NetSquared News for July

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Once a quarter I try to collect the latest activity across the network to keep NetSquared organizers  up to date. If you usually ignore our updates let this one be the exception! :-)

What’s Happening Now

Tech4Good Twitter Profile Image GENERIC

  • Does your group go by “Tech4Good” but doesn’t have a logo? Tech4Good SWFL and Homer Gaines of Design Donation have come up with a creative commons-licensed Tech4Good logo you can remix and use for your own group
  • 16NTC feels like it’s a million years away, but voting is now open for sessions! Did you submit a 16NTC session? Please add it to the spreadsheet so that we can help promote it! (thanks to Birgit for creating this). I would also appreciate your up-votes for the other sessions proposed by my colleagues at TechSoup. Of special interest to NetSquared is the Community Organizers Connect gathering. Remember to vote by July 31

Event Ideas

Coming up with a new topic every month is tricky, so here’s some suggestions:

Event Resources

The Organizer’s Handbook has everything from sponsorship templates to sample surveys. If you can’t find what you want give me a shout and we’ll create it! Some of the most popular resources are:

Awesome Things From the NetSquared Blog

There’s been some fabulous contributions to the NetSquared blog from our community:


July 1 is the beginning of TechSoup’s fiscal year, so it’s the time for me to look at the activity of the previous 12 months. It was a HUGE year for NetSquared!

  • No. of active groups: 59 (vs 50 last year, a 18% increase)
  • No. of events: 629 (vs 468 last year, a 34% increase)
  • No. of attendees: 17,470 (vs 11,435 last year, 54% increase)
  • No. of members: 27,524 (vs 21,852 last year, a 26% increase)

All this is, of course, a lot to digest at once. I’ll be following up on each of these topics during July and August.