NetSquared New Delhi: Zoho Creator Demo, the low-code Application Builder for NGOs

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Hosted by NetSquared New Delhi on June 25, 2020.

And introduction to Zoho Creator, the  Low-code Application Builder for NGOs by Zoho. Featuring Mr. Bharath Kumar, Marketing Head for Zoho Creator.

Learn more about the Zoho Creator program for NGOs

Chat Log

00:39:46    Eli van der Giessen:
00:40:13    Alison Yee:    Helloo!!
00:52:57    Eli van der Giessen:    Hi! You can join BigTech at
00:53:31    Eli van der Giessen:    Learn more about Zoho Creator for Nonprofits:
01:07:44    Eli van der Giessen:    Thank you for the fabulous introduction Bharath!
01:27:37    Eli van der Giessen:    SMS notifications! So powerful!
01:28:10    Jaideep:    true
01:28:38    Eli van der Giessen:    Nobody checks their email… but EVERYONE always checks all phone notifications.
01:29:00    Alison Yee:    Haha! Very true!
01:33:59    Renu Shah:    Can we see any completed app
01:36:14    bharath:
01:37:06    Renu Shah:    Thanks Shakthi
01:38:09    Renu Shah:    ok Thanks
01:40:52    Eli van der Giessen:    Q: does the mobile app support offline access if you’re working in an area without reliable internet?
01:42:08    Renu Shah:    Is there a chatbot feature too?
01:42:24    Garima Mohan:    For Donor management what features are there? can it help eith reports slso which are to be sent customized 
01:43:00    Eli van der Giessen:    Zoho chat app:
01:43:58    Renu Shah:    One last Q: if two people using the app want to chat with each other, is that possible?
01:44:40    Renu Shah:    yes
01:46:22    Renu Shah:    got it, thanks
01:46:50    Alison Yee:    Agreed, very powerful!
01:47:18    Alison Yee:    If I may, I'll plug TechSoup's partnership with Zoho Creator. BigTech will be promoting this starting next week, so it's a sneak peek of sorts, but at launch, TechSoup members are eligible to receive a 50% discount on Zoho Creator at the Premium level for up to 5 users. With this discount, Zoho Creator is giving our members access to Premium level features at the price of their Basic tier, allowing organizations to create 50 apps at the price of 3 apps. 
01:47:26    Garima Mohan:    very powerful. looks interesting.  
01:47:40    Garima Mohan:    thanks for inviting
01:47:57    Renu Shah:    Extremely powerful also overwhelming for now.
01:48:12    Garima Mohan:    would like to connect.  share email id 
01:48:19    Garima Mohan:    to connect
01:48:19    Sanjay:    thanks Jaideep for inviting
01:48:45    bharath:
01:48:52    Garima Mohan:    thanks Jaideep, Bharat
01:49:02    Eli van der Giessen:
01:49:14    Garima Mohan:    that's great 
01:49:20    Garima Mohan:    thanks


00:45:08.430 --> 00:45:10.800
Eli van der Giessen: Well hi there. Thanks everyone for joining.

00:45:11.820 --> 00:45:24.360
Eli van der Giessen: My name is Eli vanities, I'm with Net Squared, and Texas and I'm just gonna start off with a brief introduction to this global network. And then I'm going to pass it over to today's experts.

00:45:30.210 --> 00:45:36.570
Eli van der Giessen: So yeah, as I said, my name is Eli and I'm the community manager for the Net Squared.

00:45:37.680 --> 00:45:38.700
Eli van der Giessen: Global Network.

00:45:39.840 --> 00:45:48.630
Eli van der Giessen: We're a member of Texas, which is a nonprofit like yourselves that where we help nonprofits get implement and use technology effectively.

00:45:50.190 --> 00:45:54.330
Eli van der Giessen: This Net Squared network you've run into is actually this global

00:45:55.500 --> 00:46:04.380
Eli van der Giessen: Gathering of meetups we're in about 128 cities and which means that no matter where you are, there's probably a local group there to support you.

00:46:07.230 --> 00:46:18.510
Eli van der Giessen: Like every community. We've got some rules are rules I think are pretty basic one. We welcome everyone to we put our community first because we're here to support each other.

00:46:19.680 --> 00:46:29.070
Eli van der Giessen: Third, we're here to build stronger nonprofits. So we think of technology as the tool or the lens, we look through but ultimately we're here for the NGO sector.

00:46:30.570 --> 00:46:37.530
Eli van der Giessen: My fourth or fifth and most important rule to me is that we invite participation. We think that everyone has something to learn and contribute

00:46:38.100 --> 00:46:47.400
Eli van der Giessen: Today, as you came into the zoom you were muted by default, just to keep background sound under control, but the chat window is open, and we encourage your questions.

00:46:47.910 --> 00:46:59.220
Eli van der Giessen: And if you have any events ideas for what we can do. Next please reach out to JD our chief organizer with your ideas. We'd love to feature you in a future. Okay.

00:46:59.880 --> 00:47:08.220
Eli van der Giessen: And then lastly, we treat each other with kindness and respect which means before you put a comment into the chat before you say something

00:47:08.700 --> 00:47:19.890
Eli van der Giessen: Is to ask yourself for a second. My bringing my kindest most empathetic self to this question. And if it may be isn't the best way you can phrase something try it one more time.

00:47:21.960 --> 00:47:31.200
Eli van der Giessen: As they said, we definitely need your help. And there's lots of ways you can participate. You can be an event producer. You can help with marketing and promoting these events.

00:47:32.130 --> 00:47:43.290
Eli van der Giessen: We're definitely looking for people who want to be note takers people who want to maybe write a blog post about some of the summary of what they've learned from these events. If you're interested, please reach out in the chat.

00:47:45.390 --> 00:47:53.190
Eli van der Giessen: Protection is, as I said, a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits and we do that by connecting you with technology.

00:47:55.800 --> 00:48:05.820
Eli van der Giessen: Here in India, our local partner for texting is a Nasscom Foundation and the big tech program is really the local name for this text pro

00:48:08.880 --> 00:48:20.550
Eli van der Giessen: But through that program you get access to all kinds of really interesting software and at a discount and donated level. So this zoom here available to 50% off.

00:48:21.030 --> 00:48:30.150
Eli van der Giessen: Something like DocuSign to help you manage remote contracts again discounted. You can get free software to our partners at Microsoft.

00:48:30.720 --> 00:48:41.790
Eli van der Giessen: As well as there's also the Google for Nonprofits program and really brand new to the catalog is Zoom sorry is, though, which we're going to talk about later today, so stay to

00:48:44.370 --> 00:48:57.870
Eli van der Giessen: Text, as I said, is is global, but its global. This is kind of astounding. So at this point, we've served belt 1 million nonprofits coming back to save the sector over $12 billion in fees.

00:48:58.950 --> 00:49:08.580
Eli van der Giessen: That's money that's staying in your pockets as nonprofits and of course you know some us we're getting access to that kind of value of technology to scale your impact.

00:49:11.670 --> 00:49:17.970
Eli van der Giessen: She's going to skip this. Today we're going to go a little faster. But yeah, to get involved with the text program.

00:49:18.510 --> 00:49:29.490
Eli van der Giessen: It's super easy. It's free. And all you need to do is go to the big tech website any nonprofit charity church or library you can register.

00:49:29.940 --> 00:49:45.600
Eli van der Giessen: And the process is quite simple. All you need is to submit your government documentation showing that you legally exist and you'll also need some financial information which you'll be able to find quite easily in your previous annual report as an organization.

00:49:48.450 --> 00:49:53.460
Eli van der Giessen: So the eligibility for each member product in our catalog changes a little bit

00:49:54.690 --> 00:50:01.230
Eli van der Giessen: Depending on the rules set by that partner but that's all listed there on the tech scene and big tech websites.

00:50:02.100 --> 00:50:16.350
Eli van der Giessen: But typically, what once you've done your registration process, it should take you about two weeks to be approved. And then from there, going through and requesting products is very much like going through like an online shopping cart. So it's like, it's quite a simple process.

00:50:18.810 --> 00:50:34.650
Eli van der Giessen: So when Texas looks at the impact we have on an individual organization, the typical organization, who's a member is saving $17,000 in software and hardware which considering it's a free program is that for you to join pretty remarkable.

00:50:36.900 --> 00:50:48.000
Eli van der Giessen: And you, there's also, of course, about the web. There's other learning resources. There's articles webinars blogs offensive way for you to learn how to use technology.

