NetSquared Toronto: 7 Simple Tips to Protect Nonprofits from Cyber Criminals

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This is a recording of NetSquared Toronto's October 14, 2020 meetup

Worried about keeping your people and data secure? With the growing number of cyber attacks targeted at small organizations, especially during COVID while employees are working from home in a less secure environment, you need to take extra precautions.

With all the potential risks, the good news is that we can show you many straightforward measures you and your employees can take to protect your organization against cyber security threats. We'll be your guide and help you identify security gaps and fix them with simple do it yourself tips. We'll empower your entire organization to work from anywhere on any device and eliminate the worry of ransomware, malware and phishing emails.

Join us to learn how you can create a human firewall.

Who is This For?
This recording is for anyone that wants to learn how to avoid a cyber security catastrophe.

Speaker BIO
Miguel Ribeiro - Cyber Security & Business Continuity Expert

Miguel Ribeiro founded VBS IT Services in 2007 and has been leading a "can do attitude" of remote employees since. When Miguel first started in IT in 1998, he learned a tough lesson when a month's data was lost after experiencing data corruption due to a virus that took 3 months to recover from. The experience left painful scars of a slow and challenging recovery, with lost revenue. Miguel made it a personal mission to learn how to protect his business and his clients with the best business continuity strategies and solutions. His mission has evolved over the years to include cyber security protection and employee training awareness programs to create the Human Firewall.