NetSquared New Delhi: How Important Is Technology for Non Profit Organizations?

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Hosted by NetSquared New Delhi on June 19 2020.


Keynote - 10 minutes - Elijah van der Giessen, NetSquared Community Manager
6.30 – 6.40 pm IST

A brief introduction to the Big Tech program by NASSCOM Foundation - 10 minutes - Saurabh Madan - NASSCOM Foundation
6.40 pm - 6.50 pm IST

Panel Discussion - Topic: Work Culture Transformation - Pre-Pandemic to Lockdown to Un-Lockdown - 20 minutes
6.50 – 7.10 pm IST

  • Moderator - Jaideep Khanduja
  • Panelists: Vertica Dwivedi - WADE Foundation
  • Neeraj Agarwal - Socially India Included Foundation
  • Anshuman Gupta - Kaushal Yuva Trust
  • Renu Shah - Shakti - The Empathy Project
  • Bharath Kumar - Zoho Corp.

Q&A - 10 minutes
7.10 – 7.20 pm IST

Closing remarks & open discussion - 10 minutes - Jaideep Khanduja



00:53:40    Jaideep:    great
01:01:48    Eli van der Giessen:    Welcome! You will start muted. Let us know in the chat you would like to talk.
01:24:28    Eli van der Giessen:
01:25:36    Eli van der Giessen:    MyKartavya aims to utilize the strengths of the employees of the IT-BPM industry for assisting NGOs, simultaneously promoting employee engagement through strategic volunteering.
01:29:41    Eli van der Giessen:    Try —  your homework before our next session on June 25. ;-)
01:30:02    Vertica Dvivedi:    Would love to try Zoho for App. We are facing issues in creating app
01:30:46    Eli van der Giessen:    NEW URL!
01:30:54    Vertica Dvivedi:    Can you share the BigTech website once more
01:31:04    Vertica Dvivedi:    Thanks Eli
01:31:08    Vertica Dvivedi:    Got it :)
01:32:10    Vertica Dvivedi:    Does it support cross platform of android and ios
01:32:40    Eli van der Giessen:    The Zoho Creator NGO page:
01:32:58    Jaideep:    next event on 25th is exclusively on Zoho
01:34:22    Renu Shah:    What kind of documents are required?
01:37:10    Eli van der Giessen:    @Renu: You can review the documentation requirements at
02:12:03    ANSHUMAN GUPTA:    Thank you everyone! It was nice to be part of it!
02:12:11    Eli van der Giessen:    Video will be at
02:12:17    Vertica Dvivedi:    thanks
02:12:17    Renu Shah:    Thank you so much


01:06:32.790 --> 01:06:43.290
Eli van der Giessen: Hi, my name is Eli. I'm the net script community manager based here in Vancouver, Canada in my kitchen with low light because the days just starting over here time zones are amazing.

01:06:44.550 --> 01:06:56.880
Eli van der Giessen: And I work for a nonprofit organization called texting. But what tech soup does is as a nonprofit. They help other nonprofits get implement and use technology effectively.

01:07:00.150 --> 01:07:17.910
Eli van der Giessen: And this program. I'm part of is is truly global so these Net Squared meetups of which you've joined the first of here in New Delhi is actually one of 128 local meetups we actually just opened another one up in Bengaluru as well. So, so we're really keeping on expanding so

01:07:19.080 --> 01:07:28.260
Eli van der Giessen: This may well be a group in your city and this net squared is actually part of tech soup, which is it said this nonprofit but it's

01:07:29.580 --> 01:07:30.810
Eli van der Giessen: The globe.

01:07:31.890 --> 01:07:44.790
Eli van der Giessen: We partnered with existing organizations in each country just sort of represent the Texas service. I'll talk more about that. But here in India. It's run by the Nasscom Foundation and goes by the name of big tech

01:07:47.100 --> 01:07:53.700
Eli van der Giessen: But before I go into that every community has rules. So let me tell you a little bit about the rules of these Net Squared community meetups

01:07:55.020 --> 01:07:57.330
Eli van der Giessen: So first of all, we welcome everyone.

01:07:58.950 --> 01:08:03.180
Eli van der Giessen: I think. Secondly, we put you in the first because we're here to support each other.

01:08:04.980 --> 01:08:22.560
Eli van der Giessen: Our third rule is that we're here to build stronger nonprofits and NGOs. So technology is the lens and the way we look at how we can help nonprofits, but ultimately we're not technology meetups but rather a beat up for people who work in NGOs who are looking for solutions.

01:08:23.820 --> 01:08:32.880
Eli van der Giessen: The fourth rule to me is always the most important which is that we invite participation and I'm really delighted that we've got a good group of conversationalist here today.

01:08:33.240 --> 01:08:42.780
Eli van der Giessen: We think that everyone has something to learn and contribute. And then the last rule is that we treat each other with kindness and respect.

01:08:43.350 --> 01:08:49.710
Eli van der Giessen: And that just means that before you put something into the comment window before you say something, just take a second and say,

01:08:50.220 --> 01:09:04.230
Eli van der Giessen: am I bringing my kindest most empathetic self into this question or into this comment if you think maybe you could do slightly better with just take a moment and try again. Because again, we're here to support each other.

01:09:06.630 --> 01:09:16.740
Eli van der Giessen: And as I said we need your help. There's all kinds of ways you can participate. Maybe you've got a great story. And you want to share a case study with other NGOs.

01:09:17.670 --> 01:09:25.950
Eli van der Giessen: Maybe you want to get involved with marketing and promoting because this group is brand new. So we're still looking to build our community in our audience.

01:09:26.580 --> 01:09:39.630
Eli van der Giessen: Maybe you are a great typist and you want to take some notes and write up a bit of like a blog post about what we talked about in these conversations, if you're interested at all. Let us know and we'd love to get you involved with the team.

01:09:43.410 --> 01:09:51.840
Eli van der Giessen: So that squared is a program where we actually offer people support on how to use technology, but of course the first big question is,

01:09:52.380 --> 01:10:02.640
Eli van der Giessen: Well, how do I get access to technology like I work in an NGO, I don't have money and tech soup and the big tech program or one of the ways to help

01:10:03.480 --> 01:10:17.430
Eli van der Giessen: They've got solve that problem, but at least reduce the size of that problem. So through tech soup globally, we are offering donated discounted hardware, software and services to people who work in NGOs.

01:10:19.500 --> 01:10:34.890
Eli van der Giessen: As I said, our local partner for tech soup here in India, is it as come Foundation, which goes by the big tech program. And so a is any, like, has it everyone already no big tech like no hands up. I could run into them so far.

01:10:39.540 --> 01:10:44.850
Eli van der Giessen: I see some hands. It means okay good for that. I do have some things to share with people.

01:10:50.880 --> 01:11:01.920
Eli van der Giessen: So here's a sampling of what you can find within that big tech catalog and it's everything from free access to some software from Microsoft.

01:11:03.300 --> 01:11:16.590
Eli van der Giessen: To a 50% discount to a tool like zoom the tool we're using right here today to 10 licenses to box to maybe you need Doc, you sign to sign your volunteer contacts remotely.

01:11:17.160 --> 01:11:32.550
Eli van der Giessen: Or maybe you need tablo to do data visualization. So these are just some of the things you're going to find in the catalog. You'll also, of course, find the Google for Nonprofits program, which gives you access to both free advert credit and of course the Google sweet tools.

01:11:36.090 --> 01:11:42.660
Eli van der Giessen: So when I said Texas is global, it's totally true. And we've served at this point over a million nonprofits.

01:11:43.140 --> 01:11:52.710
Eli van der Giessen: And save the sector $11 billion in licensing fees, which is kind of ridiculous, but it's important that we do this because

01:11:53.670 --> 01:12:03.810
Eli van der Giessen: That's $11 billion that is now kept in the nonprofit sector. And while we're doing that. It's also making sure that nonprofits have access to the technology.

01:12:04.260 --> 01:12:19.260
Eli van der Giessen: To actually be more effective to scale the work and especially during these times during the Copa 19 pandemic, where many of us are working from homes in ways we hadn't before it's giving us the technologies that we can work remotely more effectively.

01:12:21.240 --> 01:12:24.240
Eli van der Giessen: So let me talk about the Texas technology marketplace.

01:12:26.250 --> 01:12:28.770
Eli van der Giessen: So this is what it's often been like

01:12:30.510 --> 01:12:39.600
Eli van der Giessen: For a profit on the left side, you've got all these companies are really looking for ways that they can donate to nonprofits.

01:12:40.050 --> 01:12:49.740
Eli van der Giessen: But they have a problem, and that problem is they have lawyers, lawyers are delightful BUT LAWYERS also have compliance rules and they really want to make sure that

01:12:50.190 --> 01:13:03.360
Eli van der Giessen: The donations that are happening are going to valid legal nonprofits in their country. And this is where tech super stepped in. So we're making it much, much easier for these companies to give to nonprofits globally.

01:13:04.890 --> 01:13:13.500
Eli van der Giessen: And the way that happens is texting has created a global validation engine. So every nonprofit in the world comes in and creates the free texting account.

01:13:14.550 --> 01:13:27.000
Eli van der Giessen: takes you a couple minutes a week later you get your validation and once you've done that, well, then you've done all of that due diligence that these companies means because all of them except that text to validation

01:13:27.510 --> 01:13:35.220
Eli van der Giessen: As proof that you're a valid nonprofit that they can donate to you. So instead of you have to apply individually to each one of these companies.

01:13:35.670 --> 01:13:46.560
Eli van der Giessen: And then wait amongst the see if they accept you. You basically get this pre acceptance. Once you've gone through that text program. And that's what's allowed us to scale to serve a million nonprofits.

01:13:50.070 --> 01:13:57.720
Eli van der Giessen: So how'd you get started with this because the cost right now if you aren't using taxi, you're probably throwing your money away. You're not using it as effectively as you could.

01:13:58.950 --> 01:14:10.350
Eli van der Giessen: And so step one, of course, is to create that free account, you go to big tech Nasscom, you can certainly find that if you drop it into your Google and search for it.

01:14:11.250 --> 01:14:24.210
Eli van der Giessen: And usually, who is eligible, it varies a little bit, but you'd be like an NGO or a charity. And the important part is you need to be formally registered, you need to have some kind of government documentation.

01:14:24.690 --> 01:14:33.600
Eli van der Giessen: And the specifics varies by country. So you can look on the website to get exact details or friends that you know that has come foundation can explain more

01:14:34.560 --> 01:14:45.990
Eli van der Giessen: But you'll want to make sure that you've got the proper documentation in place then registration is free and you upload your documents and usually about a week or two later you'll get a confirmation

01:14:49.050 --> 01:15:01.530
Eli van der Giessen: Each one of the partners in the catalog has set their own eligibility rules and criteria. So as you go through the catalog, which is a little bit like going through, you know, an online shopping page you'll see that each

01:15:02.130 --> 01:15:06.690
Eli van der Giessen: Like product has different eligibility. So you'll want to make sure that your organization.

01:15:07.140 --> 01:15:17.340
Eli van der Giessen: Is qualified to be, you know, have sometimes the eligibility of like organization to only up to a certain budget size or organizations that only work with youth services. So you want to take a look at that.

01:15:21.210 --> 01:15:38.730
Eli van der Giessen: But here's the crazy big number. So across the textbook network be typical organization with their time over tech soup said like the lifetime savings is $17,000 so that's a significant amount that we're ensuring state with nonprofits.

01:15:40.830 --> 01:15:47.880
Eli van der Giessen: And then of course through tech soup and our local partners. There's also webinars and articles to help guide you as well as a forum.

01:15:49.050 --> 01:16:04.380
Eli van der Giessen: But of course the part that I think is the most fun. Are these that squared networking events where NGO staff come together to support each other and tell their own stories of how they using technology. And so I'm really delighted that you've stumbled into a. Net Squared Meetup.

01:16:06.960 --> 01:16:13.170
Eli van der Giessen: And we're not done there's going to be another event coming really soon, who I did not actually update the title.

01:16:14.040 --> 01:16:23.520
Eli van der Giessen: But the next one is going to be on the 25th and it's going to be all about how to use Zoho creator with one of the latest partnerships actually with tech soup.

01:16:23.880 --> 01:16:33.960
Eli van der Giessen: And I think it's going to be, it's gonna be really fascinating to show people how they can use this local platform to create custom solutions for the nonprofit, because of course

01:16:34.350 --> 01:16:52.590
Eli van der Giessen: Every organization is just a little bit different. So that is my introduction. I'm really delighted that you came here to join us today, and I'm going to turn it over to the actual experts as opposed to me some guy in his kitchen and Canada. Who knows what's happening in India right now.

01:17:03.420 --> 01:17:07.410
Saurabh Madan: So I believe I'm Next on the agenda.

01:17:08.430 --> 01:17:13.530
Saurabh Madan: Thank you that this has been really informative. This is also my first

01:17:14.670 --> 01:17:18.600
Saurabh Madan: community meeting and I'm glad to be a part of this.

01:17:19.170 --> 01:17:29.790
Saurabh Madan: And again, like I also have a small presentation that I'd want to take you through what which will just basically talk about for NASA information is what we do.

01:17:30.240 --> 01:17:41.760
Saurabh Madan: And what is our relationship and how we have really established our partnership with tech. So, how we how do we actually have NGOs in their district transformation journeys so on.

01:17:42.810 --> 01:17:45.270
Saurabh Madan: And we'll also talk about

01:17:46.650 --> 01:17:52.590
Saurabh Madan: Newest acquisition. So again, configure. So thank you. Just one moment to share my

01:18:18.390 --> 01:18:21.090
Saurabh Madan: Oh, everyone is able to see my screen.

01:18:24.420 --> 01:18:38.400
Saurabh Madan: Okay, so our motto as you can all see swarming and they are bit by bit. We are the social and really have Nasscom which is the ID industry body of India.

01:18:39.630 --> 01:18:51.030
Saurabh Madan: So far as when Moscow Moscow Moscow was started, it has been 30 years since then. And while Nasscom actually has taken upon itself to transform the industry.

01:18:51.420 --> 01:19:08.160
Saurabh Madan: Nasscom Foundation has taken upon itself for transforming and again. So as our Prime Minister also basically believes that there's hardly any other organization who has changed the way the world looks at India and mass comm and we are one of the representatives here.

01:19:09.810 --> 01:19:18.930
Saurabh Madan: So what is Nasscom Foundation, known as I said, it is so the social norm of us from our feet have been here.

01:19:20.280 --> 01:19:31.470
Saurabh Madan: Since over a decade now, and we have an impact across different sectors, so we have touched over 3,000,003 million lives as we speak, and

01:19:31.920 --> 01:19:47.460
Saurabh Madan: Empowering nonprofits of technology is one of our key goals of our vision being basically our main goal really overall being that we actually try and promote technology for social good. And our mission actually also revolves around the same

01:19:49.650 --> 01:20:02.490
Saurabh Madan: So as Nasscom Foundation, we have a really, really huge ecosystem, when we actually talk about any other organization in India is arguably any other organization who can

01:20:02.850 --> 01:20:15.300
Saurabh Madan: Actually post have such amazing ecosystem. We have companies on one hand, and we just don't really limit ourselves to IT companies or technology companies, we actually go beyond that, as well.

01:20:16.470 --> 01:20:31.230
Saurabh Madan: We also have amazing partnerships with the government of it from Ministry of electronics information technology to ministry of social justice and empowerment to various different state governments, everyone is kind of

01:20:34.110 --> 01:20:37.650
Saurabh Madan: We also have an amazing rapport with

01:20:38.670 --> 01:20:57.480
Saurabh Madan: A lot of our NGOs, so we call them our partners. So again, now from the larger NGOs like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tech. So as you can always see over here. So, UNICEF to other organizations as we have what 10,000 such partners with us and we have

01:20:58.530 --> 01:20:59.040
Saurabh Madan: A great

01:21:00.570 --> 01:21:02.550
Saurabh Madan: Rapport again with the media is

01:21:04.380 --> 01:21:09.570
Saurabh Madan: If you're in India, you'll always know that. Okay, we end up getting coverage every other

01:21:10.620 --> 01:21:25.470
Saurabh Madan: Across all these media channels and publications and we try and make sure that we all also using this particular part very responsibly and we are trying to make sure that every single

01:21:27.120 --> 01:21:37.200
Saurabh Madan: Thing that at least Nasscom Foundation puts out is for the benefit of the society and is again taking forward our overall agenda of technology to social

01:21:39.780 --> 01:21:55.710
Saurabh Madan: So what do we really do we have three specific pillars that we work around. So, pillar number one is called an evil villain. Number two is nurture and the third pillar is innovate now and enable we try and provide the

01:21:57.120 --> 01:22:05.550
Saurabh Madan: Skills to various different communities from digital literacy basic digital literacy skills to employability basic skills.

01:22:07.920 --> 01:22:11.640
Saurabh Madan: To the underserved community, provided we also provide the

01:22:13.740 --> 01:22:32.760
Saurabh Madan: List policemen assistance to all the people disability initiative is another exciting thing where it it is partly coming under enable and it will also partly come under nurture, because what we do over years, two specific things. One, we try and scale disabled.

01:22:34.290 --> 01:22:42.330
Saurabh Madan: On various different ID and non IT skills so that they can get jobs ready and, on the other hand, we also have

01:22:43.410 --> 01:22:54.360
Saurabh Madan: sensitize the companies across India as to how they have to stress actually has to become make sure that a disabled person is

01:22:56.280 --> 01:23:11.730
Saurabh Madan: Is comfortable in the environment. How that behavior has to be how the overall technology itself also has to be, let's say for example, we're talking about any of the IT companies. So every single website that we

01:23:12.810 --> 01:23:20.700
Saurabh Madan: Have them create we make sure that it is completely accessible. According to the W three C double A standards as a minimum.

01:23:21.270 --> 01:23:26.670
Saurabh Madan: And the fourth thing that we've just started out is called the search and communities. This is a new program.

01:23:27.630 --> 01:23:44.610
Saurabh Madan: Wherein we are trying to rebuild communities, really, of course, the covert impact for the lockdown impact of covert is still with us and hopefully to start soon but but communities have to still rise back up and they have to be

01:23:46.140 --> 01:23:54.840
Saurabh Madan: People who have lost their jobs needs to find new jobs or they need to use their skills to become entrepreneurs. So all of that is taken care by this particular program.

01:23:55.860 --> 01:23:57.420
Saurabh Madan: Then we come into the nurture.

01:23:59.700 --> 01:24:04.170
Saurabh Madan: Take over your big tech is one of the mainstay of this particular program.

01:24:05.280 --> 01:24:13.950
Saurabh Madan: In partnership with tech. So we are able to offer various different products technology products to a lot of NGOs.

01:24:14.970 --> 01:24:18.540
Saurabh Madan: And though I'll come to the big tech, a little later.

01:24:19.800 --> 01:24:36.480
Saurabh Madan: Now also wanted to talk about my cat, which is our volunteering programme were in the industry comes together and volunteers to provide various different technology solutions for example to various different NGOs, it also provides regular

01:24:37.980 --> 01:24:54.000
Saurabh Madan: Solutions to any of the NGOs like even printing of all can be done through this particular program and creating an app can also be done to this particular program when they're a CSR for which is most like most mostly a thought leadership piece, wherein we try and

01:24:55.440 --> 01:25:06.930
Saurabh Madan: Make sure that the whole industry knows and understands the CSR raw its various different versions that are coming out even these days, and so on.

01:25:07.470 --> 01:25:27.420
Saurabh Madan: Then we come into the innovate innovate pillar, we have innovation spaces. So, which is a kind of a maker space for students ready to learn in a very like a sandbox like environment or through practical means and not just theoretical knowledge is given over there.

01:25:28.440 --> 01:25:34.050
Saurabh Madan: Connecting for code is a specific program which we run with Vodafone and Vodafone foundation in particular.

01:25:34.500 --> 01:25:40.470
Saurabh Madan: Veteran we try and provide again amazing technology based solutions to various different NGOs.

01:25:41.040 --> 01:25:48.960
Saurabh Madan: So these solutions have to be innovative is all that we really asked for. And if you also on this particular forum, have a nice at solutions.

01:25:49.830 --> 01:26:00.720
Saurabh Madan: Or any such ideas, let us know. We would want to like create a solution around that as well to help you out to make sure that you can therefore help the communities in need.

01:26:01.230 --> 01:26:19.830
Saurabh Madan: Then we have the Nasscom social innovation for which is a search and selection program for the best of the social innovation in the country and part of the task of Social Innovation Forum is also innovate for accessible India hidden in particular accessibility as

01:26:22.290 --> 01:26:31.710
Saurabh Madan: As a veal category is taken and right now we just finished off with the final application round for this particular program.

01:26:33.390 --> 01:26:39.360
Saurabh Madan: Moving on to the next slide. So this is the impact that we've been able to create so far.

01:26:41.010 --> 01:26:49.320
Saurabh Madan: The numbers really speak for itself. And I'll not really deep dive into this whole thing and very quickly move on to the next slide.

01:26:50.760 --> 01:26:51.690
Saurabh Madan: So big tech

01:26:52.740 --> 01:26:53.190
Saurabh Madan: Like

01:26:54.930 --> 01:27:06.630
Saurabh Madan: And I also said the tech color is Nasscom foundations program to make sure that we are able to encourage this to transformation of NGOs, it is also one of the

01:27:08.340 --> 01:27:12.300
Saurabh Madan: Something that I'll actually want to share it over years that the tech is also

01:27:12.390 --> 01:27:16.830
Saurabh Madan: Asia's largest software donation program. Thanks to take suit.

01:27:18.300 --> 01:27:22.140
Saurabh Madan: What do we really do. So far we have been able to

01:27:23.250 --> 01:27:28.350
Saurabh Madan: Provide licenses worth $11.5 million to NGOs across

01:27:30.570 --> 01:27:37.140
Saurabh Madan: The end does the software really is available from across the platform across the, across the

01:27:39.120 --> 01:27:56.160
Saurabh Madan: gamut altogether from hosting solutions like AWS and Azure or Microsoft or short to antivirus solutions like Coquille and semantic and that bet defender every single thing is available. We have also

01:27:57.210 --> 01:28:09.150
Saurabh Madan: bracketed these solutions and says six separate things so that you, it becomes easier for you to understand and then go for the right kind of solution that you really require as an NGO

01:28:10.020 --> 01:28:18.210
Saurabh Madan: So let's say for example, if you require for office 365 for your operations that's available. If you require

01:28:19.500 --> 01:28:29.370
Saurabh Madan: Marketing based solutions. So Google advances available for you, then if you require design based solutions so Adobe Creative Suite is available.

01:28:29.790 --> 01:28:46.020
Saurabh Madan: If you require finance and accounting based solutions, the busy for tech complex software is available. If you're still looking at hosting certain specific portals that your own and a lot of server additions of various different software's are also available with us.

01:28:47.880 --> 01:28:50.070
Saurabh Madan: The newest addition, though, is

01:28:51.240 --> 01:28:59.610
Saurabh Madan: And the Soho app creator, which is a low code app creator, which again is something that we are very, very excited about and we would want

01:29:00.720 --> 01:29:03.810
Saurabh Madan: At least all the people in this particular team to at least try it out.

01:29:04.950 --> 01:29:22.470
Saurabh Madan: This particular meeting to try it out once and give it a shot. Because right now, what we are seeing as an industry trend is that apps are the things that are in, and at the same time. One thing that is also seen is that

01:29:23.610 --> 01:29:38.730
Saurabh Madan: NGOs lack the capability of coding these apps. So we actually went across to Soho. And actually, was in discussion with our vice president Satoshi couldn't really make it to the call today.

01:29:40.170 --> 01:30:00.900
Saurabh Madan: He was able to, we were able to then figure out as to how we can benefit NGOs across India and not just across India across the US as well to figure out and see how Zoho as an offering can be offered to all the NGOs, so that they can start creating their own apps without any free

01:30:02.760 --> 01:30:03.270
Saurabh Madan: Coding

01:30:04.410 --> 01:30:09.600
Saurabh Madan: Skills or training required. Okay, so that's about it from our site and

01:30:11.010 --> 01:30:21.360
Saurabh Madan: One more thing that I would like to put out over your is that Victor also has a new URL love I'll be 10 dot Nasscom Foundation dot o RG is still there.

01:30:21.840 --> 01:30:36.000
Saurabh Madan: The can also be used for you to access all these software and more and to go ahead and take advantage of this huge resource that we have at our disposal tends to take soup again on this.

01:30:37.560 --> 01:30:37.740
Saurabh Madan: Now,

01:30:39.000 --> 01:30:39.450
Saurabh Madan: So,

01:30:39.570 --> 01:30:50.280
Saurabh Madan: That's about it from my side though I would now I think like to pass on the beta into token further, let us know about. So who and

01:30:51.900 --> 01:30:52.680
Saurabh Madan: Get over to you.

01:30:57.390 --> 01:31:04.260
bharath: Sure. Thank you, sir. Oh, I mean, that gave a lot of clarity in terms of what what is happening in the larger picture. So thanks for that.

01:31:05.520 --> 01:31:15.540
bharath: I'll keep it very short so yeah I the presence of bozos a software product player. We have 45 plus applications across different spectrum.

01:31:16.890 --> 01:31:19.620
bharath: Beat Office Suite CRM and so on.

01:31:20.700 --> 01:31:28.500
bharath: The product that we are talking know it's all over six fingers called creator, which is an application development platform. Very, very simply put

01:31:29.100 --> 01:31:41.100
bharath: It enables you to build your own apps build web apps or mobile apps without coding. So you can. It's a visual interface and drag and drop interface that allows you to build applications.

01:31:42.240 --> 01:31:49.890
bharath: Like Soros or it makes it easier for NGOs, because they know the process and each NGOs are very unique very different process and that that

01:31:50.610 --> 01:32:02.160
bharath: Not very standard across all all organization. So how do we create an application that is very focused to my needs, or my operations is where platforms like this come up. It's a very nascent

01:32:02.670 --> 01:32:13.530
bharath: Area local platforms are just growing a lot of players out there. So which is which is what we have also another important background as a creator

01:32:14.670 --> 01:32:21.540
bharath: The product. So, beta is replaced by different industries so logistics is one important segment and manufacturing and

01:32:22.230 --> 01:32:30.480
bharath: NGOs are already an important segment in our user base. So we have more than 600 customers currently from the NGO social sector space.

01:32:31.080 --> 01:32:41.760
bharath: Who use this product to build applications and we see people building very small application, maybe a simple donor management app to a complex. The RP level application also through this platform.

01:32:42.270 --> 01:32:57.270
bharath: So that's, that's more on the product and your take. So conversations have happened over quite some time in the past week, I think it took five, six months for the story, but where we are today and we are very excited to see how to take it forward to the market as well.

01:32:58.530 --> 01:32:59.880
bharath: Thank you guys for the opportunity.

01:33:02.520 --> 01:33:04.740
Jaideep: Thanks for that soda ban me

01:33:06.600 --> 01:33:07.320
Jaideep: So kind of

01:33:07.350 --> 01:33:10.260
Jaideep: You and I think, more or less, things are very much here.

01:33:12.630 --> 01:33:15.060
Jaideep: Still, if there are doubts like

01:33:17.490 --> 01:33:19.770
Jaideep: I was thinking, suppose I'm an NGO, and I have to

01:33:21.780 --> 01:33:25.140
Jaideep: Procure some licenses, say for

01:33:27.000 --> 01:33:31.980
Jaideep: Office. What is the process like how easy or how difficult it is

01:33:35.910 --> 01:33:40.290
Saurabh Madan: Ok we have GOP who handles spectate from the ground up. Why don't you take this

01:33:41.160 --> 01:33:43.020
Jyoti Agarwal: Yes. So of all

01:33:44.730 --> 01:33:58.680
Jyoti Agarwal: Any particular enjoyable. Just need to once they sign up and once they have validated by us. They just need to log into their account search for that particular don't know. It's like dumbbell. If you're looking out for office.

01:34:00.060 --> 01:34:00.360
Jaideep: Visits

01:34:00.900 --> 01:34:10.770
Jyoti Agarwal: Then it will be, you will have to just go to the Microsoft and Microsoft, you will find all the list of products that Microsoft is offering and our donation.

01:34:11.850 --> 01:34:16.140
Jyoti Agarwal: Just add the product to the cart update the quantity, check out

01:34:17.880 --> 01:34:33.090
Jyoti Agarwal: Check out and then submit the order. Once you have submit the submitted submitted the order you will receive a four digit order number. So yeah, for each order they it's a unique number that gets generated which boxes and reference number

01:34:34.350 --> 01:34:37.200
Jyoti Agarwal: Also, you will find in there is an auto invoice that

01:34:38.280 --> 01:34:40.470
Jyoti Agarwal: NGO gets after they place an order.

01:34:41.910 --> 01:34:48.210
Jyoti Agarwal: Which will have the banking details of Nasscom Victor where they need to deposit the admin fee.

01:34:49.170 --> 01:35:07.830
Jyoti Agarwal: And the reference the order number basically boxes and reference number which help us to track your payment which, after which one of we will process the order from RN, and maybe next within 24 hours, you will get the fulfillment emails on your registered email address.

01:35:09.300 --> 01:35:09.690
Jyoti Agarwal: So all you

01:35:09.960 --> 01:35:10.590
Jaideep: Need to

01:35:11.730 --> 01:35:16.770
Jyoti Agarwal: Create a VLC account or basically, you will find all the steps of how to

01:35:18.210 --> 01:35:27.030
Jyoti Agarwal: download the software, all the steps will will be mentioned in the fulfillment email but just to let you know you will have to create an LLC account, there will be a unique

01:35:27.870 --> 01:35:33.840
Jyoti Agarwal: license number and authorization number that you will get and through which you can download the software from the Microsoft portal.

01:35:34.920 --> 01:35:41.580
Jaideep: Good and post procurement support is as good as as it as it is to corporates and enterprises.

01:35:42.330 --> 01:35:46.260
Jyoti Agarwal: Yes, some of that is, I mean, since

01:35:47.520 --> 01:35:58.620
Jyoti Agarwal: Downloading software and all, it's, it's actually a very, very easy process case, if you're facing any issues can get back to us and one of my team member will help you out.

01:35:59.850 --> 01:36:06.420
Jaideep: Great. Thank you so much. So now we are ready to start with the no discussion and

01:36:07.530 --> 01:36:09.510
Jaideep: I hope my panelists are ready.

01:36:10.560 --> 01:36:17.730
Jaideep: So the topic is the life of your patients business.

01:36:19.440 --> 01:36:23.550
Jaideep: Before pandemic and asked logged on

01:36:25.410 --> 01:36:31.500
Jaideep: How it has changed how I'm sure nobody was ready for this kind of disaster.

01:36:32.520 --> 01:36:35.280
Jaideep: Whatever disaster recovery plans we had in place.

01:36:36.750 --> 01:36:41.160
Jaideep: Nobody would have planned for such a very different kind of pandemic.

01:36:42.390 --> 01:36:46.680
Jaideep: Situation. So, so how it has changed. So first I will move to

01:36:47.940 --> 01:36:49.110
Jaideep: Like as a business.

01:36:50.250 --> 01:36:56.790
Jaideep: How, how did it impact your business and how quickly you have to

01:36:58.230 --> 01:37:04.950
Jaideep: Take some very innovative quick decisions to make things fall in place.

01:37:06.750 --> 01:37:14.010
bharath: So, so I'll answer this in two parts. First is in terms of preparedness to win the pandemic, was it

01:37:15.300 --> 01:37:20.400
bharath: Frankly, I think our civil society that we go to step two is a visionary was

01:37:22.290 --> 01:37:24.570
bharath: gave us a heads up long back like

01:37:25.590 --> 01:37:33.180
bharath: End itself. We were trying out work from home, but across our offices. We did small pilots to see what are the challenges.

01:37:33.510 --> 01:37:42.900
bharath: We realize there are, there were certain dependencies. For example, we are a SAS software player. So there are data center reactor operations which needed someone to be present in office.

01:37:43.290 --> 01:37:48.360
bharath: I come from the sales and marketing side. So I was there was no issue in me just transitioning to work from.

01:37:48.930 --> 01:37:59.400
bharath: Home and things like that. So in that sense, we were slightly better prepared and when, when the pandemic actually hit large scale where you didn't have a choice that you had to adapt to this scenario.

01:37:59.790 --> 01:38:05.580
bharath: Technologically we were ready is how I would say so working from home. Like, for example, the simplest of things like

01:38:05.940 --> 01:38:18.360
bharath: So we are in 1500 employee organization and we are all used to using laptops right from day one. So there was no dependency, like how do I move my desktop home and things like that. So that part was

01:38:19.020 --> 01:38:28.230
bharath: slightly easier. And I understand that, given the challenges so many organizations are facing, we should have our gratitude that we were able to transition like this.

01:38:28.680 --> 01:38:38.160
bharath: But on the people say yes, it is not as easy as it initially sounded and very frankly earlier when we started we know, like let's say I manage a team of

01:38:38.820 --> 01:38:51.600
bharath: 18 people and I knew all 18 I had been working with them for for the past six months, years, so then working from home was slightly easier that. Okay, I know what are the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, they know how

01:38:52.080 --> 01:38:58.650
bharath: The system works. How to coordinate with other team and so on, but people who join new they are finding it a little tough because

01:38:59.130 --> 01:39:06.900
bharath: We have never interacted with them. They are just, I mean offers made before to log on and that they joined now to teach them the tools and things like that, that there

01:39:07.710 --> 01:39:19.710
bharath: We are facing a natural. I think that that's if work from home is completely easy and smooth. All of us would have done that right from day one. Right. So there are pros and cons on both sides. And I think we are also learning as we go.