00:50:48.690 --> 00:50:59.220
Eli van der Giessen: But, you know, the part that I think is the most fun. Are these networking events through Net Squared each group is led by a local champion look Parker, who

00:50:59.430 --> 00:51:01.560
Eli van der Giessen: decides the events and, you know,

00:51:01.590 --> 00:51:03.600
Eli van der Giessen: Recruits all the presenters.

00:51:04.890 --> 00:51:15.300
Eli van der Giessen: And they do that because they can deliver things in your local time zone in your local language and in a way that's really unique to the context of your local city.

00:51:16.020 --> 00:51:24.480
Eli van der Giessen: Right now our events use our online that used to be in person, but of course through covert it. We're all being adapting

00:51:25.260 --> 00:51:44.970
Eli van der Giessen: So that is my quick overview of the text program and big tech. If you have any questions at all, definitely reach out to us and drop a question in the chat. I'll be here for the next 10 minutes. So with that, I'm going to pass it over to your leader JD, take it away.

00:51:46.650 --> 00:51:55.140
Jaideep: Thanks, Delhi and probably this introduction helps all new commerce to understand about tech so Net Squared.

00:51:56.670 --> 00:51:57.060
Eli van der Giessen: And

00:51:58.290 --> 00:52:01.590
Jaideep: What initiatives. Nope, I will come

00:52:02.640 --> 00:52:04.620
Jaideep: But to start with the

00:52:06.240 --> 00:52:06.750
Jaideep: Session.

00:52:07.920 --> 00:52:09.750
Jaideep: Welcome and thanks for joining us.

00:52:11.040 --> 00:52:12.600
bharath: Absolutely a pleasure to be here.

00:52:14.730 --> 00:52:17.130
bharath: Let me start with the most commonly used.

00:52:17.940 --> 00:52:19.080
bharath: Line in recent times.

00:52:19.170 --> 00:52:20.400
bharath: Are you able to see my screen.

00:52:46.710 --> 00:52:47.490
So permissions.

00:52:50.640 --> 00:52:52.350
bharath: So I hope you're able to see my screen.

00:52:52.890 --> 00:52:54.810
bharath: Success. Awesome.

00:52:54.900 --> 00:52:56.130
Eli van der Giessen: Yeah, so

00:52:56.250 --> 00:53:11.280
bharath: Thanks for the introduction. La. In fact, when I noticed that takes those processes across 232 countries and geographies. I was like, oh, there are so many countries and territories across the globe visit that that's the, that's the shows the the breadth of what you're covering so

00:53:12.360 --> 00:53:23.940
bharath: Thanks for all the awesome work with you guys are doing. So I am Bertha percent Zoho creator product observer population. I handle customer experience and marketing for though, so here

00:53:25.410 --> 00:53:36.660
bharath: I'm just gonna, we're gonna do it in two steps one I would be covering a quick overview presentation maybe 1520 minutes about the introduction of Soviet and what is this local concept.

00:53:37.290 --> 00:53:43.770
bharath: And then I will pass it to my colleague Shakti will will actually show a demo of what this product is about what is low code.

00:53:44.400 --> 00:53:59.880
bharath: Again, a very, very high level and we understand that it's just a one hour session. So maybe 20 minutes from my side and really 30 minutes from his site and then we'll have the Q AMP. A as well. So moving on this, this would be the agenda. So who's, who are we are the hosts.

00:54:00.990 --> 00:54:11.670
bharath: We are known for 24 plus years. We are a product organization. We have 50 plus apps apps is actually 50 plus products in which the whole creator is one of the product which is which is what I'm representing here today.

00:54:12.090 --> 00:54:26.520
bharath: We have percent across 190 countries and 50 million plus users use our solution. We are on 1000 employees strong organization, all of us working remotely as we speak. And we have a large connected ecosystem as well in terms of partners and other support system.

00:54:27.630 --> 00:54:38.400
bharath: So what is this low code. So like if you connect with the topic of the session, we're talking about how how low code or NGOs can benefit to local very, very simple terms.

00:54:38.700 --> 00:54:47.220
bharath: Low code helps you build applications without knowing coding or with very minimal coding. So you don't have to get into complexities of how to write lines of code.

00:54:47.640 --> 00:54:54.660
bharath: Just assume that you are creating like a flow chart in a very, very crude way they put it for ease of understanding, you're just creating a visual

00:54:55.320 --> 00:55:02.580
bharath: Modern and then the back end logic gets built on its own and then the code, code is generated right so low code is this visual

00:55:03.390 --> 00:55:14.670
bharath: Application Development method and what it helps this one, you don't need to know coding extensively to build applications. Again, the pace of application is much, much faster so that that this concept.

00:55:15.090 --> 00:55:23.820
bharath: Of this technology area is called oh code by analyst and on the global fraternity and Zoho creator is a local product. So I'll, I'll take you through this

00:55:24.510 --> 00:55:37.470
bharath: What is our vision. What is the appropriate as vision this to make it easy for anyone who wants to build applications if if anyone wants to build applications. How can we make their lives easier, that that is as simple as a wish wish and

00:55:38.100 --> 00:55:48.150
bharath: So when we say this application building. It can be anything. It can be a web application. It can be a mobile app, you can be for an internal need it can be a comprehensive like a year period will need also

00:55:48.540 --> 00:55:51.450
bharath: And anything in this is possible through Zoho creator and

00:55:52.140 --> 00:56:02.190
bharath: Which is which is what we asked for. We want to make it easier and easier for more people to start building applications. One. One example that we take on analogy that we take us an elephant.

00:56:02.790 --> 00:56:12.660
bharath: Right, an elephant that has changed his legs change never tries to break the chain because from an engage his condition that the chain is powerful than him. So he never breaks the chain.

00:56:13.230 --> 00:56:17.790
bharath: This is relevant to us as well. Right. So there are there are fantastic individuals who build large

00:56:18.120 --> 00:56:24.990
bharath: large organizations from, let's say, head of a legal department head of HR department or even it hits, etc.

00:56:25.350 --> 00:56:38.850
bharath: So they do like an elephant right they do powerful things, but when it comes to technology. They will change. It will change. So how can we break the shackles and empower anyone to build applications is our mission. And that's, that's all we're doing it to a local technology.

00:56:40.440 --> 00:56:49.530
bharath: I'll quickly go through these aspects. So what are, what are the key benefits. This first it it aids and the whole digital transformation. So it reduces your application backlogs

00:56:49.800 --> 00:57:03.840
bharath: Can create quickly you can create applications and roll out to the market, you can integrate or migrated from legacy systems, your user experience will improve. And most importantly, as a user, you're not worried about where am I, posting this hour. My

00:57:05.070 --> 00:57:13.080
bharath: deploying this and things like that. All of it is taken care of all those layers of software building application building is obstructed by his own data.

00:57:13.530 --> 00:57:23.670
bharath: And all you have to worry about is the business logic. How do we drag and drop fields. How do we build in such a way that my code business logic ascendant and everything else a central place over create another bucket.

00:57:24.810 --> 00:57:33.690
bharath: Some benefits of so creator, I'll touch upon it at a very high level first like Jamie, can we were discussing the issue right so Zoho

00:57:34.260 --> 00:57:41.460
bharath: has multiple products which gives an advantage in the sense that we learned from one product and other and 50 million users is an is a major

00:57:42.000 --> 00:57:55.020
bharath: Advantage in terms of the feedback learning curve and so on. And we always follow a customer first approach beat the way we work the way we interact our pricing very transparent so we always put customer for so that's that's a core DNA of so

00:57:56.100 --> 00:58:08.400
bharath: And we never sell any customer data, we don't make any revenue based on advertising or, you know, we have our own email XO email system we have ozone. So her talk and he couldn't have let's say Google Doc or Microsoft or

00:58:08.940 --> 00:58:18.270
bharath: So we we deal with large amount of customer data, but we will never make any business by selling customer data or optimizing or running ads on customer data or anything.

00:58:18.750 --> 00:58:26.970
bharath: And more importantly, if, if you're in marketing space or if you are someone who visits multiple websites you will understand this, that if you visit us over website, they won't even be a

00:58:27.930 --> 00:58:35.370
bharath: Cookie Papa, you know, we don't even properties to track your which is a very common practice across multiple organization, but that's the level of our respect towards

00:58:35.700 --> 00:58:44.340
bharath: user privacy that we don't want to track a tropical Kenya system on track you wherever you go, you know, that's the level of how serious we take our privacy.

00:58:44.910 --> 00:59:03.030
bharath: And we are highly r&d driven our focuses predominantly on the product, followed by sales and marketing and we always put that in front, from a content creator point of view, we have been recognized by multiple unless customers. We have 12,000 plus customers across the globe.

00:59:04.170 --> 00:59:06.750
bharath: paying customers. So there are other free free users as well.

00:59:08.400 --> 00:59:18.810
bharath: When they say customers. These are organizations being organizations we have, like, like you see on screen here gotten magic quadrant for interface local application platforms. So, okay.

00:59:19.860 --> 00:59:22.800
bharath: So that's an indication of the power of the platform.

00:59:25.170 --> 00:59:34.830
bharath: Before I progress. I'll just take a quick check. I make clear is, this is my delivery. Okay. Jenny any sugar.

00:59:35.310 --> 00:59:35.850
Jaideep: Very much.

00:59:36.570 --> 00:59:37.440
Jaideep: Awesome. No, it's okay.

00:59:38.700 --> 00:59:46.740
bharath: Great. I'll quickly go through this and then we'll actually see the product short product development product demo. These are the features of

00:59:47.310 --> 00:59:48.810
bharath: A local platform of Zoho created

00:59:49.470 --> 01:00:00.480
bharath: Basically if if I'm, I'm an NGO, what are the things that I can use a lot of the features that are available first whenever there is a data collection. Let's say you're using Excel sheet or you're using paper based processes.

01:00:01.290 --> 01:00:08.160
bharath: Which is not real time which is not only creator can just convert that you can just import an Excel sheet and that becomes a software and application.

01:00:08.610 --> 01:00:17.850
bharath: What that means is it's it's real time, people can coordinate online over the application. You can write rules on top of it. We can put validation saying in this field, accept only this

01:00:18.270 --> 01:00:25.440
bharath: And so on and so forth. So multiple benefits come when when you use the form builder then with the data collected, you can run

01:00:26.250 --> 01:00:30.090
bharath: Any number of reports to see slice and dice the data the way you want to see.

01:00:30.990 --> 01:00:41.370
bharath: And then you can write logic on top of the data to to run workflow saying if if a particular action happens then execute this if someone fills out a form for this event trigger an email.

01:00:42.060 --> 01:00:53.250
bharath: To Jay saying, Okay, this legislation has happened know things like that can be automated. And finally, in terms of visualization multiple dashboards through page builder and integration with any other product that we use. So

01:00:53.970 --> 01:01:03.960
bharath: You are comprehensive intervention requirements can be taken care of by sort of data. I will not spend time on this because we'll see this in the demo, but I just wanted to touch upon on what are these aspects. So

01:01:04.320 --> 01:01:08.580
bharath: This is the form builder. This is how you create a relationship between databases.

01:01:09.240 --> 01:01:15.240
bharath: Finally, with the data. This is how you see a dashboard. If it's a little overwhelming. No, please don't worry. You will actually see

01:01:15.750 --> 01:01:22.170
bharath: how the whole thing works in in the demo, but from a benefit point of you just wanted to register in your mind that

01:01:22.860 --> 01:01:27.990
bharath: You can whatever is your requirement. You can clearly handle it was okay to and all the

01:01:28.620 --> 01:01:38.460
bharath: Whatever application, you will, by default, you also get a mobile app as well. So you will when we build an application. It's available both on web as well as on mobile, and you can use it anywhere.

01:01:39.300 --> 01:01:45.480
bharath: If you want to have a volunteer portal. Let's say for for preliminary ecosystem, or a vendor management portal.

01:01:45.870 --> 01:01:51.420
bharath: So you can even have that. So your core application or very crudely, put your core software is handled by a set of people

01:01:51.780 --> 01:01:59.910
bharath: But you also want to expose certain things to some of your vendors for them to just key some information and then that gets added to your system even that level of customization as possible, where

01:02:00.480 --> 01:02:05.520
bharath: Some of your core data is not no obligation is not exposed to others and just a portal is shared and

01:02:06.150 --> 01:02:14.400
bharath: As a, as a product organization we invest a lot in a which becomes more relevant for for for NGOs also primarily because

01:02:14.820 --> 01:02:30.240
bharath: This takes care of lot of your needs in the sense how to build how to use an application. What are some like removing duplicates of data cleansing of data, all that is taken care. And finally, in terms of privacy. Yes, that is one important area that we focus on

01:02:31.350 --> 01:02:38.970
bharath: Like a earlier separate we run our own data centers. So host self sufficient in that, in that sense, we respect user data and there is no

01:02:40.230 --> 01:02:50.520
bharath: Ad business or anything like that, based on user data. So if there is one thing that differentiates over from anyone else in the market to this this respect towards the user privacy and data, I would put that right on top.

01:02:51.660 --> 01:03:04.080
bharath: So I quickly wanted to show a couple of screens along here. So, like, why is the rotator relevant for NGOs is primarily because we have been focused on NGOs for a long time.

01:03:04.710 --> 01:03:10.560
bharath: As we speak, the pace may say 400 customers. Currently we have 500 plus NGOs who are using our product.

01:03:11.010 --> 01:03:18.840
bharath: And these are some of the modules that are commonly used managing volunteer portals donor management applications event management applications, and much more.

01:03:19.110 --> 01:03:27.180
bharath: So these are some pre built apps. But you can build any application that you want and our customer stories make it much, much enjoyable in the sense

01:03:27.540 --> 01:03:38.040
bharath: As a nonprofit as an NGO, maybe I want to run my processes, much, much in an efficient way and I i want technology to enable mean should have it acting as

01:03:38.130 --> 01:03:41.400
bharath: Another barrier or another layer that I want to learn to execute

01:03:41.460 --> 01:03:41.730

01:03:42.750 --> 01:03:48.120
bharath: If, if I take time out to read this. So, you know, the operator has impacted our success in a very positive way.

01:03:48.510 --> 01:03:57.690
bharath: Specifically in reducing the time it takes to collect and record data as well as making relevant data more accessible. You know, this is one just one small example of our customer uses later so

01:03:58.080 --> 01:04:09.870
bharath: All these things that you see on screen are very specific to NGO use cases and our, our commitment to use this you are focusing on a very, very critical.

01:04:10.530 --> 01:04:19.200
bharath: What you're doing is an awesome work and what we want to do is to enable you to empower you to be with you and see how we can add value to you so

01:04:20.340 --> 01:04:29.580
bharath: As always, so there are certain verticals that we focus on, for example, logistics manufacturing, but right from day one, we have been focusing on NGOs, so that is one important segment.

01:04:30.270 --> 01:04:37.860
bharath: Set of users that that we want to add value to and I wouldn't call it CSR. But maybe that's our way of giving back to the society as well.

01:04:38.490 --> 01:04:47.130
bharath: From, from a pure pricing point of view also we have special discounts for nonprofits and with a tech so program and now it makes it even more easier in terms of how

01:04:48.600 --> 01:05:00.780
bharath: I mean the extra benefits that can be passed to users. I will finish with this page last. So this is one of our recent initiative, just to show our commitment towards NGOs or to this to this space.

01:05:01.350 --> 01:05:21.630
bharath: Because of the recent covert issue we we actually launched a program called stronger together to help organizations like governments nonprofits NGOs to build any application that they want free of cost if you have a need to tackle the three covert related issues, let's say,

01:05:22.890 --> 01:05:29.640
bharath: You're let's say it's a government. Government for contract testing or if it's let's say you are an NGO in a specific area and you want to collect data and help

01:05:30.000 --> 01:05:42.540
bharath: People in that space to handle to tackle it. So we did this free of cost and we got around 114 plus application request and with no charges. We will be delivered these applications we in fact build

01:05:42.840 --> 01:05:54.630
bharath: Some of these applications and deliver to the customer and it was received very well. So I'm sharing this primarily to spruce to stress upon the point that we look at India was very, very seriously and

01:05:55.980 --> 01:06:10.320
bharath: We really want our we really see this as a way where we can contribute back to the society as well. So this program was a was a good hit in the sense people realize the value and we were continuously getting a lot of requests and and it is still active, as we speak, so

01:06:11.760 --> 01:06:23.700
bharath: I would know. I mean, this just my contact details, just in case you want to reach out to me and comfort comfort for periods of hope and I'm sure the next will be shared, or the recording will be hosted so just leaving it out here.

