NetSquared Toronto: How to Gain Trust Online in a Socially Distanced World

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Hosted by NetSquared Toronto on December 2, 2020.

Are you ready to win online? Join us for a Lunch and Learn with #1 Bestselling Author Joel Mandelbaum!

You will learn the following:

  1. Online reviews & how to improve your online Trust Factor
  2. The 3 myths YOU have been led to believe by others that are preventing you from gaining more trust online.
  3. Five Things YOU can do to gain trust online today
  4. How I turned my mess as an online marketer into a #1 Bestselling Author (in 6 categories) and what my turning point was

Joel Mandelbaum began his career at the age of 19, when – driven to build 
his own business – he started a Transportation company. Through hard 
work, dedication to exceptional customer service and leading-edge 
technology, the business evolved from a single-man courier company to 
providing trucking, logistics, air freight and warehousing services to 
some of North America’s largest and most respected companies. In 2005, 
his company won the Toronto Board of Trades’ “Company of the year for 
Business Excellence”.

Today, as a Strategic Technology 
Consultant, Trainer, and Coach; #1 Bestselling Author, stakeholder in 
multiple-technology based companies, and his newest venture, The Wrlwnd 
Agency– his leadership, along with over 30 years of technology and 
business development experience, and passion – has been a driving force 
behind each company’s steep growth curve.

Joel’s focus is to help
 his clients disrupt their industry with unconventional approaches to 
solving their most important online business challenges – using the 
power disruptive technologies and strategies for online marketing, he 
gives his clients a substantial advantage over their competitors.

 book: “Winning Online – Increase your visibility and crush your 
competition” became a #1 Bestseller in 6 categories on Amazon, within 72
 hours of being published.

Hosted by Sandra Eamor

Sandra Eamor is passionate about helping others use technology to Work 
Smarter, Not Harder. She helps small to medium-sized businesses and Not 
For Profits implement solutions and processes to help them operate more 

Sandra is also the President of the Toronto Area Chapter of the One Parent Families Association.
 The OPFA supports single-parent families in Canada by providing 
opportunities to help reduce isolation and provide a supportive 
community for its members.