NetSquared Milestones

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NetSquared was launched in 2005 to help nonprofits leverage web 2.0 techologies, but quickly pivoted to community-led #Tech4Good meetups.

Key Milestones for NetSquared

  • 2005: launches to help nonprofits adopt “web 2.0” thinking and tools
  • 2006: We launch our first meetup group in San Francisco with Mena Trott leading a discussion about “online community organized around personal journals”. Remember LiveJournal? ☺
  • 2009: Final NetSquared Challenge and conference held in San Jose, providing early support for innovative projects like Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS
  • 2010: First year that NetSquared has more than 5,000 attendees in a single year
  • 2013: NetSquared Ambassador program launched. Regional volunteers helps scale community through local mentorship delivered by peers.
  • 2017: After 11 years NetSquared now has more than 100 active groups hosting events in 34 countries
  • 2018: NetSquared growth accelerates to 1,000+ new members a month. There are now 54,647 members and growing!

Get involved and grow the #Tech4Good community! Find your local NetSquared meetup or apply to start your own group