01:39:20.220 --> 01:39:27.600
bharath: From a pure, pure business point of view, being have been fortunate enough to handle things slightly better because

01:39:27.930 --> 01:39:39.810
bharath: All our operations continue to run, even after the pandemic it so there was an impact, but definitely does not as bad as what we thought so, even our see what posted publicly and Twitter, and that that

01:39:41.310 --> 01:39:52.770
bharath: Luckily, or we meet again we are lucky that we are in this part of the segment. So we were able to manage our operations and not much of business impact at this point of time, so to speak.

01:39:53.910 --> 01:39:58.140
Jaideep: And you mean to say you had new recruitment event during this kind of

01:39:59.610 --> 01:40:13.680
bharath: Cut. So mostly we see that in in in Indian market, we have the notice period of two months, three months and all that. Right. So when we would have, like, for example, in my team. I had rolled out offer for someone in end of Jan and he was supposed to join after three months TV.

01:40:13.680 --> 01:40:29.970
bharath: So obviously, we had to honor those offers made and then we faced those challenges when someone comes in. He's completely new to the system. So he doesn't know how to interact with, but can I trust him trust him. You know, all those people related aspects are still a challenge.

01:40:32.610 --> 01:40:44.010
Jaideep: Thank you. Thank you, but I'm on to what they really want thicker, you were in a very comfortable zone running, Wade. Wade India where Dacia.

01:40:44.730 --> 01:40:58.140
Jaideep: Wade international and whatnot. And I think that is a very good profit making company and I know when you named a celebrity and you have met those celebrities.

01:40:59.340 --> 01:41:08.970
Jaideep: In person or or in these kind of very high level meetups. What made you to move to a Discomfort Zone of running this NGO and

01:41:10.050 --> 01:41:10.980
Jaideep: What is it about

01:41:13.440 --> 01:41:19.290
Vertica Dvivedi: Jenny, do you know me very well you have been seeing what work since a lot of years so

01:41:19.980 --> 01:41:30.240
Vertica Dvivedi: Other than this kind of glamour and glitz and all these things I wanted to do some real work, you know, something that can give me the kind of the satisfaction. I always looked for

01:41:30.780 --> 01:41:37.740
Vertica Dvivedi: And as you know, like I have come from a family from a very, very, very difficult background like I was

01:41:38.430 --> 01:41:50.220
Vertica Dvivedi: The one taking care of for you know four siblings my three sisters and one brother and how we how I came up to the area and all that. So, after doing all these things and getting success and, you know,

01:41:50.550 --> 01:41:57.810
Vertica Dvivedi: Getting recognition. Definitely. It was time for time for me to give back. And I was the area that I work for is women you know

01:41:58.230 --> 01:42:05.310
Vertica Dvivedi: Okay, so other than women know I've been doing a lot of work for women in design technology and all that, but

01:42:06.150 --> 01:42:18.690
Vertica Dvivedi: The area of the work that I've always wanted to do was something in natural resources. So what is the area that we selected. Last year we created a record by, you know, with all the mass participation of women.

01:42:19.260 --> 01:42:27.300
Vertica Dvivedi: Who have come on ground the women water warriors, we created a share of recording of that. So I know it's difficult, but then I'm not scared of

01:42:27.660 --> 01:42:42.420
Vertica Dvivedi: Trading or difficult part I want to go that way. So as you know, live events are kind of most hit most hit because of this pandemic, right. So, definitely. My plan was to have

01:42:43.140 --> 01:42:50.010
Vertica Dvivedi: The event in this October, which is definitely not going to happen. Now, I'm sure I postponed it to the next financial year.

01:42:51.090 --> 01:42:59.490
Vertica Dvivedi: Right now, yes, the pandemic has actually made us to look at technology we have been thinking about it since a long time.

01:42:59.760 --> 01:43:11.700
Vertica Dvivedi: But then, yes, covered has been the reason for definitely shifting our organization in a digital mode. So that's the reason I'm so much so much interested in understanding knowing adopting you know

01:43:12.150 --> 01:43:24.840
Vertica Dvivedi: Any kind of good technology and I'm I feel that I'm in the right set of people right set of, you know, technology right set of organizations which can really guide me in this kind of situation. I must tell you

01:43:25.860 --> 01:43:31.950
Vertica Dvivedi: Having you know having all this kind of background, we were definitely much more prepared than others.

01:43:32.280 --> 01:43:47.340
Vertica Dvivedi: Okay, just because we had it for a lot of data we have been working with servers and all that with all our offices around media and so turbo and everything being remote. It was not an issue just people have to have their own laptops and all this hardware part ready

01:43:47.490 --> 01:43:57.390
Vertica Dvivedi: And they had just had to you know move to their homes and start getting working. So what did not stop for us, even for empty. So that's the best part. But then when we talk about

01:43:58.050 --> 01:44:00.660
Vertica Dvivedi: You know, being digital and using technology, the most

01:44:01.230 --> 01:44:09.660
Vertica Dvivedi: Best way when it comes to communication sales funnels and all that. I think Zoho and all those things can really help us. We try to adopt couple of times, but

01:44:09.990 --> 01:44:15.630
Vertica Dvivedi: He is our team found it very, very complicated. I must tell you, maybe because you know we were not ready for that.

01:44:15.960 --> 01:44:23.580
Vertica Dvivedi: I don't know the reasons but actually we are ready. Today we are in much in a much more, you know, acceptable mode.

01:44:23.880 --> 01:44:31.800
Vertica Dvivedi: To accept these kind of things because we know there's no other way. So I would like to thank all of you for including me in this. And yes,

01:44:32.580 --> 01:44:42.270
Vertica Dvivedi: I have created this foundation to give back to the society. Yes. And it would be really nice if technology can be an add on to this. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

01:44:43.200 --> 01:44:54.120
Jaideep: Needed is a person I know for a long time and he has a vast experience in running NGOs and in and you also he has seen

01:44:55.440 --> 01:44:57.270
Jaideep: Both sides like and you

01:44:58.650 --> 01:45:00.960
Jaideep: With a plenty of technology.

01:45:02.370 --> 01:45:06.990
Jaideep: Out of which all not being used and now the NGO

01:45:08.100 --> 01:45:15.150
Jaideep: Seeking lot of technology to run its operations. Very well. So needed. Please elaborate like

01:45:18.360 --> 01:45:20.880
Jaideep: What what different types of words.

01:45:20.940 --> 01:45:21.870
Jaideep: Of NGOs, you have

01:45:22.260 --> 01:45:22.710
Jaideep: Been through

01:45:27.180 --> 01:45:33.750
Neeraj Agarwal: So first before I start, thank you so much for sharing me and

01:45:36.480 --> 01:45:36.990
Neeraj Agarwal: So,

01:45:37.800 --> 01:45:59.370
Neeraj Agarwal: I've taken quite a lot of input from there and I will be connecting on all those forums in some of the existing on Victor and then using to create my application. I'm hoping the web applications can be. And so, so that that that you know really thank you for all of that exposure.

01:46:01.170 --> 01:46:05.850
Neeraj Agarwal: So the experience for me started or 14 years back.

01:46:07.710 --> 01:46:17.010
Neeraj Agarwal: Yeah, I used to work with a large company and I seen sort of presentation. The foundation that I had created in that company is there.

01:46:18.060 --> 01:46:19.380
Neeraj Agarwal: As part of your

01:46:22.590 --> 01:46:23.490
Neeraj Agarwal: nit competition.

01:46:24.720 --> 01:46:25.020
Neeraj Agarwal: So,

01:46:28.020 --> 01:46:31.500
Neeraj Agarwal: I moved to I mean move out.

01:46:33.570 --> 01:46:40.110
Neeraj Agarwal: start this business in Google shorts will shores, the company which runs rural people's

01:46:41.250 --> 01:46:53.610
Neeraj Agarwal: They don't set up the New York City. They set up in villages, because we all felt that you know villagers when they move to the cities, they are constantly shifting job.

01:46:54.570 --> 01:47:03.390
Neeraj Agarwal: For even hundred rupees and everything weathers expenditure is too high in the cities. So that's why I was repealed got set up and

01:47:03.900 --> 01:47:14.220
Neeraj Agarwal: Then I think what many, many companies started at that time to set up the videos and related, but I think out of all the people right you are right now the largest

01:47:15.390 --> 01:47:25.110
Neeraj Agarwal: Company in terms of rural side and that is where the skills Academy became a clear picture that for training the youth, we needed in rural areas we needed

01:47:25.770 --> 01:47:38.250
Neeraj Agarwal: ology training and so on. So as of now the other NGO that I've just started I think three years back to socially Indian good foundation that NGO

01:47:38.940 --> 01:47:51.060
Neeraj Agarwal: Is actually making sure is set up for discovering removing discrimination, creating value out of life and the first project that we've taken on his training the kids in the 678

01:47:51.870 --> 01:48:11.010
Neeraj Agarwal: Of government schools and in that process what we're realizing is that technology really doesn't play a role there when an ID foundation like that he was saying too much technology but you know very little us and in this socially India good foundation

01:48:14.220 --> 01:48:19.080
Neeraj Agarwal: Technology is no us because none of those kids can afford.

01:48:20.310 --> 01:48:25.530
Neeraj Agarwal: A laptop or even a mobile the families don't have more wise and

01:48:26.490 --> 01:48:40.470
Neeraj Agarwal: You know, the teachers, of course, for teachers also come travel long distances to reach schools and in that will process and the schools are right now shut to most schools have shifted to online training and

01:48:40.980 --> 01:48:50.130
Neeraj Agarwal: That is, unfortunately, something that we haven't been able to apply to the school that we were working with and what we are now.

01:48:50.730 --> 01:49:02.580
Neeraj Agarwal: As I'm hearing and as I saw many other things. I will now focus on ensuring that the teachers of those schools mobile in their homes and being age and they can be given a little more

01:49:03.360 --> 01:49:15.090
Neeraj Agarwal: Beneficial input to that, you know, they don't lose track of the subjects that they were teaching this. They can come back to those elements. So by the time does school start in September, or maybe maybe 10

01:49:16.500 --> 01:49:21.630
Neeraj Agarwal: So by that time, we will probably try and do something else. Also, for example, I saw that

01:49:22.650 --> 01:49:26.250
Neeraj Agarwal: There is some refurbished stuff that

01:49:27.750 --> 01:49:35.760
Neeraj Agarwal: XO and big tech and ask him Foundation has available. So we could probably offer those

01:49:36.570 --> 01:49:54.390
Neeraj Agarwal: Things you know in villages that there are there. So at least having one or two systems per village might, you know, assist those religious connect on technology and take pic sessions that we have OH technologies enabler technologies, just

01:49:55.440 --> 01:50:03.120
Neeraj Agarwal: A method by which whatever we have this side and that side can benefit speeds up these increases the scale.

01:50:03.810 --> 01:50:19.170
Neeraj Agarwal: These is also reduces a lot of steps that we were taking otherwise in the management process. So it definitely does create that value and impact. So, you know, I would really look forward to all those things, then, you know, really it full for the session.

01:50:20.430 --> 01:50:26.100
Neeraj Agarwal: And being very excited about what all you share so we get that started. Thank you.

01:50:26.940 --> 01:50:37.620
Jaideep: Thank you needed but maybe for these kind of remote places, if not video wise can play a major role. Why is kind of on the voice.

01:50:38.790 --> 01:50:39.540
Jaideep: Was

01:50:39.990 --> 01:50:40.680
Jaideep: Sessions.

01:50:40.740 --> 01:50:41.880
Neeraj Agarwal: Yes, definitely. Yeah.

01:50:43.020 --> 01:50:48.540
Jaideep: Agreed for us and the library, your forecast available to all remote students

01:50:48.870 --> 01:50:50.070
Vertica Dvivedi: Doesn't much space.

01:50:50.100 --> 01:50:50.940
Vertica Dvivedi: Doesn't take much.

01:50:52.920 --> 01:50:53.850
Jaideep: Yeah, I move on.

01:50:54.960 --> 01:50:57.900
Jaideep: Yeah, thank you. There's want to add any

01:50:59.070 --> 01:50:59.670
Neeraj Agarwal: Nice. Okay.

01:51:01.170 --> 01:51:07.200
Jaideep: I move on to Reno. Reno is running Shakti the MIT program. Okay.

01:51:08.610 --> 01:51:22.290
Jaideep: So just a small announcement. She is looking for women leaders and in the entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience and sectoral expertise to mentor young women social entrepreneurs. So I think vertical. You can play a role in that.

01:51:22.500 --> 01:51:23.610
Vertica Dvivedi: Means I mean

01:51:26.460 --> 01:51:27.090
Renu Shah: This is like

01:51:28.680 --> 01:51:32.580
Renu Shah: Thank you, Jerry so much because I never imagined that you want to announce it

01:51:33.840 --> 01:51:35.370
Renu Shah: Is that I'm circulating around

01:51:36.960 --> 01:51:39.720
Vertica Dvivedi: Do any number of women of that category you want

01:51:43.410 --> 01:51:46.440
Jaideep: Me at least or a bar at all can help.

01:51:47.070 --> 01:51:48.480
Renu Shah: Absolutely. So

01:51:51.840 --> 01:51:58.110
Renu Shah: Definitely. We just need people who know the context. And yeah, sure. I'm going to reach out to everyone for that.

01:51:58.530 --> 01:52:10.080
Renu Shah: And I'll just before I go on to talk about Shakti, I will also tell you that why I mentioned women is because last year when we were looking for. Mentors, by default, we got all male mentors. We have a

01:52:10.680 --> 01:52:19.350
Renu Shah: Female mentors and the whole reason we started Shakti was also because of this that when we were looking for entrepreneurs all male entrepreneurs would come in and

01:52:20.010 --> 01:52:28.680
Renu Shah: And so, you know, there was very little room if we did not really focus. We were not getting women. So on that note, I'll tell you a little bit about Shakti Shakti

01:52:29.070 --> 01:52:39.870
Renu Shah: Is pretty much, I would say is that reflection of my own journey as a social entrepreneur. I used to do business. And I think I quit in 2007 and move to the social sector completely

01:52:40.380 --> 01:52:46.170
Renu Shah: I just thought it was my calling and I enjoyed it so much that you know I'm here and

01:52:47.070 --> 01:52:56.790
Renu Shah: But you know there are difficulties that as women we face. I don't say that men entrepreneurs face any less difficulties, whereas women there is an added layer.

01:52:57.150 --> 01:53:05.400
Renu Shah: So the people who love us the most are the ones who stop us the most we they see us working for 1520 hours a day and they say, Oh, what are you getting out of it.

01:53:05.670 --> 01:53:10.890
Renu Shah: You're not looking at this, that uses a lot of other things and other gender biases that we face out there.

01:53:11.430 --> 01:53:22.140
Renu Shah: So because of my own struggles of doing multiple projects and social projects I thought it's just not me them as be many more women like me out there.

01:53:22.650 --> 01:53:27.690
Renu Shah: Who kind of dying untimely death in the first three years of a project so

01:53:28.590 --> 01:53:38.460
Renu Shah: I always say the mortality is the highest in the first few years. It is also highest in any sort of startup, but in social entrepreneurs and women, it gets so high.

01:53:39.030 --> 01:53:43.500
Renu Shah: So the whole idea of doing Shakti is creating a safe space for women.

01:53:44.070 --> 01:53:52.860
Renu Shah: Where we can just talk about what we are doing, what are the challenges you're facing that if you have the money, or it's one student who has learned how to read or is one

01:53:53.460 --> 01:54:03.690
Renu Shah: farmer who's learned how to grow something or is one craftsmen goose craft. We have saved so you know these kind of celebrations and ideas and sounding of

01:54:04.170 --> 01:54:11.760
Renu Shah: All those things we thought that we should create a safe space. And that's how shocked. He was born. Last year we did our first cohort and

01:54:12.510 --> 01:54:19.650
Renu Shah: Surprisingly, and very happily, I would say that we were looking for 20 and we got hundred applications almost

01:54:20.250 --> 01:54:26.280
Renu Shah: So, and that was fantastic. And then that kind of validated what we were planning to do

01:54:26.670 --> 01:54:39.510
Renu Shah: And now as we plan for the next cohort, I am pretty convinced about what we have delivered in the last year and so much more improvisation. We need to do as we go forward. So that's about the program and

01:54:41.070 --> 01:54:41.850
Jaideep: Knowledge in

01:54:42.120 --> 01:54:49.740
Renu Shah: Chapter. Yeah, so the technology. I mean, so if even if you look at the projects all the projects, somehow, including us

01:54:50.700 --> 01:55:02.700
Renu Shah: We decided not to do a center as an intubation center because if you're sitting in a city like Delhi, Bombay, you have good access to Internet and you can go to co working spaces, but

01:55:04.590 --> 01:55:16.950
Renu Shah: The whole program kind of uses technology to communicate to build and with a pandemic, it has even become more because all of us are in different cities.

01:55:17.250 --> 01:55:25.590
Renu Shah: And with different cities communication all the communication is happening through technology. All the trainings are happening through technology.

