NetSquared Office Hours: Three Easy Event Ideas

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Sometimes you need an easy turnkey event style that doesn't require you to recruit an expert presenter. During this NetSquared organizer office hour we discussed three formats that leverage your member's expertise.

1. Show and Tell

Participants are given up to 5 minutes to share one tool that they use which is valuable to their nonprofit communication/fundraising/community management life.


2. Post-Event Office Hours

An informal peer discussion and help session to be held after a recent event. This is an opportunity for your members to support each other with technology adoption. The event can be held in a cafe or boardroom.

3. Social Media Surgery

Social media surgeries are informal drop-in sessions where anyone from the voluntary and community sector can come and pick the brains of our 'surgeons' (helpful volunteers who understand the world of Twitter, Facebook and the rest).


  • event description for cut and paste, plus invite letters for surgeons
  • poster to promote event
  • sign-up sheets
  • surveys

Session Notes

You can review a transcript of the chat notes or watch the video.