application. Think of it like maybe you use WhatsApp or Skype.

00:58:53.910 --> 00:58:56.880
Miguel Ribeiro: Similar to that. Or maybe you've used slack.

00:58:57.210 --> 00:59:08.790
Miguel Ribeiro: This is more like slack or Zoho teams or sorry, yeah. Microsoft Teams. It allows you to create channels, very much like slack so that you can deliver messaging.

00:59:09.300 --> 00:59:10.860
Miguel Ribeiro: To your internal team.

00:59:11.100 --> 00:59:23.760
Miguel Ribeiro: And also to external teams or even, you know, customers or groups or however you want to use it. It allows you to deliver that kind of information to

00:59:24.240 --> 00:59:40.080
Miguel Ribeiro: Not only inside your organization, but outside as well. And of course, allows you to do calls video calls voice calls as well as instant messaging screen sharing so that you know when you're collaborating

00:59:40.140 --> 00:59:41.340
Miguel Ribeiro: With your team.

00:59:41.610 --> 00:59:54.900
Miguel Ribeiro: Either on a project or maybe you know there's a new customer opportunity that you need to discuss. You can use Zoho click to set up those meetings to collaborate

00:59:55.200 --> 00:59:57.180
Miguel Ribeiro: And to, you know,

00:59:58.080 --> 01:00:00.840
Miguel Ribeiro: Reach out to anybody, regardless of where they are.

01:00:01.140 --> 01:00:04.410
Miguel Ribeiro: And and work together as an effective team so

01:00:04.680 --> 01:00:09.660
Miguel Ribeiro: Very cool application that again is integrated into the entire platform.

01:00:09.870 --> 01:00:11.310
Miguel Ribeiro: So you don't have to

01:00:11.850 --> 01:00:18.240
Miguel Ribeiro: You know re enter contacts into it or anything like that. It's already all in there because of the integration.

01:00:21.420 --> 01:00:25.860
Miguel Ribeiro: So what we want to do with a CRM system, of course, is take

01:00:25.860 --> 01:00:27.210
Sandra Eamor: That chaos.

01:00:27.420 --> 01:00:35.670
Miguel Ribeiro: That a lot of people experience with so many different apps and you know confusion of how to login or issues of

01:00:35.670 --> 01:00:36.450
Miguel Ribeiro: Logging in

01:00:36.720 --> 01:00:37.830
Miguel Ribeiro: And we want to

01:00:38.040 --> 01:00:47.760
Miguel Ribeiro: Put it all in order. And that's what this Zoho CRM is going to help you if it's putting everything in order in an organized fashion.

01:00:47.940 --> 01:00:50.910
Miguel Ribeiro: So that you can communicate collaborate

01:00:51.390 --> 01:00:53.700
Miguel Ribeiro: More effectively, you know,

01:00:54.150 --> 01:00:55.380
Miguel Ribeiro: Who reduce

01:00:55.500 --> 01:01:02.460
Miguel Ribeiro: That chaos and be able to better serve everyone more efficiently. That's the real objective here.

01:01:04.050 --> 01:01:08.490
Miguel Ribeiro: And that's it for my presentation. So again, this was not a demo.

01:01:09.060 --> 01:01:18.960
Miguel Ribeiro: This was just to help you understand how excuse me how you can use the technology to improve the way that you operate your business.

01:01:19.290 --> 01:01:31.590
Miguel Ribeiro: What I'm offering from this is a free 30 minute CRM assessment consultation phone call and then we'll discuss. You know what your challenges are so that I understand.

01:01:31.710 --> 01:01:34.350
Miguel Ribeiro: How CRM can actually

01:01:34.710 --> 01:01:39.120
Miguel Ribeiro: Help your organization. From there we schedule a free demo.

01:01:39.420 --> 01:01:41.640
Miguel Ribeiro: And you'll see everything in action.