01:55:26.070 --> 01:55:35.040
Renu Shah: And in fact, this year I don't know our residential workshops happen sometime in October, but we don't see that that might happen at all. So,

01:55:35.670 --> 01:55:43.050
Renu Shah: We are thinking how to just use technology to continue with the program and going for six months just doing the trainings.

01:55:43.440 --> 01:55:49.650
Renu Shah: And probably even in the end, when we have the pitching sessions and everything if things are normal. We would like to have an in person.

01:55:49.890 --> 01:55:58.230
Renu Shah: But otherwise, we will continue to use technology. So this is one element that be a shock to us and everything else that everybody uses

01:55:59.100 --> 01:56:05.430
Renu Shah: As an office. You know, so we use technology in that with the programs that are doing so we were talking about

01:56:05.820 --> 01:56:22.830
Renu Shah: maker spaces maker spaces. So there is one project, which is doing maker spaces with the students who come from not very privileged backgrounds, their insulin. There is a company which is a social enterprise and they are doing diagnosis and antibiotic.

01:56:25.680 --> 01:56:31.350
Renu Shah: You know resistance for TV today using artificial intelligence to do that.

01:56:31.620 --> 01:56:45.450
Renu Shah: So, you know, all these projects are using a lot of technology and I'm just thinking that, how do I take what I'm seeing today to all of them, how they can leverage this to take their work forward. So that's how we're going to use technology in

01:56:48.900 --> 01:56:51.030
Jaideep: Okay, no moving to

01:57:00.150 --> 01:57:00.420
Jaideep: Know,

01:57:02.550 --> 01:57:04.320
Saurabh Madan: You would need to unmute yourself.

01:57:09.960 --> 01:57:10.200

01:57:11.070 --> 01:57:15.030
Jaideep: Hi. Yeah. So you made your son.

01:57:16.170 --> 01:57:18.210
Jaideep: Very much proud when you started

01:57:19.320 --> 01:57:20.910
Jaideep: Something which you wish for.

01:57:22.200 --> 01:57:32.040
Jaideep: So that is something amenable and remarkable. So how, how are you using the technology and running your, you know, because this is

01:57:32.820 --> 01:57:33.180
Jaideep: Kind of

01:57:38.400 --> 01:57:40.650
Saurabh Madan: America computer virtual background Minnie Mouse.

01:57:42.450 --> 01:57:43.260
Saurabh Madan: NATO.

01:57:45.030 --> 01:57:45.360
Jaideep: Truman

01:57:46.020 --> 01:57:46.470

01:57:47.940 --> 01:57:48.600
Jaideep: Yeah, so

01:57:48.630 --> 01:58:12.510
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Yeah so GDPR soba as my journey with the NGO started in 2007 when I joined this organization called Samuel foundation. They were into dress designing and all from there only I got this, you know, inclination towards social sector and NGO and helping people.

01:58:13.950 --> 01:58:25.200
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Then I I have used technology. So I will, I will go like this. God like You stated everywhere that you know post before lockdown during lockdown and post lockdown.

01:58:25.980 --> 01:58:40.650
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: I will talk about before lockdown. So how I have used technology. So in in one of the area we have set up computers for all the community. People were students for

01:58:41.040 --> 01:58:47.490
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: From this community. They were allowed to come for two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening and they can use this

01:58:48.180 --> 01:59:07.080
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: gadget this computer to do whatever they want to do. So typically, someday we used to play some rain someday we used to open the paint it was inspired by Dr. Chicago metro if you have, if you remember what he has done people in the wall. Right. So we have done similar kind of thing.

01:59:07.350 --> 01:59:16.230
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: And we hold the one is hole in the wall. Yes, hold on the wall, so that's that's that's the inspiration that that the inspiration came from there.

01:59:16.710 --> 01:59:29.880
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: And we could we could understand that small kids, you know, carrying their bags of letters and all they started playing on pain they started creating something or the other.

01:59:30.480 --> 01:59:40.590
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: So that was, that was the power of technology before lockdown. Then came the lockdown so slowly and steadily. I started my own

01:59:41.250 --> 01:59:55.860
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Organization called cautiously what rest in 2017 and we got approximately 55 students and our approach is not into rural but to see that people, those who are coming. I'm

01:59:56.610 --> 02:00:06.840
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Look, I'm located in way, surely, which is. Gotcha. But so we are primarily trying to see that people the labors, those who are coming from different parts

02:00:08.010 --> 02:00:22.440
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Different parts of the country and residing in this area. How can we help them. So there was a huge community here of 200 different people invasion, Lisa. We started catering them.

02:00:23.580 --> 02:00:29.850
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Unfortunately during lockdown one after another, they started moving out of this place.

02:00:29.850 --> 02:00:33.060
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: And they went back to UP, Bihar their own places.

02:00:33.600 --> 02:00:54.480
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: We left with 18 people 18 kids and we used to send them homework or some kind of, you know, voice our lectures and all those things. But after some time like like after 1520 days when their internet connection was down because they could not recharge that

02:00:55.860 --> 02:01:10.680
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Their entire connection with us got disconnected. Okay, so that is the current situation and post lockdown we are again I'm speaking to a couple of different organization corporates.

02:01:11.220 --> 02:01:23.130
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: We are also organizing certain kind of concerts, through which we can do some fundraising and we can get some sort of, you know, some sort of maybe

02:01:24.450 --> 02:01:38.370
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Hand some sort of mobile phones, smartphones or something, through which we can start our online session because I don't see anywhere before next year, January I can call them to the school.

02:01:39.450 --> 02:01:43.740
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: I can, I can call the call them physically to take the session.

02:01:45.240 --> 02:01:50.220
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Right. So, that is that is the situation right now. And obviously, it will be great help. If

02:01:51.540 --> 02:01:55.050
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: From your side if any kind of suggestion comes in.

02:01:56.130 --> 02:01:56.430
Jaideep: Sure.

02:01:57.930 --> 02:01:59.370
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Thank you. Yeah.

02:01:59.460 --> 02:02:02.850
Jaideep: Thank you so much. Just a quick question to all panelists.

02:02:03.720 --> 02:02:05.460
Jaideep: On a scale of zero to 10

02:02:05.910 --> 02:02:10.410
Jaideep: Your pace of operations before lockdown and

02:02:10.620 --> 02:02:11.220
Also logo.

02:02:17.280 --> 02:02:18.240
Vertica Dvivedi: Should I start

02:02:19.350 --> 02:02:19.770
Jaideep: Quickly.

02:02:20.160 --> 02:02:38.310
Vertica Dvivedi: Okay, so before long ago. Definitely. We were in the Great Race and I would give 10 nine out of 10 of before long down after. No, no, definitely. It was five out of 10 and then now it is six out of 10 or six and a half. I would give. Okay, next time.

02:02:38.820 --> 02:02:43.650
Renu Shah: I'll go next. So I'm currently running two projects. One is an education.

02:02:44.040 --> 02:02:55.050
Renu Shah: And I would say before the lockdown of we will doing somewhere around seven eight on that because it was a Google program. And right now we're doing zero or one.

02:02:55.440 --> 02:03:05.100
Renu Shah: And we're still figuring out what technology, we should use so that we can replace the real classroom to a virtual classroom and as Angelman just mentioned with very, very

02:03:05.700 --> 02:03:21.090
Renu Shah: Poor population of the country. So, and on Chuck D, which is the other project that I'm doing. I think because it was always a project which was not in person, all the time we were doing somewhere around eight, and we should be

02:03:22.140 --> 02:03:25.590
Renu Shah: We must be doing around seven right now the

02:03:25.680 --> 02:03:30.750
Jaideep: XML folks, you know, but something like FM general or a TV channel.

02:03:32.310 --> 02:03:33.630
Jaideep: That can make you look very fast.

02:03:34.110 --> 02:03:34.920

02:03:36.240 --> 02:03:36.630
Renu Shah: Yes.

02:03:37.200 --> 02:03:40.140
Jaideep: Yeah, still do today.

02:03:42.360 --> 02:03:42.870
We shake

02:03:44.880 --> 02:03:45.300
Jaideep: We did.

02:03:48.900 --> 02:03:49.380
Neeraj Agarwal: So,

02:03:50.460 --> 02:03:57.330
Neeraj Agarwal: Under business run the business has gone down, but the work has actually become better because

02:03:57.930 --> 02:04:10.920
Neeraj Agarwal: We have been the VP of people we have been able to move them work from home and we are realizing with that. There's another model coming up on that side, the business dropped of it. But this is also started picking up

02:04:12.000 --> 02:04:18.990
Neeraj Agarwal: On the scale, I have to say this, if you are operating at eight out of 10 in the business and we kind of dropped

02:04:20.490 --> 02:04:43.710
Neeraj Agarwal: Maybe five or maybe less than bye for now we are going back. So we will probably be back at eight or something like that in the next month on the social side actually with the lockdown. A in the NGO the work as almost come to a standstill. So it's like up to zero, but that

02:04:44.760 --> 02:04:55.200
Neeraj Agarwal: You know, one or two steps we have started taking like I wish I was sharing what he said on with that intent. I see that there is some possibility that in the villages. Also, we

02:04:56.880 --> 02:05:04.170
Neeraj Agarwal: Get back from zero probably will get back at least in the next two, three months, but I can't really predict on that.

