NetSquared Organizer Update for June 2019 – Two Popular Google-Themed Event Ideas

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Almost everyone has Google Analytics installed on their website... but do they know how to use it to track goal conversions, rather than vanity metrics? The Measuring What Matters event template makes it easy to host a workshop.

And once your members understand Google Analytics the next challenge is applying and setting up Google Ad Grants. Help local nonprofits use Google's $10,000/per month donation. It's available in 52+ countries, but most organizations aren't using this free marketing tool.

June 27 Community Call: Events with Partners

Join Erica Woods (Tampa) and Eli van der Giessen (Vancouver) for tips on how to partner with other organizations to grow your community. Make other people do the event planning work! :-p

Thursday, June 27 9:00 AM PT/Noon ET Find local time

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