NetSquared Madrid Encourages Students to Become Entrepreneurs

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NetSquared Local is growing with groups getting started all over the world. But groups aren't just coming together once a month, they are finding even more ways to connect the local community and make positive social impact. The first NetSquared local group in Spain, NetSquared Madrid, is a new group that's already going above and beyond to spread opportunities and informaiton about social entrepreneurism in Madrid.

netsquared madridNetSquared Madird is organized by five Spanish Engineers with a passion for innovation and social change:

Adrián González Álvarez, Telecom. Engineer UPM with growing interest in the business administration and innovation areas. "Creativity is the result of the hard and sistematic work" is one of his favourite quotes. Twitter: @adriangonalv

Álvaro Sanmartín Cid, Telecom. Engineer UPM with international experience in Berkeley and Harvard universities, is a passionate of business strategy, teamworking and social development. "The most dificult problems you deal with in your life are not technical, but social" repeats again and again. Twitter: @AlvaroSanmartin

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia González, Industrial Mgmt. Engineer and Computer Engineer, is always willing to participate in innovative projects as NetSquared. "Good Luck always comes while I am working" likes to say. Twitter: @cvillaumbrosia

Javier Eroles Matallana, Telecom. Engineer UPM specialised in electronics, currently works in aerospace projects dealing with satellite technology. His favourite quote "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn" Twitter: @AgioKratos

Pablo del Campo, Telecom. Engineer UPM, is an Strategic consultant at Deloitte in the Banking area. He firmly believes in the ability of the organizations to develop the individual and the society via innovative solutions and responsible attitude to the environment.

Making Impact Locally

Recently, the NetSquared Madrid team participated in an Employment Fair at the Politecnica University under the theme of "Work in what you like! Success Stories."  They had a great time and enjoyed the experienced, and even attracted the attention of Agora News (Spanish).  I spoke with Álvaro Sanmartín Cid about their experience:

What did you do at the Employment Fair?

The first event organized by the Net2Madrid team was about innovating in the way we think about our first job. Usually, students start working in big companies without thinking if this is what they want to do in their life, just for money or just because that's the way it is. Trying to make the students think in a different way, and looking for innovative solutions for finding the first job (or creating one), we organized the first Net Tuesday titled "Work in what you like! Success stories". During the event, our guests: Juan Carrión (Associate of the company Innopersonas) and Pablo Antón (Community Manager and co-funder of Campus Party) gave the attendants their point of view based on their experience as entrepreneurs. Juan is a Computer Scientist but soon in his career realized that he wanted to deal with people instead of computers, and Pablo, Philosopher with 14 years of career as a politician, started a company with a few friends in Andalucía organising LAN parties but soon they grew and now they are the major technology event in the Spanish speaking culture, present in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia... After the speeches, some questions were made, and everybody was invited to visit the stand of Net2Madrid to chat and share experiences. We also had some brochures with information about Net2Madrid to give and met some people interested in joining us.

What was your favorite part of participation?

The best part for me was when I saw the people gathered in the room, and our guests ready to start their conference. It was our first event and it´s been a lot of work and people involved. When you finally see the results it's a really pleasant experience, so we could relax and enjoy the speeches.

What's next for NetSquared Madrid? 

We will be participating in the Campus Party Europe that takes place in Madrid from the 14th to the 18th of April and we are currently preparing activities that will take place in May and June. In our webpage we will announce the details once we have everything prepared. We also encourage changemakers that join to our community in facebook and follow us on twitter @net2madrid.