01:06:25.200 --> 01:06:31.380
bharath: I would know pass request shuttle from our team to quickly show a small demo, maybe a 15 minute demo.

01:06:31.740 --> 01:06:37.800
bharath: Of what is possible with data so that you can actually comprehend or understand what exactly is the product.

01:06:38.190 --> 01:06:42.870
bharath: That will help you in your mind. So my request would be when you go through and just think in terms of your use cases.

01:06:43.200 --> 01:06:47.490
bharath: In my operations, where am I using paper in my operations, where am I using Excel sheets still

01:06:47.910 --> 01:06:58.290
bharath: Or in my operations. What should I digitize. What are the areas where I need to bring obligations and we would be more than happy to help you in creating those applications and and so that you can reap those benefits and

01:06:59.700 --> 01:07:10.770
bharath: grow faster. So I would finish with that humble submission and if such activities available, I can cause him to do a short, quick demo, please.

01:07:12.030 --> 01:07:14.820
shakthi v: Thank you for thank you so much for the presentation.

01:07:15.270 --> 01:07:15.990
shakthi v: Hello everyone.

01:07:16.710 --> 01:07:21.930
shakthi v: Thank you so much for joining this session. And thank you so much for being a beautiful

01:07:22.560 --> 01:07:39.660
shakthi v: Person like to helping others in this particular situation know like you're doing you all doing a very good job and no differently. You all have a very beautiful. So with this, let me directly, move on to the session. So we'll go ahead and stop the screen sharing

01:07:46.020 --> 01:07:48.180
shakthi v: Okay, hope everyone could see my screen.

01:07:50.250 --> 01:07:51.780
shakthi v: Zoho creator, we are like

01:07:52.590 --> 01:07:59.670
shakthi v: No, like we have an industry specific requirement and applications built on top of Zoho creator

01:08:00.240 --> 01:08:11.520
shakthi v: Basic to nonprofits. We have some pre built application as borrows explain some of the common requirements we frequently get from nonprofit organizations or a donor management.

01:08:12.240 --> 01:08:23.520
shakthi v: And then volunteer management even management as well as the new cases like a specific to covert situation we are getting this food distribution kind of application because

01:08:24.060 --> 01:08:30.210
shakthi v: No, particularly in India, there is a lot of a daily wage workers who got stuck in different places in India.

01:08:30.630 --> 01:08:48.570
shakthi v: They don't have a job and they don't have money to buy food. So to this situation. Many of the nonprofit's helping those workers to distribute food across different places. So we are frequently getting this put distribution records know for this covert 19 app.

01:08:50.220 --> 01:08:52.650
shakthi v: So to quickly show you how

01:08:53.670 --> 01:08:57.180
shakthi v: We can build an application from scratch. First I will show you how

01:08:57.870 --> 01:09:10.620
shakthi v: The existing application like a donor management of all and volunteer management how the existing application works. And then I can quickly take you to how we can build an entire application from scratch, specific to the food distribution application.

01:09:12.690 --> 01:09:21.780
shakthi v: So from this screen like once we log in to the creator application, we have the option new application. So on the left corner.

01:09:22.230 --> 01:09:31.800
shakthi v: Here we have our own 60 plus people applications based on a different business use cases. Here we have a different categories for information technology business so on.

01:09:32.310 --> 01:09:37.200
shakthi v: And in this we have an option for nonprofits. So these all the pre built applications we have

01:09:37.950 --> 01:09:49.920
shakthi v: Readily available for nonprofit, you can install on you can customize the existing application. And you can do quickly deploy it to all the different set of users involved in the application. So let me put

01:09:51.960 --> 01:09:59.640
shakthi v: He takes you to the live demo of the volunteer application to start with, we have every application which comes with the default dashboard that will

01:09:59.970 --> 01:10:04.050
shakthi v: Give you what all the oral progress which is going on. What are the actions which is being done.

01:10:04.440 --> 01:10:14.250
shakthi v: All in one dashboard, so you could see there are different charts and balance created altogether so the entire application flow, we can get from one single dashboard.

01:10:14.790 --> 01:10:22.560
shakthi v: So first we have to create a campaign like what all the different campaign types we have. So let me create a campaign types, just like a covert

01:10:26.250 --> 01:10:30.060
shakthi v: And then based on this particular campaign will be creating an event.

01:10:31.260 --> 01:10:41.610
shakthi v: So we create even it's a medical camp free medical camp and this campaign is the lead to a cove it so I can even choose multiple choices.

01:10:42.180 --> 01:10:59.610
shakthi v: And then I can give some disruption venue and city. What is the starting time and ending time for this particular event. And then also, I can add that the point of contact for this particular event. So once we create this input all this information and submit the event will be listed

01:11:00.660 --> 01:11:11.040
shakthi v: In this calendar and from here I can click and see the actual information about the MTA. Even so, once we create the event, then you will have the option to

01:11:11.790 --> 01:11:23.790
shakthi v: Register a volunteer. So if you have already added all the volunteer information that will be listed here. So let me quickly add a volunteer and I will show you how a volunteer will have access to the certification.

01:11:24.990 --> 01:11:28.680
shakthi v: So let me my myself as a volunteer.

01:11:34.800 --> 01:11:48.330
shakthi v: So some of the automation, we can do on top of each and every form, let's consider the date of birth. So once I choose the data, but the age will be calculated automatically so I can choose this date picker option and I will choose my date of birth.

01:11:50.580 --> 01:11:51.000
shakthi v: And

01:11:52.170 --> 01:12:02.940
shakthi v: Three. The system will automate the actual age of mine and then like I can like, select the gender and I can input all the other information. So let me quickly add some of this.

01:12:09.900 --> 01:12:18.240
shakthi v: And with the signature field, I can provide a digital signature and what all the image emergency contact information that I can add

01:12:19.980 --> 01:12:33.720
shakthi v: So once we fill up all the basic information. And also, I can fill up water all my availability on a particular set of days. Let's say I available only on weekends I can select a particular date and from what time

01:12:34.830 --> 01:12:38.640
shakthi v: What time I will be available. And again, chosen

01:12:40.590 --> 01:12:52.020
shakthi v: Similarly, I can add multiple entities using this form feature. Once I submit this information automatically an email will be triggered to this particular volunteer to sign up and actually the supplication.

01:12:53.910 --> 01:13:04.950
shakthi v: Let me move on to this particular window where I have the email in place. So once we create it, you could see, I immediately got the invitation. And then I can click on go to application.

01:13:06.120 --> 01:13:15.330
shakthi v: If I already have a login, it will be directly login or else we can have the option to sign up. So then I can go into this particular

01:13:15.780 --> 01:13:23.490
shakthi v: session where I can see what are the different events. It's being conducted for this particular month or a year. So let's say

01:13:24.210 --> 01:13:31.440
shakthi v: I do see the blood donation cam and I am interested in it, so I can click on it so that I can register for this particular event.

01:13:31.800 --> 01:13:37.590
shakthi v: So you could see what are the different modules has been available for this particular volunteer. Not all the modules, as mentioned,

01:13:37.920 --> 01:13:49.890
shakthi v: So we can share one Lee a specific model which is needed for that particular set of volunteers, so I could see this particular event, which has been available, and I am interested so I can click on Register.

01:13:51.060 --> 01:13:53.040
shakthi v: Then I can put my email address.

01:14:01.500 --> 01:14:10.560
shakthi v: So I control my presence. So once they submit this will trigger an email to the admin whether to approve or reject this particular volunteer.

01:14:11.040 --> 01:14:19.350
shakthi v: And then like again a volunteer will disseminate email for each and every action, an email will be configured so once they registered the event, you could see

01:14:20.280 --> 01:14:26.880
shakthi v: I get an another email for registering this particular event. So all this customization. So we can do easily on top of the application.

01:14:27.660 --> 01:14:40.200
shakthi v: So with this, like, I will directly go on to build an application as we already have the donor and the volunteer management, I will create a foot distribution application where will we will create a schedule.

01:14:42.150 --> 01:14:50.190
shakthi v: So what all the modules are required for this particular food description. So we need a distribution schedule and then we need the volunteer portal.

01:14:50.850 --> 01:14:59.520
shakthi v: And then we need an option to assign this particular task to all volunteer and then volunteer will have the options are to complete this particular job.

01:15:02.640 --> 01:15:11.100
shakthi v: So we have the option to create an NDA application from scratch with on Create and I will limit us for distribution.

