NetSquared Organizer June 2016 Update

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NetSquared June 2016

Every quarter I compile an update with the latest news for Organizers. I'll keep it short. For more frequent updates join us in the Google group, on Facebook, or Slack. Here are the four highlights:

Techsoup Invitation To Meetup Members

NetSquared is a program of TechSoup, but less than half of our attendees are TechSoup members. Which is crazy because TechSoup saves the the average nonprofit over $17,000 in donated and discounted products. Once a year we email all our meetup members with an invitation to join TechSoup and I plan to send the next message on June 15. You can preview the message and if you have any concerns please email me.


The NetSquared website keeps getting better. It has awesome new features like location-aware search, a better map, and a proper introduction to new visitors. We also improved the WYSIWYG blog editor, so please share event reports and local newsletters.

Next NetSquared release

Google Hangout: Recruiting and Working With Co-Organizers

The next NetSquared office hour is Tuesday, June 14 from 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM PT. The meeting is in Google Hangouts and will have a simultaneous text chat in the Slack officehours channel. RSVP

for the hangout or on Facebook.

Topic Suggestions

Still looking for a summer event topic? Reach out to me (or your Ambassador) for suggestions. Three good resources:

  1. List of event ideas for 2016
  2. Microsoft Excel event recipe
  3. Steal from the best! Get inspired by the list of upcoming NetSquared events

Your community leadership inspires me,


Elijah van der Giessen

Community Manager : NetSquared : TechSoup