01:01:42.090 --> 01:01:48.090
Miguel Ribeiro: And in the demo will be catered to your specific organization based on

01:01:48.330 --> 01:01:50.400
Miguel Ribeiro: The information that I collect in my

01:01:50.610 --> 01:01:51.420
Sandra Eamor: 30 minute

01:01:51.480 --> 01:01:53.580
Miguel Ribeiro: Conversation and

01:01:53.670 --> 01:02:04.560
Miguel Ribeiro: If you want to move forward with this send me an email at info at BBS it and we'll reach out to you and schedule.

01:02:05.760 --> 01:02:07.530
Miguel Ribeiro: The event or the call.

01:02:08.550 --> 01:02:10.140
Miguel Ribeiro: Any questions.

01:02:11.220 --> 01:02:12.660
Sandra Eamor: There are a couple

01:02:13.680 --> 01:02:31.650
Sandra Eamor: One at Jeff is curious like he's interested in using Zoho to but you'd like to find a bookkeeper that's also familiar with the finance part of Zoho. Do you have any recommendations, where he can look or do you know have any resources for you.

01:02:32.490 --> 01:02:35.220
Miguel Ribeiro: Absolutely, Jeff. We do work with

01:02:36.270 --> 01:02:42.810
Miguel Ribeiro: bookkeepers that are specialized in Zoho books and and I will tell you.

01:02:43.320 --> 01:02:50.430
Miguel Ribeiro: Quite honestly, that is the biggest challenge for a lot of organizations bookkeepers like to use the software that they're comfortable with.

01:02:50.910 --> 01:02:58.830
Miguel Ribeiro: And so for them to learn something new. You know, sometimes they they might be open to it. Other times, you're not so open to it.

01:02:59.370 --> 01:03:08.670
Miguel Ribeiro: That's no problem because we have various partners that that we work with that specialize specifically in Zoho books know it inside out.

01:03:09.120 --> 01:03:20.310
Miguel Ribeiro: They can not only set it up for you but manage it. And if you need them to do any of your bookkeeping as well, they're happy to do that as well. So yes, we do have recommendations.

01:03:20.610 --> 01:03:29.490
Miguel Ribeiro: If you'd like a recommendation by all means, reach out to me and I'll introduce you to someone that can help you.

01:03:31.020 --> 01:03:40.770
Sandra Eamor: Excellent. And another question. And I'm actually curious about this as well, many nonprofits have models where they have yearly membership.

01:03:41.880 --> 01:03:59.580
Sandra Eamor: So I assume it's similar to what I have with my group where we have, you know, our members, sign up for a year and we want to be able to track when their membership is up so that we know when we need to reach out to them to renew. Is that something that SOHO can manage

01:04:00.300 --> 01:04:02.100
Miguel Ribeiro: Absolutely, yeah. So when

01:04:02.640 --> 01:04:10.560
Miguel Ribeiro: When it comes to renewable memberships. There's various different options. If you're doing the payment.

01:04:11.790 --> 01:04:23.190
Miguel Ribeiro: On manually because you're using some other kind of form of payment, you can just schedule that into the system and it will send a reminder

01:04:24.330 --> 01:04:30.990
Miguel Ribeiro: To yourself to whoever else you want to send a reminder to when the time comes.

01:04:31.080 --> 01:04:34.080
Miguel Ribeiro: To renew and you can schedule the reminder to be

01:04:34.230 --> 01:04:37.020
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, one month before the renewal.

01:04:37.440 --> 01:04:38.850
Miguel Ribeiro: Now, if you're using

01:04:38.940 --> 01:04:40.800
Miguel Ribeiro: A payment processing.

01:04:43.140 --> 01:04:44.820
Miguel Ribeiro: You know process to actually

01:04:45.930 --> 01:04:49.860
Miguel Ribeiro: Generate that that payment Zoho has what's called

01:04:49.860 --> 01:04:59.520
Miguel Ribeiro: subscriptions. And subscriptions allows you to process the payment automatically either on a daily basis weekly

01:04:59.520 --> 01:05:01.530
Miguel Ribeiro: Basis monthly basis annual

01:05:01.530 --> 01:05:07.350
Miguel Ribeiro: Basis. So if you want to automate that whole process subscriptions might actually be

01:05:07.380 --> 01:05:08.880
Miguel Ribeiro: A good solution for you.

01:05:09.180 --> 01:05:23.820
Miguel Ribeiro: Where every single year it will renew that subscription automatically using the payment information you already have. And of course it will send everyone on the Lord to remind them. I hope that answers your question.

01:05:25.680 --> 01:05:26.310
Miguel Ribeiro: I think so.

01:05:27.210 --> 01:05:36.630
Sandra Eamor: Another question here does Zoho books export to or integrate with QuickBooks for those who don't want to change book keepers or learn new software.

01:05:37.950 --> 01:05:39.990
Miguel Ribeiro: The answer is no. But yes.

01:05:40.590 --> 01:05:41.370
Miguel Ribeiro: Let me explain.

01:05:43.380 --> 01:05:46.590
Miguel Ribeiro: So the whole books is a competitive product to

01:05:47.190 --> 01:05:53.520
Miguel Ribeiro: To QuickBooks. So there is no integration between the two because they pretty much do the same thing, right.

01:05:54.090 --> 01:06:01.530
Miguel Ribeiro: However, you can integrate QuickBooks into Zoho so that you wouldn't use

01:06:01.560 --> 01:06:10.770
Miguel Ribeiro: Visit whole books application. Instead, you would continue using your QuickBooks app and integrated into

01:06:12.300 --> 01:06:16.050
Miguel Ribeiro: Zoho itself and it will operate very much the same way.

01:06:18.090 --> 01:06:31.080
Sandra Eamor: And follow up question for me does Zoho it. So can you integrate either to QuickBooks or other applications using something like say Zapier Zapier

01:06:32.280 --> 01:06:32.910
Sandra Eamor: Yes.

01:06:33.000 --> 01:06:34.770
Miguel Ribeiro: Zapier has a lot of

01:06:34.830 --> 01:06:36.660
Miguel Ribeiro: Integration components.

01:06:37.020 --> 01:06:40.050
Miguel Ribeiro: For SOHO from many, many different apps.

01:06:41.340 --> 01:06:49.200
Miguel Ribeiro: So yes, you can do that. But again, if you're doing an integration from a an

01:06:49.230 --> 01:06:51.150
Miguel Ribeiro: Application supported

01:06:51.480 --> 01:06:56.580
Miguel Ribeiro: By Zoho chances are there's already a built in free

01:06:58.140 --> 01:07:12.870
Miguel Ribeiro: You know integration. So it really depends on you know what applications do you need to integrate, we would verify if there is already integration built in, or if there is an additional application that is required to do that integration.

01:07:15.150 --> 01:07:15.900
Miguel Ribeiro: So it sounds like

01:07:15.930 --> 01:07:24.330
Sandra Eamor: The benefit of going to Zoho isn't just, you know, picking one piece of it like the CRM or the financial piece or or

01:07:24.990 --> 01:07:41.910
Sandra Eamor: Any of the many individual items that they sell, but it's really going with the Zoho one, which is kind of the all in one which applications, would you still need outside of Zoho one to really have a complete operational.

01:07:43.050 --> 01:07:47.670
Sandra Eamor: System for your organization or can you get everything you need. And so one

01:07:48.690 --> 01:07:58.530
Miguel Ribeiro: I'm going to say that you'll get everything you need in Zoho one and you know it has a volunteer portal. It has a donor portal and event management.

01:07:58.560 --> 01:08:05.910
Miguel Ribeiro: Portal. That's all geared towards nonprofit organizations, it has, you know, payment processing.