01:15:19.170 --> 01:15:27.090
shakthi v: So there are four main components in creator. The first one is form a form is nothing but an Excel sheet or a Google form.

01:15:27.930 --> 01:15:36.240
shakthi v: And creator provides an easy drag and drop feature to create the intake form. Let's consider you already have a volunteer information and you want to create a volunteer form.

01:15:36.780 --> 01:15:48.120
shakthi v: We have the option to import with data if you have this information in Excel CSV or CSV file, you can simply import and system will help you to create the intake form along with it will import the data as well.

01:15:49.380 --> 01:15:58.350
shakthi v: And also we have a several set of templates. Let's say you want to create a see booking form. You can use this template. So the back in the workflow will be automated.

01:16:01.140 --> 01:16:14.430
shakthi v: Based on this particular format so you can choose any kind of a template, which is available, you can just click on use template, they enter your form will be created based on the template. Let's create a blank form and I will rename this as a distribution schedule.

01:16:22.980 --> 01:16:29.400
shakthi v: So this form builder provides a different set of field types or a different set of information to be collected within the form

01:16:29.790 --> 01:16:39.510
shakthi v: Starting with basic fields where you can collect some of the personal information on that you can collect bait a drop down choices and we have checkbox multi select

01:16:40.050 --> 01:16:44.520
shakthi v: And in advance fees. We have an option to upload images you can get

01:16:45.150 --> 01:16:55.350
shakthi v: A currency information based on different currency values and also we have an option to create a Luca Luca will be used to create relationship cross different applications.

01:16:55.680 --> 01:17:03.660
shakthi v: And sub form can be used to add multiple line items within the same form. So I would say it's a form is adding a form within the form

01:17:04.110 --> 01:17:16.140
shakthi v: And apart from this, we have a signature. We have an option to upload files video and audio and also we have some of the AI fields which will be definitely useful in terms of a complete automation.

01:17:18.870 --> 01:17:28.050
shakthi v: So let's quickly create a distribution schedule. First I want to list water all the cities, you will be doing this distribution. So for that I will add a drop down

01:17:29.760 --> 01:17:32.790
shakthi v: And I will rename this field F select city.

01:17:36.240 --> 01:17:38.820
shakthi v: And I will add choices, a different cities.

01:17:45.090 --> 01:17:47.790
shakthi v: Just add to, so if you want you can add

01:17:49.230 --> 01:18:07.620
shakthi v: Or D, select some of the entries which is available. And once we select the entry, like we we want to provide what type of food you're providing so that I will have a radio film and I will rename this as full time and I will have the choices as breakfast.

01:18:10.770 --> 01:18:20.670
shakthi v: lunch and dinner. So let me keep it with breakfast and lunch and then you will have the option you need an option to assign it to a particular

01:18:21.180 --> 01:18:35.460
shakthi v: Set of volunteers, as we already have the volunteer portal is ready. So we can directly look up volunteers from the volunteer portal application. Let me scroll down and drag and drop the Lucasfilm

01:18:37.650 --> 01:18:53.880
shakthi v: And I'm going to create a relationship with the volunteer portal application. So in this look up all the defined application, the predefined applications will be listed so I can choose the volunteer portal application from here. Let me scroll down and look for a volunteer portal.

01:19:13.980 --> 01:19:22.680
shakthi v: Volunteer portal and then I can click on volunteer devastation, then I can directly choose the name of that volunteer so that we can easily

01:19:24.390 --> 01:19:28.440
shakthi v: Assign this particular like schedule to a volunteer.

01:19:31.320 --> 01:19:40.230
shakthi v: A rename it to find to let's quickly go into the live mode and we will see how this application will look like a live more

01:19:41.520 --> 01:19:52.080
shakthi v: To once we have this set of information. Ready, like we have some of the form properties, but especially to field properties you can customize the NT a field based on the different requirements.

01:19:52.560 --> 01:20:01.770
shakthi v: And then like we have a form properties to automate the email notifications. So, once he took on this particular checkbox. I can click on customize

01:20:02.400 --> 01:20:11.820
shakthi v: I can choose from whom this email to be triggered and also I can choose the email address from the list and we can enter the email address manually.

01:20:12.420 --> 01:20:22.380
shakthi v: So I can customize the subject and message and we can create our own customized template and I can add it as a template either a PDF or an inline function. So once done

01:20:22.950 --> 01:20:33.300
shakthi v: So whenever I submit this form an email will be treated with that particular set of users. Similarly, we have an option to capture location. This will mainly useful. Let's say if a volunteer.

01:20:34.200 --> 01:20:41.070
shakthi v: Know, provided the distribution and if He's mocking that for this distributor in this case we can make sure is like

01:20:41.580 --> 01:20:49.980
shakthi v: Delivered the for that exact location so that use cases like the capture location will be very much useful. So I can enable it if needed.

01:20:50.460 --> 01:21:00.660
shakthi v: And we can capture IP addresses and some other form properties like you can just take a form entries only for a specific number of entries and also we can just take the time

01:21:01.050 --> 01:21:09.690
shakthi v: Of when this particular form to be accessed using this form availability. So once we configure all this. Let me go back to the live mode.

01:21:11.220 --> 01:21:19.080
shakthi v: So it will click on access to the application that will take us to the live mode. So this is the form which we just created. So here I can choose the city.

01:21:19.920 --> 01:21:29.970
shakthi v: And the full time and hear all the volunteers we added in the volunteer application will bolstered and I can click on a particular volunteer and I can submit

01:21:31.410 --> 01:21:36.060
shakthi v: And in a report, we will see what what are the different information we have been added.

01:21:37.110 --> 01:21:55.680
shakthi v: To now like a volunteer should access to this application and they can, like, do the food distribution and they can mark the status as a completed so that let me go back to the same form builder and then add some more fields into word like status. So I will add another drop down field.

01:21:57.750 --> 01:22:03.270
shakthi v: And it will rename it is status and I will add the choices as pending.

01:22:04.830 --> 01:22:05.640
shakthi v: And completed.

01:22:11.640 --> 01:22:21.660
shakthi v: So by default, whenever I create a form a month. This particular status of spending and once a volunteer distributed this particular set of

01:22:22.050 --> 01:22:41.160
shakthi v: Brackets. They will mark the status is completed. Let's see how we can assign this particular set of access to the volunteers, so that I'm going to create a new workflow, or I can configure the existing report. So let's create a new report specific to the volunteers.

01:22:42.660 --> 01:22:53.550
shakthi v: And for creating a report we have different set of report types, we can have an advanced analytics, so that we can create a Pivot Chart within people, which are we can have a different set of shorts available.

01:22:54.000 --> 01:23:05.220
shakthi v: And we can configure a pivot table, we can have like calendar can brand report. So let's create a list of poor specific to volunteers, so I will choose the existing form based on that.

01:23:07.230 --> 01:23:10.260
shakthi v: I will rename it as volunteer portal.

01:23:18.990 --> 01:23:32.190
shakthi v: And in the existing report. I'm going to quantify some set of properties like we are going to enable a new custom button on top of it whenever the volunteer completed job they can click on the button and the status will get changed completed.

01:23:33.420 --> 01:23:43.410
shakthi v: Let's go into the list of fields we have. So right here, I'm going to create a custom button so I can scroll down and I will add a new button.

01:23:44.850 --> 01:23:47.400
shakthi v: And we can rename this button as

01:23:48.690 --> 01:23:49.860
shakthi v: Like job completed.

01:23:56.280 --> 01:24:04.950
shakthi v: Not so I can specify based on specific condition this action to be executed. Let's say only if the order or the status is pending.

01:24:06.030 --> 01:24:07.560
shakthi v: I want this action to be triggered.

01:24:12.120 --> 01:24:15.180
shakthi v: And also if the information needed. I can enable it.

01:24:16.530 --> 01:24:20.670
shakthi v: Me again named this workflow as job completed.

01:24:22.140 --> 01:24:23.280
shakthi v: So let's create a workflow.

01:24:24.330 --> 01:24:26.670
shakthi v: Within a workflow. I can click on add new action.

01:24:27.810 --> 01:24:33.690
shakthi v: And I can directly go into the lead script, where we will go into create one line script.

01:24:35.220 --> 01:24:50.370
shakthi v: Fear whenever they click on this particular custom icon. The job status should be a completed so I can write input dot that will list all the fields available in this particular form. So I will choose status equals to

01:24:53.640 --> 01:24:58.650
shakthi v: Make completed the status which we have created for the drop down

01:25:02.190 --> 01:25:02.610
shakthi v: That's it.

