Netsquared Regional Event for Cameroon and Nigeria

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The Netsquared Regional Conference for Cameroon and Nigeria is a multi stake holder event that will bring together actors from local Netsquared groups, Internet Society, civil society, diplomatic institutions, government and the tech world to articulate on issues related to the social web and nongovernmental diplomacy. Citizens from three neighboring countries including: Cameroon, Nigeria and Central African Republic, in a two day event will seek to resolve the following challenges:

- The difficulties faced in introducing the social web for social development in the sub region

- The lack of confidence between diplomatic institutions and civil society organizations, and
difficulties in mobilizing local sponsors

- The new dawn of the Internet and the way forward

- Low access to the Internet and high cost of services

- Cross boarder collaboration issues

Main activities:

A) Capacity building on:

- IPV6 ,

- strategies for social mobilization and civic engagement through new media

- Nongovernmental diplomacy in the modern world,

B) Public discussions on multi stake holder collaboration model. This will involve both in conference and
remote participants.

C) TV talk on the impact of social developing the sub region

Dates: 24th of August 2012 (Event day) 26th of August 2012: TV Talk

Conference hall of the regional delegation of Tourism, Littoral-Douala