01:08:06.060 --> 01:08:09.870
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, marketing capabilities, you name it. It's all

01:08:09.870 --> 01:08:10.710
Miguel Ribeiro: Built in and

01:08:11.790 --> 01:08:27.390
Miguel Ribeiro: I would say that it probably will run your entire business just within, within the system itself. And like I said, you know, it also has email management. So if you're using another application such as

01:08:27.480 --> 01:08:29.880
Miguel Ribeiro: Office 365 or G. Sweet.

01:08:30.540 --> 01:08:37.500
Miguel Ribeiro: You don't need to use that you can just use the Zoho one system. So it really has everything

01:08:37.620 --> 01:08:38.820
Miguel Ribeiro: That you need now.

01:08:39.390 --> 01:08:48.900
Miguel Ribeiro: If there's something that customized that you need to build yourself Zoho has an application called creator

01:08:49.530 --> 01:09:05.190
Miguel Ribeiro: Creator is designed to create custom apps within the system to do whatever it is that you need to do to fulfill wherever that gap is in the process that Zoho can't

01:09:06.090 --> 01:09:17.490
Miguel Ribeiro: Do on its own. You can build a custom application to do that using creator, you do not need to have any kind of programming experience.

01:09:18.300 --> 01:09:37.080
Miguel Ribeiro: It's, you know, as simple as it gets for creating a custom application from scratch using a wizard wig and some other tools and simplify that process. So, you know, to answer your question, whoever asked, you know, Zoho can run your entire organization.

01:09:38.760 --> 01:09:39.210
Miguel Ribeiro: Excuse me.

01:09:40.620 --> 01:09:43.500
Sandra Eamor: And from an implementation and change management piece.

01:09:45.060 --> 01:09:54.270
Sandra Eamor: How is the like if if an organization were to decide to, you know, take all the bits and you know they're using Gmail for this or using QuickBooks for that.

01:09:55.110 --> 01:10:01.890
Sandra Eamor: There's a lot of different things that organizations are currently using what would kind of be the implementation timeframe to

01:10:02.340 --> 01:10:17.580
Sandra Eamor: Take all those pieces and move to Zoho and is there a recommended kind of path that you would suggest that organizations follow like you know do this piece first and then add on modules or is it better to just jump in.

01:10:19.320 --> 01:10:20.460
Miguel Ribeiro: So, good question.

01:10:20.760 --> 01:10:26.430
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, whenever I do an actual demo. My objective is to get at least three

01:10:27.540 --> 01:10:39.150
Miguel Ribeiro: Other people and and I usually get a lot more than three and and that's because, you know, people start getting really excited about how this

01:10:39.660 --> 01:10:44.220
Miguel Ribeiro: Software can change their, their processes and improve their organization.

01:10:44.910 --> 01:10:48.870
Miguel Ribeiro: And I have to kind of pull back the reins, a little bit at the end because

01:10:50.040 --> 01:10:53.130
Miguel Ribeiro: You can literally overwhelm yourself and your

01:10:53.130 --> 01:10:55.710
Miguel Ribeiro: People, if you try to take on too much.

01:10:56.340 --> 01:11:11.640
Miguel Ribeiro: And so my recommendation is start with CRM first CRM is the foundation of everything. It's where all your contacts resigned and start with that first get comfortable using

01:11:12.390 --> 01:11:21.720
Miguel Ribeiro: The CRM application so that you're scheduling appointments so that you're emailing people so that you can you know where to put information or

01:11:21.750 --> 01:11:22.620
Miguel Ribeiro: Get or

01:11:22.860 --> 01:11:43.140
Miguel Ribeiro: access information within the system get comfortable with that first, that is, the, the, like I said, the foundation and so once you're comfortable with that, then you start adding on additional functionality and in that I call you need to learn to walk before you can crawl right

01:11:43.440 --> 01:11:45.870
Miguel Ribeiro: So before you can crawl.

01:11:45.870 --> 01:11:50.400
Miguel Ribeiro: And start actually adding on other applications.

01:11:51.060 --> 01:11:52.710
Miguel Ribeiro: Get comfortable with CRM.

01:11:53.040 --> 01:11:58.080
Miguel Ribeiro: Then you might want to do, for example, depending again on your organization.

01:11:58.380 --> 01:11:59.400
Miguel Ribeiro: You might want to do

01:11:59.700 --> 01:12:01.050
Miguel Ribeiro: The marketing component

01:12:01.350 --> 01:12:03.030
Miguel Ribeiro: So social media.

01:12:03.270 --> 01:12:09.360
Miguel Ribeiro: And email campaigns that usually is the next step for a lot of our clients.

01:12:10.560 --> 01:12:22.740
Miguel Ribeiro: And and once you have that, you know, you're starting to build a momentum with how you are bringing in new opportunities and

01:12:23.040 --> 01:12:42.750
Miguel Ribeiro: And then at that point, you might need something like Zoho projects to manage projects or you might need Zoho desk Zoho desk is a ticketing system that allows you to manage issues, customer service. It's a, it's for your customer service department.

01:12:42.990 --> 01:12:45.300
Miguel Ribeiro: And allows you to, you know,

01:12:45.750 --> 01:12:58.860
Miguel Ribeiro: Give your give everyone an access to open issues or ask questions and manage how you respond to those questions either by email or over the phone.

01:12:59.190 --> 01:13:14.550
Miguel Ribeiro: And keep track of how much time you're spending on asking those questions. So that's another application that's very common as part of the process of bringing on more functionality, but, you know, it depends on the organization.

01:13:14.970 --> 01:13:16.920
Sandra Eamor: every organization is different. There is

01:13:16.920 --> 01:13:18.810
Miguel Ribeiro: No cookie cutter approach.

01:13:19.080 --> 01:13:20.820
Miguel Ribeiro: To building out

01:13:20.910 --> 01:13:24.330
Miguel Ribeiro: This system and implementing it for people

01:13:24.960 --> 01:13:26.550
Miguel Ribeiro: Everyone is different so

01:13:27.090 --> 01:13:35.520
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, if, if anyone is interested in understanding a little bit more of how this would all be implemented in and be

01:13:36.930 --> 01:13:48.240
Miguel Ribeiro: managed within your system reach out to me and you know all will have that 30 minute conversation will do that demo. And at the end of it you will have a proposal.

01:13:48.570 --> 01:13:50.100
Miguel Ribeiro: To the

01:13:50.190 --> 01:13:55.800
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, to show you how the system needs to be implemented, what are the costs involved in that process.

01:13:56.820 --> 01:14:16.020
Sandra Eamor: And there's another question on payroll is, is there a specific payroll piece in the finance module. And I'm curious about the if there's an HR payroll and if the payroll module has a timekeeping or timesheet feature.

01:14:17.310 --> 01:14:18.720
Miguel Ribeiro: Yes and yes and yes

01:14:19.710 --> 01:14:23.310
Sandra Eamor: So, so now has partnered with a

01:14:23.310 --> 01:14:33.810
Miguel Ribeiro: Few Canadian payroll companies and so payroll is part of the sweet it well sorry let me rephrase that. It's not part of the sweet.

01:14:34.080 --> 01:14:38.370
Miguel Ribeiro: It is an add on to the suite from a third party payroll company.

01:14:38.700 --> 01:14:41.790
Miguel Ribeiro: That is fully integrated into Zoho so yes

01:14:41.910 --> 01:14:53.460
Miguel Ribeiro: You can do payroll from Zoho books. Yes, you can do to excuse me time and billing and there's several options to do that time and billing

01:14:54.120 --> 01:15:08.430
Miguel Ribeiro: To answer your question, HR is included. So there is an HR module within the system that keeps track of, you know, all your employees volunteers, etc. And you can manage

01:15:09.390 --> 01:15:19.560
Miguel Ribeiro: Time and billing through the HR module. But you can also manage time and billing from other modules. So you can do time and billing from the projects module.