01:25:04.020 --> 01:25:07.350
shakthi v: So I will go ahead click on done and create this workflow.

01:25:11.580 --> 01:25:14.700
shakthi v: So let's go back to the live application reload the same form.

01:25:16.380 --> 01:25:26.280
shakthi v: Frequency we have created the volunteer portal. And with this we have the option job completed since we have created it in the beginning, and we haven't changed the status.

01:25:27.360 --> 01:25:35.430
shakthi v: It's still available or not visible. So once I change the status of spending, you could see, now I have got this particular custom action.

01:25:36.270 --> 01:25:42.180
shakthi v: So what whenever you assigned this particular task to a set of volunteers, they will have access to the application, they will log in.

01:25:42.480 --> 01:25:52.320
shakthi v: Once they distributed a set of package, they will come down to this report, and they will click on the job completed so that automatically the status will become completed.

01:25:53.670 --> 01:26:00.780
shakthi v: So this kind of automation, we can do on top of the Creator application and specific to workflow. We have different set of workflows again.

01:26:01.500 --> 01:26:08.160
shakthi v: Let's say you have a set of events coming up within next one month and you want to send reminders to all the volunteers.

01:26:08.550 --> 01:26:18.720
shakthi v: Stating that we have an event coming up on us to register for it. So we have a scheduled workflow on top of it, you can automate the entire workflow. Like, you don't have to manually send them a reminder

01:26:19.050 --> 01:26:33.180
shakthi v: System will take care of it. So I can choose like the form and based on which particular field. This even to be triggered now so I can choose when this particular workflow, or the email should be triggered either on about it or like before.

01:26:35.430 --> 01:26:36.060
shakthi v: Five days.

01:26:37.110 --> 01:26:49.110
shakthi v: So I can choose like five days now so I can choose whether this game will to be triggered daily or just one or once in a week. Let me choose daily and also I can choose ended.

01:26:50.070 --> 01:27:08.520
shakthi v: And also, I can choose when this workflow to be end aided and abetted or after or before fiber three days. Once I rename this within that I can configure a set of like email notifications in terms of notification creator supports email SMS and mobile push notification.

01:27:09.720 --> 01:27:11.400
shakthi v: I can click on add new action.

01:27:12.420 --> 01:27:18.750
shakthi v: You've gone notification. So we have different options either configure an email SMS and mobile push notification.

01:27:19.320 --> 01:27:25.650
shakthi v: If it's an SMS, like we have an integration with many SMS Gateway providers, I can easily choose the connection.

01:27:26.130 --> 01:27:31.920
shakthi v: And then I can choose the phone number field which is available on the phone and I can type in the message and say, so whenever

01:27:32.370 --> 01:27:35.820
shakthi v: This particular date arrives, an email will be configured automatically

01:27:36.270 --> 01:27:48.360
shakthi v: Similar to what we have an mobile applications ready. So once we have the center application, you can easily log into the mobile app, you can access the same application. It can do all the actions and specific to mobile app, we have

01:27:48.810 --> 01:27:58.410
shakthi v: Some defined at different controls which you can configure for the specific to the mobile app. And the last component we have this page.

01:28:00.240 --> 01:28:05.670
shakthi v: So you can either create a dashboard from the available templates or we can easily create

01:28:07.260 --> 01:28:07.740
shakthi v: One from

01:28:08.820 --> 01:28:09.390
shakthi v: Scratch.

01:28:10.980 --> 01:28:20.850
shakthi v: So for even creating a page or anti a dashboard be provided easy drag and drop feature using which you can easily create the anterior dashboard. It's a want to

01:28:21.690 --> 01:28:29.910
shakthi v: See how many distributions are Romany schedule. I've created so far for that I can choose any of the panels simply drag and drop it.

01:28:31.830 --> 01:28:43.920
shakthi v: Like choose what action to be done. So I want to see the number of schedules, which has been created. So far so I can click on, then I can choose the form and I can choose Edit alternate gets all selected the game.

01:28:45.300 --> 01:28:48.060
shakthi v: Then I can change this name into

01:28:50.040 --> 01:28:53.370
shakthi v: Total number of screens.

01:28:59.250 --> 01:29:08.070
shakthi v: That's it. And also in the action when I click on this particular panel if any action to be done like opening a particular website or former report that can be done.

01:29:08.850 --> 01:29:15.870
shakthi v: And if you see the back end in the code level. This is the entity level of scripting which you have to do if you manually create this fan.

01:29:16.170 --> 01:29:28.440
shakthi v: But created helps you to provide the interior drag and drop feature and also we can create charts, any kind of different shows just would drag and drop from the set of conditions and the entire panel will be created.

01:29:29.670 --> 01:29:36.480
shakthi v: As we have a very like short time. Let me show like how this dashboard soup, like the live mode.

01:29:40.650 --> 01:29:58.650
shakthi v: So you could see we have created a total number of one schedule that been like dynamically listed in this page. So I think like covered almost all the basic information of how we can create and build application from scratch. So any specific questions. So what

01:30:00.480 --> 01:30:06.600
bharath: I'll just add one small thing sheppey so for the audience. All of us are in different

01:30:07.350 --> 01:30:24.690
bharath: level of maturity from technology point of view, right, some of us mean some of us might have understood all of this. And most of us might have thought of this is how to how to comprehend this so much, etc. So my my simple request is like, we can do a creator demo for to us also so

01:30:25.980 --> 01:30:34.440
bharath: The intent was to show a glimpse of the power of the platform, if you felt overwhelmed. Please don't feel overwhelmed. That's, that's not the intent.

01:30:35.190 --> 01:30:43.050
bharath: According to your need the internet to say, according to your needs. You can definitely create any application that you want. So our single line objective was to communicate that message.

01:30:43.500 --> 01:30:57.360
bharath: And you are free to play around with an application with try of sample application that you want to build for any need that you have in mind, and we are very confronted creator can tell people that, so that was our intro. Thank you. Thanks for taking time out for this comprehensive

01:30:58.470 --> 01:30:59.910
shakthi v: Thank you. But it's the society.

01:31:06.540 --> 01:31:08.820
bharath: So if there are any questions will be happy to answer those.

01:31:14.670 --> 01:31:17.760
Jaideep: Thank you so much, but I think Chuck D. I have a question.

01:31:19.320 --> 01:31:20.310
Jaideep: What about the

01:31:22.080 --> 01:31:26.460
Jaideep: Support to NGOs like suppose I as an NGO

01:31:28.290 --> 01:31:34.890
Jaideep: Download and deploy the product, try to do some hands on and then I I need some kind of

01:31:36.210 --> 01:31:39.360
Jaideep: technical help or maybe functional health kind of thing.

01:31:40.560 --> 01:31:41.040
Jaideep: So,

01:31:42.240 --> 01:31:43.830
Jaideep: What kind of role to play in that

01:31:45.180 --> 01:31:55.770
bharath: Sure. So there are two aspects to this one is, let's say you want some guidance in terms of again stuck in this particular point. I don't know how to solve this, there is a free support that is available.

01:31:56.850 --> 01:32:02.760
bharath: All the time where we can provide you with relevant material, maybe video links help you handle that.

01:32:03.360 --> 01:32:09.000
bharath: Which itself is comprehensive and just to give an example like whatever business. Let's say we are doing every month.

01:32:09.480 --> 01:32:19.020
bharath: More than 60% of it happens with zero human intervention, like people try the product online. There is a 15 day free trial and that they purchase it online. And then they just go about it. So,

01:32:19.410 --> 01:32:28.080
bharath: That's an indication of how easy to use. It is but like at any point of time when, when you're stuck or if you need some clarity, there will be a free support that is definitely provided

01:32:28.830 --> 01:32:44.400
bharath: In addition, if you need. Let's say I just want Zoho to build this application for me. Maybe I'm not, I don't have the time and I don't want to build that application, then there is a paid option also where we can build an application itself, for you are. That's a different model, but

01:32:46.620 --> 01:32:57.030
bharath: If you my request would be like this. This is like swimming so well as as much demo we can do only if you actually jumped into the water, you'll realize what are the pros and cons, so

01:32:57.660 --> 01:33:03.810
bharath: That will be an ideal start that, that's another reason why our products all come with this 15 day free trial. So you can actually without any

01:33:05.250 --> 01:33:13.080
bharath: You don't even have to enter a credit card no information security can just create an application on your own login and see play around with a product called you

01:33:13.290 --> 01:33:20.340
Jaideep: Know, based on this demo microservices, it is quite possible, and it is very helpful like

01:33:21.750 --> 01:33:35.640
Jaideep: I can build anything to do anything is something very wonderful know that we're at no additional cost of hiring a high end programmer developer and then lifelong depending on him for coding and recording

01:33:36.360 --> 01:33:36.780
It's correct.