02:05:06.120 --> 02:05:07.020
Jaideep: We shake, but

02:05:09.510 --> 02:05:09.840
Neeraj Agarwal: Yeah.

02:05:10.380 --> 02:05:20.760
bharath: I explained that led by think I really wish Reno and nearest come back to normalcy very so my my sincere place for that as an organization. Yeah, we are.

02:05:21.180 --> 02:05:31.110
bharath: More or less the same dream Sofia have to say eight out of 10 earlier it's around seven out of 10 not not not much of a major impact because we are in that space. Fortunately,

02:05:36.540 --> 02:05:36.900
Jaideep: Yeah.

02:05:40.020 --> 02:05:40.560

02:05:42.900 --> 02:05:43.470
Let me

02:05:50.040 --> 02:05:59.040
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Yeah, yeah. So before lockdown. It was going good, seven, eight, and now it is 00

02:06:00.510 --> 02:06:01.410
Jaideep: Yeah, and

02:06:02.430 --> 02:06:04.890
Jaideep: Another question just on a scale of zero to 10

02:06:06.060 --> 02:06:10.890
Jaideep: Use of technology before lockdown and use of technology, often lockdown within your operations.

02:06:13.860 --> 02:06:36.360
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: So before before lockdown. We were using technology to some extent as I discuss, but now it is completely. There is nothing and post lockdown obviously technology is something which which can make the things go. So that's why we are we are you know exploring new opportunities in technology.

02:06:37.440 --> 02:06:42.000
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: But again, with, with this segment where they cannot afford anything like

02:06:43.320 --> 02:06:50.610
ANSHUMAN GUPTA: Internet and phone and all. So we need to see something which is really cheap and which can which can do the trick.

02:06:53.970 --> 02:07:12.900
Vertica Dvivedi: So in our case technology use. I would say it was around four out of 10 before. And right now the dependencies extreme, I would say six out of 10 and there is a scope of a lot more scope like scope is up to nine out of 10 so I would like to explore on at school.

02:07:16.140 --> 02:07:31.980
Renu Shah: In our case we are exploring everything to technology right now, so I don't know where we are. But we want to get to, if not 10 on 10 that we want to get to nine on 10

02:07:34.020 --> 02:07:39.030
Neeraj Agarwal: So in our case actually like technology right from the morning to the right.

02:07:46.050 --> 02:07:58.530
bharath: Thing, because that's a septic clear even we have increased reliance on technology as an even for internal operations we have moved from an eight to 8.4 so I think all of us are being pushed in that direction.

02:07:58.950 --> 02:08:01.110
Jaideep: Yeah, I think situation has forced us to do that.

02:08:02.790 --> 02:08:07.860
bharath: Very too. And I think we are also playing around on. So, for example, on a personal note, my son has a

02:08:08.550 --> 02:08:17.610
bharath: Online classes throughout the day. So, till this week. The last week and this week, his classes timings, but from 10 to afternoon three 330 with a lunch break.

02:08:17.940 --> 02:08:21.960
bharath: Now the school is also trying. So today, they have center circle saying no, we will change it. Let's only have half day

02:08:22.350 --> 02:08:34.140
bharath: Don't let's not make them sit in the second half, you know, also I think we are trying to learn what works. They change the schedule included yoga in the curriculum online to go for a second standard sense. So I think all of us are learning as we go.

02:08:35.160 --> 02:08:36.300
Jaideep: Even painting classes are

02:08:36.690 --> 02:08:37.950
Jaideep: Now running online and

02:08:38.880 --> 02:08:54.750
Jaideep: I think situation was, I mean the condition was reversed in the name of meetings. We were having a lot of coffees and so most of us, so maybe some extreme and some bar said don't waste your time go more productive and go on like

02:08:56.250 --> 02:08:56.460
Jaideep: That

02:08:57.090 --> 02:09:05.670
Vertica Dvivedi: Horizon like anything productivity is really gone up. It is said that people do look every company or people who are not working. They are also working today.

02:09:07.170 --> 02:09:09.030
Vertica Dvivedi: So it's really good that

02:09:10.500 --> 02:09:18.600
Jaideep: So with that note, I thank you all. Anybody wants to add anything we have just one minute to close.

02:09:23.130 --> 02:09:23.640
Vertica Dvivedi: Yes, I

02:09:23.970 --> 02:09:25.830
Vertica Dvivedi: Like to know much more about

02:09:25.860 --> 02:09:26.640
Vertica Dvivedi: A lot of things.

02:09:26.700 --> 02:09:28.320
Vertica Dvivedi: And looking forward. Yes.

02:09:29.520 --> 02:09:33.060
Jaideep: Yeah, sure. Please join on join us on 25th and

02:09:33.870 --> 02:09:36.090
Vertica Dvivedi: You said it more about Zoho right

02:09:36.600 --> 02:09:38.580
Jaideep: It will be purely on pure

02:09:39.660 --> 02:09:48.120
Jaideep: Speaker for 45 minutes we'll be talking about what Zoho offers to NGOs and what we okay

02:09:48.690 --> 02:09:51.090
Vertica Dvivedi: I would like to know one thing I think for all of us.

02:09:52.080 --> 02:10:04.680
Vertica Dvivedi: Whatever, whatever. All these three organizations, you know, all of you are doing and how it can benefit NGOs, if we can have some newsletters regular newsletters on that. Or maybe or note on the whole thing so that we

02:10:05.100 --> 02:10:13.800
Vertica Dvivedi: Capture and get on and you know we get to understand how we can really get connected and utilize this thing. We have time right now so

02:10:13.830 --> 02:10:20.520
Jaideep: Aliens. Use the link I sent a link on the chat to flame and Nasscom foundations link.

02:10:21.570 --> 02:10:21.900
Vertica Dvivedi: Yeah.

02:10:21.930 --> 02:10:29.550
Jaideep: There are there are regular updates on both the site's about what our new. What is new and what is already in place to offer.

02:10:31.830 --> 02:10:34.770
Vertica Dvivedi: Because taken all that I already logged in and done all that

02:10:35.160 --> 02:10:39.180
Vertica Dvivedi: Great. So I'm looking for much more beyond that. Yes.

02:10:39.870 --> 02:10:45.570
Saurabh Madan: The house we actually keep on sending out some newsletters. So to keep an eye on it.

02:10:47.610 --> 02:10:48.210
Vertica Dvivedi: Thank you. Thank

02:10:50.910 --> 02:10:51.270
Jaideep: Any

02:10:52.620 --> 02:10:53.910
Jaideep: some closing remarks from you.

02:10:54.810 --> 02:11:04.770
Eli van der Giessen: Yeah course. Um, so I think the thing I really want to say is that I'm so delighted that you were all able to come and join us today for this.

02:11:04.800 --> 02:11:05.580
First meeting.

02:11:06.690 --> 02:11:14.760
Eli van der Giessen: Community does not happen by accident. It happens because people take the time to gather and contribute and share

02:11:15.900 --> 02:11:26.340
Eli van der Giessen: And so your leadership from all of you to make this happen. It's been a really grateful for and my call to action to you, of course, is to say this community.

02:11:26.820 --> 02:11:35.760
Eli van der Giessen: Is just starting and needs to grow. So for the next event. I would love it if each one of you were to invite two people to come and join you at the next event.

02:11:36.240 --> 02:11:48.510
Eli van der Giessen: You know, it's just like this to people like who do you think would benefit learn from this. And I think that would be really helpful. Otherwise, thank you so much for doing this and keep doing the important work you do in the sector.

02:11:50.520 --> 02:11:50.850
Eli van der Giessen: Yeah.

02:11:50.940 --> 02:11:52.380
Jaideep: Thank you so much, Ellie. And I think

02:11:52.680 --> 02:11:55.860
Jaideep: Recording of this session will be available on so

02:11:57.540 --> 02:12:02.460
Jaideep: Yeah, I like thank you so much. With this note we are closing

02:12:03.600 --> 02:12:05.910
Jaideep: And thank you all.

02:12:06.720 --> 02:12:10.710
Jaideep: To you all on 25th at the same time. Thank you. Bye bye.