NetSquared Organizer Summer Update: Story Makers and Safer Internet

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Normally there’s a summer lull for NetSquared groups, but July has been really busy - which means that the fall will be even crazier! We’ve got some theme months scheduled to help make your event planning easier. These are optional, but should be a lot of fun. :-)

SEPTEMBER: Story Makers

TechSoup and NetSquared are holding our annual digital storytelling theme month. Please hold your September date and book a Story Makers event. We just published an event hosting guide with templates like Q&A questions and speaker recruitment emails. Or if twitter’s your thing we’ll be inviting you to co-host a global tweet chat (details coming next week).

10 groups have already committed to participating. Let me know how you want to get involved and fill out the declaration of interest.

OCTOBER: Safer Internet

TechSoup and Microsoft will be supporting NetSquared groups to hold cyber security and privacy events this October as part of the “Safer Internet” project.

We will be offering $100/group grants for up to 15 Net2 groups to support your event expenses. Thanks to Microsoft for their financial sponsorship.
Details are still being worked out, but please let us know how you want to get involved. :-)


July 1 was a new fiscal year at TechSoup, which means I compiled the annual statistics. It’s been a big year of growth for NetSquared.

  • No. of active groups: 52 (15% increase year over year)
  • No. of events: 468 (25% increase year over year)
  • No. of attendees: 11,435 (60% increase year over year)

A modest increase in active groups, but big growth in the number of events and attendees. That means that the average NetSquared co-organizer is holding bigger and more consistent events, and tells me that the network is in good health. Yay!


  • TechSoup is sponsoring scholarships to NTEN’s Leading Change Summit. The workshop will be help in San Francisco this September and mentioning that you’re a NetSquared organizer will definitely increase your chances of success! Net2 members are also eligible for a $200 discount when they use the code: LCSPartner200
  • Mozilla is hosting Maker Parties between now and September. Could be a great opportunity to keep your members busy over the summer.


Looking for ideas? I always recommend that you steal from other groups! A complete list of upcoming events can be found on

I’m also adding new event templates and “recipes” to the Organizers Handbook. Recent updates to the guide include:


I’d be thrilled if you could share this slide deck with your members before each event. It helps answer the question “What is TechSoup and the product donation program?” A shocking number of nonprofits are unfamiliar with TechSoup and how we can help nonprofits save money!


Every NetSquared organizer should be in our google group. It’s where we share important announcements. But if you want to be a bit more social please join us in our Facebook group - it’s where we share event ideas, inspirational stories, and gossip. :-)

I’m always here to support you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!