01:33:42.270 --> 01:33:43.800
Jaideep: Yeah, I think, other than a full fledged

01:33:45.150 --> 01:33:48.030
Jaideep: High end business application. I can do anything with this.

01:33:49.200 --> 01:33:49.830
Jaideep: So pretend

01:33:52.830 --> 01:34:10.800
shakthi v: Like you can create enterprise level applications, starting from a very simple like Western management or even you can create excellence management, just for your daily expense management to the advanced CRP level applications that can be easily build on top of the data platform.

01:34:14.010 --> 01:34:15.570
bharath: That is a question from Reno.

01:34:16.020 --> 01:34:17.910
bharath: Can we see any completed up

01:34:18.990 --> 01:34:22.050
bharath: So certificate just open any of

01:34:23.310 --> 01:34:26.490
bharath: If there is any any I finished up maybe even an attacker.

01:34:28.470 --> 01:34:28.920
shakthi v: Yeah, sure.

01:34:34.380 --> 01:34:48.330
shakthi v: Okay, the first one which I demonstrated is though Wallen dear portal app, which is a complete agreeable solution which is available in our app kaldi So apart from volunteer portal. We have a donor management.

01:34:49.410 --> 01:34:54.570
shakthi v: So with this donor management, you can collect donations from a different set of people like what all

01:34:55.020 --> 01:35:04.260
shakthi v: visitations, you want to do for the volunteer sending you can create different campaigns for different purposes and then using a funny story, you can receive the donations

01:35:04.650 --> 01:35:13.380
shakthi v: So this set of modules will be available to volunteers. So from here, they can see what all the different donations. They have to do for different campaigns.

01:35:14.130 --> 01:35:21.420
shakthi v: And then we can provide the donations. So I can choose what is for which purpose. I'm going to donate as a volunteer.

01:35:21.990 --> 01:35:36.540
shakthi v: And then I can choose like a there is a check or demand jobs or bank transfer the base. Don't selection. Some other fields can be populated for can choose the bank name and the sheet number, what is the actual donation amount which I'm going to provide

01:35:38.070 --> 01:35:47.280
shakthi v: And also, I can enter my donor information if you already have a donor or volunteer within the application your information will be pre populated.

01:35:47.730 --> 01:35:57.930
shakthi v: And you can like simply enter the option and the amount and you can submit this information. So creator also supports a payment integration with many of the payment gateways.

01:35:58.740 --> 01:36:13.080
shakthi v: So you can like integrate with that. So what happens once I submit this form, it will redirect me to the payment gateway from where I can do the transaction and I can complete this donation. So that kind of automation is also available within creator

01:36:14.970 --> 01:36:24.720
shakthi v: And I will also show some of the ready made or completed dashboard. So it's a kind of a procurement management, where we have created the NPA set of dashboard.

01:36:25.170 --> 01:36:32.520
shakthi v: As an admin once they log into the application. I can see what are the different interactions being done, how much the data is being processed.

01:36:33.060 --> 01:36:47.970
shakthi v: How many new products have been obscured procured so all these different set of information we can get it from single dashboard. So this kind of extensive set of application can be built. This is a customized application we built for a client and an enterprise client from the

01:36:50.190 --> 01:36:55.170
Jaideep: City whatever applications have been paid already have those available.

01:36:56.970 --> 01:37:03.900
Jaideep: Templates like we're just, I just deploy them in the configure them according to my need or after design them again for my business.

01:37:05.070 --> 01:37:09.900
shakthi v: Yeah, so we have around like 60 plus predefined solutions available.

01:37:11.100 --> 01:37:26.220
shakthi v: Once again, whatever. So you can choose like most of the requirements we will know get into that list of requirements and also we are expanding the list of pre built applications look once in a month, we are coming up with three predefined solutions.

01:37:27.330 --> 01:37:44.070
shakthi v: And recently, we have come up with a workplace safety management, but this one. This has been built based on the guidelines provided by who so this kind of like solutions will come up know day to day basis, based on different requirements and know different use cases.

01:37:45.210 --> 01:37:45.540

01:37:48.060 --> 01:37:51.600
Jaideep: Any other questions from any other participants, please feel free

01:37:56.460 --> 01:38:03.270
bharath: To just chat in the chat. The set of customers that will you give you an indication of what are the possible applications that can be created.

01:38:04.500 --> 01:38:12.780
shakthi v: Yeah, and I will like to add one more point specific to the donations. I actually working with

01:38:13.950 --> 01:38:23.100
shakthi v: NGOs currently so they want to collect donations and they stated that due to some government regulations, all the donation has to be like

01:38:23.850 --> 01:38:34.200
shakthi v: Get the ban on the order verification done so they want to do an order on the pan verification within the application. So we are currently like building that solution for them.

01:38:35.280 --> 01:38:46.530
shakthi v: So like as we are moving more into a digital platform like almost all the data be structured perfectly. So this kind of requirements we are getting. And we are helping our customers to build it.

01:38:49.830 --> 01:38:50.250
Jaideep: So,

01:38:51.420 --> 01:38:55.980
Jaideep: Another question is, is there any limit in so creator like to handle

01:38:58.440 --> 01:39:00.540
Jaideep: So many users or to handle

01:39:01.200 --> 01:39:02.430
Jaideep: So many long

01:39:02.610 --> 01:39:03.270
Piece of

01:39:04.290 --> 01:39:07.890
Jaideep: Code kind of thing like 15,000 users or

01:39:10.170 --> 01:39:13.440
Jaideep: Hundred thousand lines of code. So is there any limit to that.

01:39:14.400 --> 01:39:21.900
shakthi v: No, there is no specific like restrictions in the application. There are some restrictions, based on the subscription.

01:39:22.500 --> 01:39:28.680
shakthi v: The subscription is actually based on user based so many users like you want to access application.

01:39:29.190 --> 01:39:35.640
shakthi v: Can have it. And also we have a dedicated customer portal for the external users to access the application.

01:39:36.090 --> 01:39:51.660
shakthi v: Through a dedicated portal, you can completely white label the customer portal as well. And also we provide the rebrand and mobile application for both Android and worse. So once you build the entire web application, you can simply download the rebrand or mobile application.

01:39:52.890 --> 01:39:54.570
shakthi v: Either for Android I worse.

01:39:55.980 --> 01:39:57.300
Jaideep: And just told me again.

01:39:58.710 --> 01:40:00.090
shakthi v: Yes, it's entirely Globus

01:40:02.580 --> 01:40:05.490
shakthi v: So from the settings. I can go into download the mobile app.

01:40:06.240 --> 01:40:11.550
shakthi v: For both internal users as well as external customer portal users, I can download the mobile app.

01:40:12.210 --> 01:40:22.770
shakthi v: Suppose I have to configure the customer portal. So once it's done it. I can download the mobile app publish it in the App Store all the users or the customer portal, users can download and access the application.

01:40:25.110 --> 01:40:26.940
Jaideep: And mobile only supports all

01:40:28.050 --> 01:40:30.300
Jaideep: Operating systems and versions.

01:40:32.310 --> 01:40:37.740
shakthi v: Yeah, we support like Android, and I wish we are not supporting Windows platform.

01:40:40.080 --> 01:40:41.310
Jaideep: Windows and for

01:40:42.390 --> 01:40:43.260
shakthi v: Exactly, yeah.

01:40:43.500 --> 01:40:49.770
shakthi v: And for laptop its cloud based so you can use it on all the available browsers.

01:40:50.730 --> 01:40:52.740
Jaideep: So it is not. Those are dependent actually

01:40:53.700 --> 01:40:56.610
shakthi v: Yeah, it's not a dependent. So you can use it on any process.

01:41:00.330 --> 01:41:02.310
Jaideep: There's a question from me, I suppose.

01:41:06.720 --> 01:41:06.900

01:41:07.980 --> 01:41:12.060
bharath: The mobile app support offline access if you're working in an area with Open Table intimate

01:41:12.960 --> 01:41:21.810
shakthi v: Definitely. Here it is. There are some components we provide for the offline access. Let's say you are filling up a form and you're submitting that information.

01:41:22.290 --> 01:41:30.990
shakthi v: So there are some components like forms and reports can be available in offline version also. So even if your mobile phone is not connected to internet, you can still access

01:41:31.320 --> 01:41:38.940
shakthi v: The application and you can submit the information. And once your mobile phone. God, the internet connection back all the data will get synchronized to the cloud automatically

01:41:39.270 --> 01:41:55.410
shakthi v: So here, like we don't have to do any manual work. So as usual, you use the application in the cloud version, you can use it in the offline version as well. So when the internet connection is available, the system will update or sync all the information to the cloud automatically say

01:41:55.800 --> 01:41:57.180
Eli van der Giessen: Really helpful for people doing

01:41:57.180 --> 01:41:57.870

01:41:59.100 --> 01:41:59.850
shakthi v: Exactly, yeah.

01:42:01.410 --> 01:42:02.850
Jaideep: So there's no data loss.

01:42:04.290 --> 01:42:14.160
shakthi v: You know, there won't be any data because all the data will be stored in the mobile phone the cache memory from there it will automatically updated to the cloud.

01:42:15.660 --> 01:42:19.140
Jaideep: Is a question from the chat bots, which are also available.

01:42:21.300 --> 01:42:29.220
shakthi v: Yeah, so that's available as an integration, which is not available inbuilt within Zoho creator, we have another Zoho product which is the hope that

01:42:29.970 --> 01:42:39.540
shakthi v: We can have an integration with the hopefully can we can create chat box Zoho click it and complete a chat communication system where we can create chat bots as

01:42:41.490 --> 01:42:42.990
Jaideep: You have a whole

01:42:44.940 --> 01:42:48.420
Jaideep: Other product like it talks like it was like

01:42:52.470 --> 01:43:02.250
shakthi v: No, we don't have that system, but there are several systems available. I mean, the third party application, we can have integrations like Zoho creator provides the STP integration.

01:43:02.580 --> 01:43:10.380
shakthi v: Using which we can have an integration with those service and creator actually in the back end support a lot of different technologies.

01:43:11.040 --> 01:43:27.000
shakthi v: Let's say you want to have even more customized user interface, we have an witches. On top of that, you can use JavaScript or any other no programming language like you want to have. You can use JavaScript now. So for mobile. The provide mobile SDK.

01:43:28.380 --> 01:43:42.840
shakthi v: Using which you can completely customize the mobile interface and you can have integration with third party application using REST API that we can completely customize application, whatever the functionalities. You're not looking to achieve within the application that can be done.

01:43:45.810 --> 01:43:48.330
Jaideep: But I read somewhere. This was based

01:43:50.280 --> 01:43:57.570
Jaideep: Also like I tell the system, show me invoices of June. So, it displays in what is that so

01:43:59.010 --> 01:44:02.700
shakthi v: Yeah, I think you're referring to the eyes. It's a

01:44:03.090 --> 01:44:04.650
shakthi v: Complete. Yeah.

01:44:04.920 --> 01:44:09.060
shakthi v: Artificial intelligence to using which we can have that integration so

01:44:12.570 --> 01:44:15.720
Jaideep: There's another question from, I suppose.

01:44:20.820 --> 01:44:25.740
Jaideep: People using the app. Want to check with each other. Is that possible.

01:44:28.650 --> 01:44:36.060
shakthi v: So I assume, like a two different people are using the application and they want to communicate us what it means.

01:44:37.470 --> 01:44:38.160
I think so.

01:44:49.590 --> 01:44:53.310
Renu Shah: I'm asking too many questions. Um, so

01:44:53.340 --> 01:44:53.820

01:44:55.140 --> 01:45:02.550
Renu Shah: Like a messenger service or something where if two people are on the app and they want to chat with each other. So that's kind of a future.

01:45:04.860 --> 01:45:14.490
shakthi v: Yeah, actually we don't have that feature right now. Like, as I said, you can have an integration with Zoho click where you can like directly have a communication within the team member

01:45:17.940 --> 01:45:18.600
shakthi v: In case.

01:45:19.410 --> 01:45:20.730
shakthi v: In case if you want to

01:45:21.750 --> 01:45:32.910
shakthi v: See the status of what all the work done so in the report, you have the option to add a comment to once a job has been completed. Let's say if you want to modify some changes. You can have

01:45:33.810 --> 01:45:48.510
shakthi v: The comment entered and you can just commented, so that the other users can also see this set of information. So once the changes have been done, they can also update it from there. And so you can see like, what are the different users have commented on this particular report.

01:45:50.370 --> 01:45:50.670
Renu Shah: Okay.

01:45:52.170 --> 01:46:03.900
Renu Shah: I was asking from a different point of view, since I run an incubator program. I was wondering if two people want to exchange ideas and chat with each other on a certain idea something. So from that point of view, if

01:46:05.700 --> 01:46:06.750
shakthi v: You're in the glaze.

01:46:06.990 --> 01:46:10.740
shakthi v: can indicate, you can use the hopeless, which is a complete communication to

01:46:22.440 --> 01:46:23.370
Jaideep: I'm finding it quite

01:46:24.750 --> 01:46:25.830
Jaideep: powerful and useful.

01:46:28.410 --> 01:46:31.350
Jaideep: It is not only for not only for NGOs, but for

01:46:32.490 --> 01:46:37.200
Jaideep: Any size of businesses enterprises governments.

01:46:38.580 --> 01:46:40.500
Jaideep: Professionals and

01:46:42.180 --> 01:46:43.140
Jaideep: It's quite a powerful tool.

01:46:44.220 --> 01:46:54.540
bharath: So even in India, there are some large brands like it's a whirlpool Samsonite Russia. These are some organizations Amato Xiaomi they are already using

01:46:56.790 --> 01:47:03.150
bharath: The product. So we since we kept it very NGO focus. We didn't even use those examples, or we did not get in trouble.

01:47:12.780 --> 01:47:13.620
Jaideep: Alright, so

01:47:15.210 --> 01:47:19.680
Jaideep: I think you all of all the participants.

01:47:20.250 --> 01:47:24.930
Jaideep: Ali Baba chuck a for sparing your time and

01:47:26.100 --> 01:47:27.840
Jaideep: enlightening us with the whole creator

01:47:31.440 --> 01:47:34.680
Jaideep: There is a comment from Gary Mahoney, she says, very powerful.

01:47:35.970 --> 01:47:39.090
Jaideep: Product and so

01:47:44.310 --> 01:47:50.370
Jaideep: There are some comments on supplements. Great. So if there are no questions.

01:47:52.860 --> 01:47:54.600
Jaideep: Let's say goodbye to each other and

01:47:57.510 --> 01:48:01.260
Jaideep: I'm back again for some other session next useful session.

01:48:02.610 --> 01:48:17.880
Eli van der Giessen: Lovely, thank you so much for organizing this. I really look forward to the next event. And for those who, you know, maybe missed some of the session. I'll share the video with everyone who RSVP for the event by next week.

01:48:22.200 --> 01:48:22.500
bharath: Okay.

01:48:23.850 --> 01:48:24.060
bharath: Yeah.

01:48:25.620 --> 01:48:30.330
shakthi v: Thank you about it, like every man wants to share the email address, please. Sure.

01:48:31.410 --> 01:48:40.110
bharath: Yeah, maybe I'll just quickly take my email id there so that for once a teacher can can connect. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

01:48:41.700 --> 01:48:48.720
bharath: What Zoho and the only one there. So that's my ID, but a commodity. It's a hook or come and like

01:48:51.420 --> 01:48:57.240
bharath: Takes a partnership commented Alison has mentioned that there is also a special discount offer for

01:48:58.560 --> 01:49:10.560
bharath: XO Nasscom members as well by next week. That should also go like when you reach out to me if you can just mentioned that will ensure that you are given a special discount as well. And we'll share more details on the Commission's

01:49:13.980 --> 01:49:16.650
bharath: Thank you so much, guys. It's a pleasure. Thanks for having us here. Thanks God

01:49:17.520 --> 01:49:19.320
Jaideep: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

01:49:20.790 --> 01:49:22.230
Eli van der Giessen: Thank you. Thank you, everyone.

01:49:24.030 --> 01:49:24.960
Jaideep: Thanks. Bye bye.