01:15:19.830 --> 01:15:32.820
Miguel Ribeiro: From the Zoho desk module. So really depends on what that individual is doing and and then you can determine what application is best suited for capturing that that time and billing

01:15:34.290 --> 01:15:40.950
Sandra Eamor: And you know the HR module has components for recruitment and performance and onboarding

01:15:42.060 --> 01:15:42.510
Sandra Eamor: Well, does

01:15:43.230 --> 01:15:47.250
Miguel Ribeiro: Absolutely. So Zoho has auto recruiting

01:15:47.790 --> 01:15:55.770
Miguel Ribeiro: Which is designed specifically for recruiting and advertising positions online, it's integrated with various online.

01:15:57.660 --> 01:15:59.550
Miguel Ribeiro: You know providers for

01:16:00.210 --> 01:16:08.910
Miguel Ribeiro: Positions and it is specifically for managing that recruiting process once someone is recruited

01:16:09.150 --> 01:16:11.040
Miguel Ribeiro: Then they go into the

01:16:11.070 --> 01:16:14.760
Miguel Ribeiro: HR module. So yes, it does have that as well.

01:16:16.560 --> 01:16:28.530
Sandra Eamor: And are those are all these modules that we've been talking about included in that SOHO one see the 35 per user per month. That is correct. So when you order the

01:16:28.530 --> 01:16:35.340
Miguel Ribeiro: Zoho one suite which is, as I mentioned $35 us per user per month. And of course,

01:16:37.050 --> 01:16:47.910
Miguel Ribeiro: Nonprofits get a discount and it depends on how many seats. So when you order that it comes with all of these 40 applications that we've been talking about.

01:16:48.240 --> 01:16:54.630
Miguel Ribeiro: And I do. I know I didn't name them all because it would take some time to name them and we don't have kind of time on this.

01:16:55.830 --> 01:17:08.700
Miguel Ribeiro: But again, this is something that I would help you understand as we, you know, get to know each other, and I can send you all the kinds of information, or you can just go on to the Zoho one

01:17:10.290 --> 01:17:10.980
Miguel Ribeiro: Website.

01:17:11.040 --> 01:17:13.680
Miguel Ribeiro: And also see all those details for you.

01:17:13.710 --> 01:17:14.610
For yourself.

01:17:16.380 --> 01:17:17.850
Sandra Eamor: And I have another question.

01:17:19.200 --> 01:17:25.530
Sandra Eamor: With my it hat. So those the web based application. What happens if you need to work offline.

01:17:27.300 --> 01:17:29.340
Miguel Ribeiro: Very good question. So

01:17:30.540 --> 01:17:34.140
Miguel Ribeiro: There was a time where you needed to actually work offline.

01:17:35.310 --> 01:17:40.770
Miguel Ribeiro: I don't know that that exists anymore. So if you're working

01:17:42.360 --> 01:17:58.110
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, on, on something, a project, you're likely going to have some kind of internet connection or you're going to have maybe a different device that you're working on either your smartphone or tablet and they're all going to be connected.

01:17:59.460 --> 01:18:09.540
Miguel Ribeiro: You know, some way to the internet. In most cases, so it's it's very rare that I i've ever ever come across a situation where

01:18:09.540 --> 01:18:12.540
Miguel Ribeiro: People needed to work offline.

01:18:12.900 --> 01:18:25.110
Miguel Ribeiro: Now the capability is there you if you want to do email, for example, and you need to, you don't have an internet connection, and you still need to, you know,

01:18:25.140 --> 01:18:26.280
Sandra Eamor: Prepare emails.

01:18:26.370 --> 01:18:27.660
Miguel Ribeiro: That capabilities there.

01:18:28.140 --> 01:18:29.370
Miguel Ribeiro: Now if you need to.

01:18:30.510 --> 01:18:31.350
Miguel Ribeiro: Record.

01:18:33.450 --> 01:18:47.610
Miguel Ribeiro: So say for example, schedule an appointment, because it just came to mind, and you don't have internet access. You can actually use your smartphone to

01:18:48.270 --> 01:18:59.790
Miguel Ribeiro: Schedule that particular appointment, even when you're offline. So there are some capabilities, but for the most part, I'll be honest with you. It's an online.

01:19:01.020 --> 01:19:03.960
Miguel Ribeiro: Solution that is pretty much always connected

01:19:05.220 --> 01:19:20.280
Sandra Eamor: So is there something similar to like Google Drive in Zoho where you like document storage or those files available to be able to meet off make available to be made offline. Same way, or no. Yes, thank you so much for that.

01:19:20.280 --> 01:19:30.750
Miguel Ribeiro: Question, because that does help in clarifying. So yeah, so. So how has work drive, which is like Google's Google Drive or office 365

01:19:31.800 --> 01:19:44.040
Miguel Ribeiro: Excuse me, but I find it even easier to use and it has also some capability of tracking you know who's opened and and who's access that particular document. So the way it works is that

01:19:44.100 --> 01:19:48.210
Miguel Ribeiro: It is online and you can use a browser, but it also

01:19:48.450 --> 01:20:01.260
Miguel Ribeiro: Has a synchronization capability, just like office 365 or the Google Drive where it syncs your particular documents to your computer or to your other devices.

01:20:01.560 --> 01:20:16.590
Miguel Ribeiro: And those documents that are synchronized yet you can absolutely work on them offline. And what will happen is, once the information is saved and you have reconnected to the internet. Of course it will sync up all of that information.

01:20:19.020 --> 01:20:19.530

01:20:21.330 --> 01:20:21.660
Sandra Eamor: Yeah.

01:20:21.990 --> 01:20:22.470
Miguel Ribeiro: Very cool.

01:20:22.530 --> 01:20:32.520
Sandra Eamor: I think I've got all my questions answered. I probably have a couple others rolling around my head, but I'll I don't see any other questions popping up from anybody.

01:20:34.740 --> 01:20:45.090
Sandra Eamor: So we're probably good to wrap up of oh yeah justice. Thanks. No problem. So I guess I'm once you have anything else to add me go.

01:20:46.410 --> 01:20:50.610
Miguel Ribeiro: Well, I just like to add that I hope this has helped everyone sort of understand

01:20:51.270 --> 01:20:57.810
Miguel Ribeiro: How you can use technology to improve your organization that was really the objective of it and

01:20:58.350 --> 01:21:06.270
Miguel Ribeiro: In you know it is a short presentation. There's so much more to the system, BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO BORE ANYONE and keep them too long.

01:21:06.780 --> 01:21:18.420
Miguel Ribeiro: So if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm happy to help you understand how you can further use this system to help your organization.

01:21:20.310 --> 01:21:30.780
Sandra Eamor: Excellent. Miguel. Thank you so much for all that information. I think it was really useful I think everyone here and everyone who's probably watching on Facebook Live and going to watch this later recorded will

01:21:31.200 --> 01:21:42.540
Sandra Eamor: Have found it really useful and hopefully we'll see you again with the maybe more information on the rest of the whole because it sounds like there's a lot there that could be useful for organizations like like ours.

01:21:43.230 --> 01:21:52.560
Miguel Ribeiro: There definitely is. And I didn't get into the whole nonprofit management of volunteer portal, the donor management. The event management.

01:21:52.980 --> 01:21:57.780
Miguel Ribeiro: That's another section to it that I'm happy to have another event, some other time.

01:21:58.140 --> 01:22:04.320
Miguel Ribeiro: And we'll talk about another opportunity. But thank you for having me. I really appreciate this opportunity to talk to everyone.

01:22:05.400 --> 01:22:11.640
Sandra Eamor: Excellent. Thank you. All right. Take care. Bye bye. Bye. Hi.