NetSquared St. Charles Follow-Up: Leveraging Social Media to Tell Your Story

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Via Gretchen Pettet, co-organizer of NetSquared St. Charles County: 

Thank you for attending this week's NetSquared St.Charles County session.  Leveraging Social Media to Tell Your Story was a great session.  While our panelists were fabulous, your participation and questions made it even more beneficial.  Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey so we can capture what you liked (and what we can do better).

Below is a list of resources that Laurie Patton Glasson provided.  You can thank her by liking, following, commenting and sharing her social media posts.  Her profile links are below.

Thanks, again!  Have a great weekend.

Gretchen Pettet, Mission Matters Group

First tip: Use Pinterest and create a board to wrangle all of your social resources and search for inspiration.


Define your strategy:

(very simple 5 point list at bottom of this article)

(ideas and templates)



Adobe Spark



Motion Array



Photo/video tutorials and resources:

Creative Cow ://


Adobe Creative Cloud



Social media publishing tools:




Social media image sizing cheat sheet:

(however, these change and always refer to the platform for latest/any changes if you notice something isn’t working)


Using IFTTT Recipes for alerts (IFTTT = If This Then That):



Good resources: (for any paid platform look for words like “education”, “resources”, “tips”, “blog” from these otherwise paid platforms)

Social Media Examiner



Sprout Social:



Analytic tools:

Google analytics:


Be inspired:


Great Big Story:

National Geographic:

National Geographic Photography:

National Geographic on Instagram:

Boeing on Instagram: